What is it! Ulcer? H.pylori? Or just inflammation!

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Hello all I'm Yas

I'm 24 years old and right now going through the most debilitating time of my life, in terms of my health lol

It all kicked 6 weeks ago when I started to vomit everything I ate. I was super worried and rushed myself (credit to uber) to a&e in which they diagnosed me with gastroenteritis and they gave me some IV metoclopramide and a banana full of glucose!

Anyway the upset tummy subsided and I began to feel normal again for about two days.

However went back to work and started to feel a weird stitch feeling in my upper abdomen mostly on my right side. It was as though a balloon was wedged in there but no pain was experienced just sheer annoyance. I also had pain in my upper back which extended to my right shoulder. I tried to ignore it but the discomfort was starting to hit a nerve. So I decided to get myself to a gp in which they told me it might be an inflamed gallbladder so they gave me ciprofloxacin and organised an ultrasound. The ciprofloxacin made me feel better within 2 days and the pressure has subsided but then I suffered really bad tendinitis that I could not move. I went to a private gp this time (coz My local gp had no slots to see me) coz my upper abdominal and back pain worsened and she gave me clathromycin (no idea why!) and tramadol for pain relief!

I was in tears for a whole week and I could not get out of bed! I was super nauseous and could not eat anything. I went back to the dr to which she dismissed gallbladder issues as I had a clean ultrasound and organised me an endoscopy. She looked at my bloods and told me they were fine and there was no need to continue with the clarithromycin. This time she gave me some omeprazole and decided that I might have some inflammation in my stomach as a result of the bout of gastroenteritis.

At this point I was in despair and decided not to take any more medicine and see how my body reacts (the gp was dismissive) I was also still convinced that I had a gallbladder issue so I decided to dogallbladder cleanses and avoid fatty foods like the plague. I felt better than I was on antibiotics but still very poor. I organised another private ultrasound to which the Dr said she couldn't find any gallstones and my organs looked great!

I then began to google and as the weeks progressed I realised that my issue involved my stomach. I was bloated, retching and lost my appetite completely. The pressure in my upper abdomen was still there and all I wanted to do was a big homer Simpson burp to relieve it but only pathetic ones came out lol

I feel full as though I've had Christmas dinner when all I've had a banana lol. After a week the nausea came back but this time with vegeance and the upper abdominal pain was so sore and numb. At time I can hear horrible gurgling noises and the pain was burning and pulsating. so I went to a&e and they gave me some Iv omeorazole and Iv cyclizine (which made me high lol). The doctor also told me I had an duodenal ulcer and I must continue with the omeprazole

I went home and it's been two days since the omeprazole but it hasn't taken the pain away! I'm still incredibly nauseous and all I'm waiting for the h pylori stool test result and the endoscopy but that's three weeks away!

I just want to know what I have! Any advice would be appreciated! I'm so depressed and this whole ordeal has cost my job as I can not function sad

If it's an ulcer, how long will the omeprazole kick in?

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    Hi yas,you seem to have the exact symtoms as me,I have an Hiatus Hernia and duerdenal ulcers also an inflamed gut.Been on omeprozole for over 2 1/2 years sorry to say still feel the same.Had my second endoscopy in March first one in 2013 and I have more ulcers now than I did then.Got an appointment for August to see if they can find out why the antacids are not working.Have tried different ones but the symptoms are almost the same.i
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    Hi ,

    I am one month in my stomach/duodenal ulcer treatment (negative h pylori) after upper endoscopy & Biopsy I am only 23 years old.  I have been taking 40mg protonix for one month and I feel a lot better. I do not get the burning sensation anymore but sometimes i get slight twinge/burn feeling on my left ribcage which is weird and I hope this is a speedy recovery. 

    The things I do which are helping or maybe doing nothing:

    -Drink 1 cup of cabbage juice (nasty taste I add one apple to cut the bite)

    -Avoid eating 3 hours before sleeping (If i get hungry i eat oatmeal  the fastest digesting food that WILL fill you up) P.S. this will make you drop weight fast I lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks just by doing this

    -Avoid spicy, tomato, alcohol, and fried foods

    -Drink 1 gallon of water per day 

    -Exercise 4-5 times a week (This is just me as I'm trying to be ripped,  some cardio might do great for you)

    -Eat fruits and veggies throughout the day

    The PPI took me one day to take the burning away for me but it usually takes up to a week to kick in. You can also take two DGL 20 mins before every meal 3 times a day for total of 6 pills. Then one slippery elm at night before going to sleep along with a multivitamin and a probiotic. This regime I will start once I stop my PPI to help the rebound effect which I hope does not occur. I have read stories that with DGL, Cabbage juice, probiotics, and diet they were able to heal there stomach back to full strength granted it might take a few months. 

    Goodluck on the endoscopy!

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      Thanks Vergil for your response! I really appreciate it and I will be taking your advice on board! I will invest in some cabbage juice and slippery elm. What does the DGL do? I get this twinge aswell, do you have any idea what causes it?
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    PPI's dont start working straight away in mmy experience. Try giving them a bit more time to start working.
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      Thanks Rex for your response? When did they start working for you? I've been tested positive for h pylori and currently on a course of antibiotics but they seem to have aggregated this burning sensation after the ppi had it under control l. Thanks
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    I had Duodenal ulcers - in fact, my whole stomach had covered over with ulcers that would heal, then ulcerate again, and so on. It got to the point that due to scar tissue and swelling my duodenum was blocked to just a pinhole, so I couldn't digest food, it had nowhere to go. It was masked because I have a serious kidney stone condition that also blocks off my kidneys and causes vomiting and pain, so at first we didn't realize that my stomach was acting up, even though I've had ulcers since I was about 16. (Not H. Pylori, unfortunately). Surgically they tryed to stretch the opening in the duodenum, and then I was on a liquid diet for about 8 months, and a modified liquid/soft food diet for 3 more months. Basically I had to give my tummy time to heal and start digesting properly again. I've got to go back and see about some new treatments, but basically I had to take strong ulcer meds and avoid caffiene, acidic foods, etc. Try going on a liquid diet for 10 days (if you can stand it) and see how you feel. Remember to take it easy, fruit juice is going to hurt any ulcers you might have. You're looking at drinking meal replacements that older folks drink, or slimfast. When I couldn't stand one more popsicle or Ensure, I would puree some fish or chicken - gross, I know, but sometimes you just need something different on your taste buds. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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      Thanks granee

      Thanks for sharing your experience, that must have been really tough. Liquid diets for 8 months! God bless you ... I've been tested positive for h pylori and I'm on a course of antibiotics which has been really tough for me, had to take some time off work. I will see how I will get on .. Thanks

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    Hi....you have described my current status in detail. What did you find out or what was the diagnosis????
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