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It started of and on before May, but in June...  

1. Felt like I contracted the stomach flu..."brick" in the stomach;

2. Extreme fatigue;

3. Mentally hazy;

4. Tinnits.

Two weeks later:

1. All of the above, and;

2. Vertigo so bad it starts in your sleep and never stops for one second...the world spins even when you are sitting still.

3. Heat makes everything worse;

4. Your hot your cold your hot your cold and then your cold. I live in Arizona and I ware a sweater all day;

5. Leg cramping at night every night.  So bad your toes curl;

6. Innsomina...really really bad;

7. An "episode" everyone around me said it was a horriffic siezure but Mayo Clinic sees nothing on the MRI the CAT or the EEG.

8. Oh, and did I say that leading up to the "episode" I lost my ability to speak...it sounded like I had a stroke all day but the ENTs were concerned it was a stroke...Mayo says no.

9. It affects my ability to think, remember and process language...but, no stroke.

10. I have right-sided migraine headaches..."ice pick" but they can travel on the really awesome days;

11. and last but not least, weird joltz of zinnging down my legs and sometimes my arms...my head "scalp" fees numb and my face and sometimes other parts (patches) of skin feel numb.  

12. Oh, and not so last I get clummsy...run into stuff, misjudge where stuff is when I pick it up.

This went on for three and ahalf months.  

Now, I have had tinnits, migranes and then vertigo come back.  I just thought that I got sick, but now I realize that I am fatigued again.  Not as bad as before, but the stomach thing is back as well and I feel ill.

Nuerologist said it might be right-hemispheric migrane/complex migrane...other sources online say MS?  There are a few other things that come up.

I had to quit my job and now working out of my home.  No insurance and blah, blah, blah.  I can't work at home if I can't think.  I am disorganized now.  Please, if someone knows what this could be...

Please answer.  Thank  you!


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    Hello, this is beyond my experience. The only thing I can suggest is to get a bllod test to make sure your vitamins and minerals are up to scratch. Ones to get checked are: vitamins B12 and D. Selenium, iron, Iron Binding Count (IBC), ferritin, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium.
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      I'm in UK with a very supportive GP due to a relationship built up over 20 years. He recognised years ago that I wasn't being 'cured' by the levels the blood tests indicated, so medicated to keep me at the top of the T4 range. This enabled me to function and keep my job, but I still wasn't well. It was just the best he could do. He referred me to several endocrinologists, but they hadn't got any other suggestions. He did find one in 2003 that accepted 'T4 only' doesn't work for everyone, this endocrinologist unfortunately then moved to the private sector and we couldn't find out where. Thanks to tpauk I found this endocrinologist again in May 2015 and was tried on NatureThroid however it made me swell up (it is not as hyperallergenic as people think). Someone on this site gave me a link to an NDT classed as a 'nutritional supplement' that doesn't have fillers and can be bought over the internet without a prescription (one has to be desperate to do this - I was! - having become allergic/intolerant to all the NHS synthetic thyroid meds and NatureThroid).

      I reckon it is being hypothyroidic at tissue level that has led to the multiple allergies/intolerances I have. These are calming down slightly now I am on bovine NDT and feeling well for the first time in decades (I ate a teacake yesterday without adverse effects - yeast, wheat and dried fruit all usually cause me to swell up, get hives and eczema).

      Going back to your original question, this GP is aware of the problems I'm having with allergies and intolerances and synthetic thyroid meds and has supported me on a quest to find an alternative, although his hands are tied by NHS regulations with regards to prescribing NDT, he has been happy to order all the blood tests to monitor the effects of me taking it. Because the endocrinologist in 2004 tried me on T3 (Liothyronine) he has managed to get T3 and T4 tested (using code ETHY on the bottom of the blood form). He also requested (on the NHS) the tests for the vitamins and minerals, though they couldn't test selenium. These all came back ok, probably because I've been taking a multivitamin for years -something I would definitely recommend that people do - so I have avoided the problems of low vitamin B12 and low vitamin D that so many others have had. I too have been through several GPs at the surgery until I found one who would listen and respond to the question 'why if all the blood tests are normal, do I still have have all these symptoms of hypothyroidism?'.

      I do hope there is something in this rambling reply which is of use. Best wishes and good luck!

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      Also, tpauk give details of where to get private thyroid and mineral panel blood tests. As does another site that refers to the madness of thyroid treatment.
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    It's good that the rest of your blood tests ate normal. It might be worth posting this discussion on the hypothyroidism discussion forum as everything you list could related to hashimotos thyroidism and you might get some different replies.
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    Did you ever find out what it was & have your symptoms subsided??? I had weird symptoms that came out of the blue.... Included bad headaches at the beginning & a lot of tingling/numbness amongst an array of other weird things- mental fog, weakness, sensitivity to sound/light.... The list goes on... I ended up having a bad eye infection- pretty sure it was somehow related to whatever was going on.... When I told my eye doctor about all the crazy stuff that had been going on she said she thought it could be a virus that attached to a cluster of nerves... What do you think??? Worth mentioning it to your dr.... Only thing is it's very difficult to identify since there are so many viruses out there... Keep us updated on your progress & hope you are feeling well...

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    Definitely sounds like an auto immune disorder to me. I have very similar problems and was diagnosed some time ago. Hope you are getting good care now.
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