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Hi ladies

So, I have had what I thought was BV for 6 years now. I was diagnosed at a sexual health clinic and my GP. I am now with seeing if it's what I have....

I'm 50, and in 2010 my husband had the snip, and I was convinced that whilst waiting for the all clear to have a coil fitted...all was ok up until this point.

This was absolutely the worst thing I could have done. Excruciating pain being fitted and nothing but ag grow with it, bleeding, spotting randomly, my husband could feel it during sex... Trouble trouble trouble.

He then got the all clear from his snip so I no longer needed the coil, ( not that it helped) and was agony coming out!!!

This is when my smell started, but not in a way that I could smell it in every day situations, but during and after sex.

Ive had no watery grey discharge, in fact nothing at all.

At first I was happy because anti bio tics got rid of it..... For 3 whole weeks. Then it was back. I've had test after test and was given the gels (these are free if you go to the sexual health clinic) but now I can't be bothered to keep going back, it's embarrassing, so now I buy them from boots or tesco, cost a fortune but I only use them every 4-5 days at night. This keeps it at bay but I don't want to continue for the rest of my life.

I had been told by a gynachologist to do the usual stuff, try different washing powder, don't use soap, (apparently dove soap is just as bad) wear cotton underwear, never douche or insert chemicals and even, when I wash my hair, to do it over the bath instead of in the shower as shampoo can effect it.

Well I've tried it all, even changed my diet, cut out sugar etc but this is still happening.

Now, the thing is, the GP has said that it could have started because of the coil, or that my husbands seamen has changed since he had the snip.

Due to really heavy periods over the last few years, I had a vaginal hysterectomy last year, they took my cervix so no more periods or smear tests but they left my ovaries. I was secretly hoping that after this op, my BV would go... Guess what? I still have it and it's ruining our sex life.

I'm due to go the GP in a couple of weeks and I will tackle this again with her. I'm sick of it but the only saving grace is that I only smell during sex, and I don't have the discharge.

Sorry that this post is so long.. Just wondered if anyone else out there is in a similar situation.


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    Hi I have suffered with this since a teenager, back then I was told they could find nothing wrong with me and my only symptom is the offensive smell which only occurred after having sex. Forward 30 odd years and I have recurring BV whether I have sex or not. I have been referred to a male gynaecologist only to be told it's one ov those things. So I buy the over the counter products that are now on the market as this is obviously a big problem for women worldwide. I have been single for a considerable time but have met a fantastic guy and the sex is amazing but I haven't discussed this problem I have!! If he's for real as I think he is why am I so worried about telling him!! I have got to tell him as there's no way I can get intimate when I'm suffering because of the smell, Iv read about so many different remedies but do any work any better than what I'm using now, who knows!!!

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      Hi. That's an awful situation to be in. I'm still fairly newly married and this has put a real downer on our Sex life.

      I was told pretty much the same only by a female gynachologist...... There's nothing else we can do... Live with it.

      If this guy you've met is for real, then he'll understand.... Problem is, even though it's not catching, the whole thing makes me feel dirty. Suppose I'll just carry on with the over the counter BV gels etc. Cannot believe in this day and age nothing has been found to cure this.. It makes your life a misery!!!

      Good luck. Let us know how it goes with the new fella.


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    Omg please let me know what your GP says because i had a coil(IUD) inserted and that is also when my problems started. I've done and doing everything you stated in your post as well. Except the hysterectomy surgery. And my smell comes after my period and sex. Ugh the worse. And my discharge isn't constant but when it comes, it comes with an itch.

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    So I feel your pain, as soon as menopause started for me the BV began. I am not a Dr but it seems maybe hormonal changes affect us and that is what the trigger may be. I also know that BV is not as bad as the horrible vaginal burning my mom experienced when hormonal changes disrupted her comfort. So, at 50 maybe your age has something to do with your problem. I haven't found a cure but gels and probiotics cut the smell and discharge, some days are better than others.

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      Hi Andrea

      I think my post menopause has had something to do with it but really strange I have absolutely no other symptoms other than this smell during and after sex.

      No discharge, no itching. Nothing!

      I don't think the coil helped matters as it was after this that it started.

      There must be something out there can cure this awful problem.


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