What is this yellow stringy/gooey discharge?

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About 4 months ago I noticed that I started to have a yellow discharge that would drip whilst urinating. This discharge is of a stringy/gooey consistency (The best way to describe it, would to say it was similar to 'egg white', the difference being that it is yellow not white). It varies in amount throughout my menstrual cycle, with it some times being clear. I have researched that the clear gooey discharge, could be from ovulation - but not the yellow discharge. It does not generally have an odour whatsoever, sometimes it will turn white and smell similar to the discharge seen of thrush.

I also have stomach pains, most being at the bottom of my abdomen or on my right side under my rib. I constantly get headaches, feel sick and nauseous, have dizzy spells, my genital area is itchy, I did had pain whilst urinating - but this stopped after one of the courses of antibiotics I have been on, I suffer from bouts of diarrhea and constipation, I have also lost over 1.5 stone since May. (Roughly when this started). The past month or so I have had a very low sex drive, with difficulties in vaginal lubrication - Which has definitely not been a problem in the past. I constantly get blurred vision - with my right eye being worse than the other.

At first I thought it may have been thrush, so used the canesten duo (with the oral and cream), this did not work. Then I sought help from my doctor who prescribed me Metronidazole for a week. This did not stop it. So me partner and I visited the Sexual Health centre where we were tested for STIs. These tests showed that my partner had Non Specific Urethritis (NSU) - but nothing else was detected. (We have been tested twice and an STI is not the problem here) Due to the NSU we were both given azithromycin. Again this did not clear it.

I went back to the GUM clinic and they suspected it could be Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, so I was given an injection (I cannot remember the name of), Metronidazole and Doxycycline for two weeks.

After this I visited my doctor again who gave me Dalacin Cream for BV for the discarge and Mebeverine as it was thought that IBS could have been the cause of all my other symptoms. Again neither of these worked. I was also given trimethoprim - for a urine infection, this seemed to have stopped the pain when urinating.

Returning to the doctor I was given Balance Active pessaries to use for a week. At this visit I was given the results of my previous urine sample, which detected a random bug - which typically was resistant to all the antibiotics I had previously taken. I was given co amoxiclav in order to kill this.

The discharge is still there and I still have all the symptoms I previously described. I really am at a loose end as I don't have a clue what is wrong with me!

I wonder if it could be the pill I am on? Or from stopping the old pill I was on? I was originally taking Cerazette for about 3 - 4 months, but this made me bleed constantly and I was a bit of a monster on it! Then I switched to Loestrin for 2 months, but I had the same problems as this. I am now currently taking Microgynon again and have been for the past 6 - 7 months.

If anyone could help me with this it would be wonderful! I just want to be normal again!!

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    Hi! I know you posted this a really long time ago but I've wondered if you've had any luck? I'm really desperate. I hope you see this and have improved!

    I have the EXACT same symptoms as you apart from wright loss, ive been tested for bv and stud and I've also been given the same treatment as you sigh no luck. It's driving me nuts and keeping me awake at night!

    I hope you can get back to me


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    I found this artical because of the shocking discovery of the the stringy discusting goop. It doesnt always happen for me only twice that Ive noticed this week. But now I am paranoid. I am on a battery of meds and injections because I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and andometrial cancer. However the cancer is such an early state my specialist believes I may be one of the lucky 20% that is cured by a pill. If it works Id like to concieve. Worst case scenario is a histerectemy. With one doctor switching up medications and injections to control the diabetes, another prescribing ointments to try and control my chronic irritation (the itch that wont go away) and another administering cancer pills i just figured my abdominal pains were a temporary new thing but they persist. And now this discharge. Ill be making an appointment with my OBGYN but thought Id look online first and this is what I am suffering from. Any additional info found since the posting of this article would be much appreciated.
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      Hi all I have also suffered/am suffering from the same symptoms.Strep b is the cause of mine.Strep b can cause vulvo vaginitis and uti's which often occur if your immune system is compromised. Because it is often a part of the normal vaginal flora in up to 30 percent of women it is not routinely tested for and is usually only a cause for concern in pregnancy/delivery.However as I have mentioned if your immune system is compromised it can grow out of hand,so diabetics and cancer patients would b at an increased risk of this.It may be worth asking your doctor/nurse to do some vaginal swabs and a urine culture.

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    Ladies have you tried taking vaginal health probiotics? They've helped me so much. When you take antibiotics they kill all the bacteria in your vagina, including the good bacteria that's needed to keep it in balance. Replace your bacteria by taking at minimum 50 billion cultures vaginal probiotic supplement. I use the brand renew life & take 100 billion cultures supplement daily. It's been 2 weeks and I've seen major improvement. No more discharge or itch. I was diagnosed w/ bv & was given metro gel. The gel cured the bv smell & discharge but then a day after finishing my 5 day treatment I was plagued with a recurring yeast infection. I went thru 3 courses of monistat in a month. And when I started my 3rd monistat treatment I also started taking the probiotic at the same time. It's been a month and so far so good. I hope this helps someone! Good luck ladies!

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    I'm not trying to scare you, but I took health class, and those  symptoms  are HIV! I'm not saying you have it or nothing!

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    Hi Katie. I have these problems too. Mine got pretty bad, to the point my doctor thought maybe cancer. I went to a clinic in a different town and saw a obgyn there. He gave me a depo pravera shot that almost instantly fixed everything. I dealt with these symptoms for about 6 months or more and a shot cured it lol. I was not able to get properly diagnosed because lack of money. I've been told it could be polycystic ovarian syndrome. One thing is for sure. My hormones where way out of wack which was causing everything to go haywire. I hope this helps some. Also I did try birth control pills and that did not work either.

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