What is it that makes people getting up every day?

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i'm wondering what makes people getting up every day in their life?

since i'm struggling with depression for more than 15 years and having trouble getting up in the morning and doing anything i was wondering how other people cope with that.

for me it's that i don't really have a reason or motivation to get up each day. sure if i have an appointment i'm able to go to it but on a routine day it's very hard.

in my family no one seems to have that problem. my parents are retired for a few years now and still they get up every day pursuing some activities, even if it is just for sitting in front of the computer and photoshopping some photos as my father does it.

i've had this almost my entire life and i guess if my mother wouldn't have forced me when i was a child i wouldn't have gone to school many days in my life.

there were few years of which i had no trouble getting out of bed but in retrospect these were definitely the exception and the rule is that i still have trouble and can't figuring out why.

of course the years when it was easy i had a lot of energy and these were the years i was in the military service and later when i went back to college for a second degree. although the last two years were very hard as the depression came back and i've had missed quite some lectures as i could not face the days feeling tired all the time. still i could complete the program but it has made me feel anxious about pursuing another program as i now feel i couldn't do it anymore.

i was always very interested in people and as a scientific person i want to understand how we work and what makes us going. and even if i know a lot about the different kinds of fields, subjects and theories about us i haven't figured out yet what it is that could make me crawl out of bed every day and pleasing the world for its beauty rather than be depressed.

please tell me about your own experiences.

thank you,


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    I like your post & your background - I guess there are as many reasons to get up as there are people. wink

    As for when one is depressed (not speaking for everyone of course) - needing to get s*** done, hunger, needing to go to the toilet, doing something so the day is over faster, I would say.

    I am curious about other people's responses as well - maybe one can learn a thing or two. ;D

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    Sounds like you've got alot of interesting things going on & much more that you can do when you feel ready to even if it's just exploring your scientific interests.

    I too would like to hear others opinions as i have absolutely no reason to get up I can't hold down a job I have no children or many friends so literally no reason to still be on Earth if I'm honest.

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    People with out depression don't think like that. They don't think about why - they live in the moment.

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      You are right, they might not think like that or might not think much about the why & just do it - yet they have reasons why they get up & out of bed as well...going to work, meeting with friends, going to the gym or doing other hobbies etc..external or internal motivation to sum it up, I guess. But it is hard to understand that (esp. the internal one) when you are depressed & feel like nothing really matters (only speaking for myself again).

      Oh & I have to add to my prior comment - Coffee...even when I was severely depressed I would get out of bed to make coffee - sure I would go back to bed after (when I could) but then I could get up for another coffee later, so I guess that work fine. The thought of coffee greatly motivates me in the morning even when I don't want to or really have to get up - but surely that is a personal thing (between me & coffee). ^^

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    what makes me want to live is having the opportunity to laugh. it makes me feel excited and happy. i try to laugh a few times a day...not always so easy. but its the best feeling for me. i do often crack myself up, thank goodness. i also enjoy the feeling of love...i look for it. so i guess you could say i like to live for love and laughter
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    Hi I always got out of bed (very reluctantly) coz first my mother made me get up and then when I left home I always had to work full time.  It was easier to get out of bed than put up with the stress of dealing with work or losing my job and having to sign on.  I took the easiest option. 

    When I retired though it was very different.  My mother needed more care then and my disabled sister had a dog that needed walking so I got up for these reasons.  Then when my mother died I started work as a volunteer in a charity shop.  Then the dog died so I am at a bit of a loss now.  I do go and play cards once a week at a centre for over 50's which I love,  and I do go out 2 evenings a week playing darts,  which I also love.

    What always helped me what needing a cigarette as I refused to take them to my bedroom.  I stopped smoking though a few months ago and have started staying in bed more when I haven't got to be up.  I did today. 

    What you do have to do is if you haven't got  a structure imposed on you from outside is to impose your own.  Now I am retired I only do things I enjoy which makes me get up rather than miss them.  

    I hope this helps a bit.  x 


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    Hi Dr.D - I have the same problem, and have wrestled with it all my life. Although I could lay in bed forever and no-one would notice, every day i make myself get up, put the kettle on, have a shower, go out and get the newspaper. Some days I will sit on the couch and watch the box, but the next day i force myself to get dressed and walk into the city, window shop, visit the library, feed the pidgeons. All my life I had worked, and, as i have an artistic bent, created countless projects, always one, sometimes two, and occasionally three projects at a time.

    That ended about 4 years ago when I endured a long, traumatic experience that compounded my depression and dashed my belief in people and in the world. I had a heart attack because of it and as i sat there crushed and sweating like a tap, waiting for the blessed end, I had another attack. The indescribable pain was the only reason I called the ambulance. I told the paramedics not to bother saving me, just dull the pain. Startled, they said they could not do that. Now, like you, i have to force myself to even bother. I don't know why - it's as if I'm waiting for something to happen, some hope to reveal itself, something that will re-invigorate some sort of purpose, excitement, motivation. Tomorrow I'll wander back into town and do the same things I did yesterday. Oh, and read the comments on this site.

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      I am very glad you do manage to get yourself out of bed Wayne otherwise you wouldn't be on this site being so fantastic and always being there for all of us.  It's to your credit after having suffered so much you can still devote so much of your time to helping others.  You come across as a kind, lovely, caring, man who deserves a lot better than you get. 

      Thank you for being there for us all. xx


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