what is the ven future are we gonna stuck on it for rest of our lives

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hope all of you guys in good health and stable mood

please this is important for everyone i hope everyone to give their experience

i ben on ven 75mg for almost 8 years never felt need to increase the dose during the whole 8 years and i decided for the first time to get off it gradually and safely thankfully i did it and i lived my normal life for 3 months and i thought i got cured

but suddenly i got relapse to make long story short i started all over again with ven and struggled the 6 months until it hit the spot again i started with 75mg and rised to 150 for 3 months and then reduced to 75mg back for 3 months now am in the third month back on 75mg and was great was my self 100% but 3 days ago i crashed to the floor

really cant understand why that happened and next day felt much better and day after felt little bad and so on its mood swing

i dont believe in increasing the dose since i ben using ven for 8 years never increased it more than 75mg

does any one felt the same and whats your recommendation should i stuck on 75mg and ill be fine by time or its showing thats my body resisting the ven and not working anymore

also am so afraid of this drug most people mentioned that one day it will stop working

even after 20 years

is thats gonna happened o keep thinking and worry about that i think if i stop this med i must suicide i cant accept to live one day without it because of what happened to me after i stoped it

i dont know why i cant trust my body to live normally without meds

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    Hi Moe,

    yes, it took 6 months in my case too, to begin to float out of the worst. - and for 18 months I felt great - a person so different from how I'd been for the previous 50 years. Sadly, after a year and a half (or so) I just acquired increasing internal anger. When about six and a half years had passed i gave up the Ven cold- turkey. Never to go near an anti-depressant again. The following 2 years were precisely the scratching of fingernails on a blackboard, night and day, but at last I came to terms and began to realise I'd never be any better that I am with no meds at all. Meantime I had developed several food intolerances and so my diet is quite limited compared to what it had been.

    I trust this may act as something of a guideline.


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      so philip did you got rid of all kind of meds?!!

      is thats possible ?

      how long have you ben on meds in your life journey and why you decided to come out of all kind of meds? does meds stopped helping you at all?!

      and no matter the years ben on meds is it possible to come out of and live normal life back again?

      are you feeling 100% cured now and never need any kind of these medications?

      please tell me more about your whole experience i really need that so bad

      i need to understand more if am trapped for ever or there is a solution

      thank you

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    i have been on 150mg for 2 and half years. i am also on mirtazapine and reducing that slowely. i will reduce ven next as it seems these meds are not a long term solution.

    can i ask dis your relapse leave you with no choice but to go back on. did you quit cold turkey or taper as the risk of relapse is much higher if you come off fast. it may be if you sat out the relapse you could of moves through it. i know easier said than done !!!!

    these meds are not meant to be taken for life and poop out. it makes us very vulnerable and then there is the side effects.

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      dear sarah i weaned of it in ideal way

      it took me around 7 months reducing the dose gradually and carefully

      which helped me never notice any withdrawals effect at all

      i got of it and lived my normal life 100% for 3 months without feeling any changes

      just one day and suddenly and with no any alarms

      i felt so horrible situation and saw every moment happened to me before i took the meds 8 years all shows in my mind like a movie and end me in the emergency room to re-prescribe the med again

      i didnt give my selfe even one day more to try if can tolerate and wait

      i took the med right away

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    hello, im definitely from the school of thought that if a med works, you feel good on it, and you know that you are one of lifes thinkers or worriers, then you should stay on it for good, or as long as it works. lots of people come off them, feel.good for a few months, then relapse. some persevere, stay off them and do well though. i know i think too much, so for me the chances of relapsing are high, so im happy to stay on them. it can be much more difficult to try to get back onto a med, and for it to work. you were on a low dose, it worked well for a long time previously, and i think you should persevere with ven. once you are settled on it, then stay with it. none of the experts know exactly why meds stop working, they all seem to admit that. a couple of long standing posters on here, dont believe they do stop working, its things going on in your life that worsen your symptoms, so your med no longer is sufficient. You either need a dose increase, or change to a different type of anti depressant. i never believed them, but ive come around to their way of thinking. i dont think you ought to be worried about them not working im future, there are too many variables to consider, and you dont know whats going to happen. i was on my last one for 20 years, stopped working, when something bad for me happened a 1.5 years ago. took 15 months to get where i am now on a different med, but feel really good. ive learned some self help things that really help, and i feel better now than for as long as i can remember. a med can work for a few months, or a lifetime. the same can be said for someone getting mental health issues, that have never been on a med, or any other illnesses. there arent any guarantees. i started on 37.5mg of ven about a year ago, and increased by 37.5mg each time, every month or 2, where i ended up on 337.5mg in feb. had 15mg of mirt added, and dropped ven back down to 267.5mg. i could never increase ven by more than 37.5mg at a time. it was too much for me in one go. from what youve said, i would recommemd 112.5mg for you, and dont change your dose by any more than that at a time.

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      dear nigle i appreciate you so much and really thanks for all the helps you always give for all people on this site

      i agree with you and yes you are 100% right and there is no way to compare between people experiences but really this site help so much to take decisions and be more patent before increasing doses or adds any meds on

      dear nigle can you tell me more about your experiance

      when you thought your med stopped working after 20 years how long did you give it to decide 100% its not working anymore and did you tried to increase the dose before think to switch to another med

      do you think low dose will be more safe and more stable on long rearm more than higher dose?

      and i wanna ask you how many years you are on AD since you started any

      thank you again my dear and really wish you all the best from all my heart bro

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    dear nigel leme shear this important thing with you

    dear i am pharmacist and when i had my first episode 8 years ago

    i decided to treat my self by myself

    all i asked for the recommend med and more safe and went to a psychiatric only once for

    more confidence that am on the right track

    then i took it very carefully and as recommend and started with 75mg

    i never felt wonderful within few months at all

    it took me almost a 3 years to feel 100% am totally back to normal and i was so patent

    i experienced many up and down and experiences many anxiety periods during these 3 years since my main problem was anxiety and depression came after

    after that i realized i was right and yes it need long time with suffering

    because i wanted to help my brain by half of the mission and wanted my brain to self-reliance,

    human body and system so so smart more than you ca even think

    the human body can relays on any things get from outside instead of producing it by himself thus whenever you give your body outer factor that can mimic it natural hormones or substance or can help the body to lean on it will act lazy as hill

    as much you give your body help as much your body say hey thats cool leme just get a nap and wait your supply

    to give you some examples diabetic people there pancreas work half percent than normal people and once they start taking insulin there pancreas lose it function by time

    as much the patent insert more insulin as the pancreas lose more and more of it function until it impaired

    now our brains act the same this AD meds block the serotonin receptors re up take

    thats mean it keeps the serotonin in the brain as long can for the brain to use it before it re uptake and dissociated

    if you increased the dose you block more these receptors and keep the serotonin for longer time and let your brain relay on that there are serotonin on there and no need to re-produce

    can you imagine thats make the brain more lazy from producing more serotonin

    thats why my advice you suffer little more and you gain more help from your brain rather than keep your brain a side from producing it nature substances

    hope thats make since and so sorry for long words 😃

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