What is wrong with me?!!

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Hi there,

Hopefully someone on here will be able to give me some advice or help or even have the same

Symptoms as myself.

Ok so I'm 24 years old, weigh just under 10 stone and a smoker

I have had back pain since I was about 15/16 and over the years it has got worse

I'm now at the stage where I'm just always in pain and very uncomfortable

I crack my back and neck about 50 times a day or more.

The pain is at the bottom of my back, up my spine (and to either side of the spine all the way up...more painful mid way) then under both shoulder blades (more my right side) and I have a terrible pain in the left side of my neck (where the neck leads to the shoulder) it feels like there is a golf ball size lump there very render very painful and I can feel a sharp shooting pain next to my right eye and all the way up the back of my head when I try and massage my neck area and under the right shoulder blade.

My back feels tight, tender and bruised.

It also feels like when you wash your hair over the bath...the pain you get when you come back up...well my back feels like that without having to do that. It feels like it will snap and I know exactly where to crack it

I have lots of different ways to crack my back (some just look so strange but it really works)

I find normal everyday household chores a pain to do and can't finish 1 thing without having to take a break, stretch, crack or even lay flat on my bed for 5 minutes then get back too it

I have a 1 year old daughter and it's hard work

Also walking to the shop which is a ten minute walk takes me over half an hour.

I also get a aching pain in my calves where I have to massage them or pull my foot to my body to stretch it out.

I went to a physio who said I was hyper mobile as I can bend my arms, thumbs and knees..also can put my hands flat on the floor.

Something is not right and it's getting beyond a joke now.

The physio also mentioned that the back of my neck pops out and my head is too far forward and needs to be brought back??

Please help I don't know what's wrong

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    Hi Emma

    It's very important that you see your doctor and press for an MRI scan.  Something is very wrong and I don't think it will get better on its own.  The spine is such a complex thing and we rely on it protecting all the nerves that enable our body to function.

    At your age it is doubly important.  I had spinal problems which started about 4-5 years ago with just stiffness and aches.  I am now very disabled and a wheelchair user when I go out from the house.  I have chronic pain every day despite powerful medication.  OK so I'm old but if you don;t take action now you could possibly end up like me but at a very young age.  You cannot afford to take chances, especially with a young child to bring up.

    Don't let the doctor fob you off with a few minor painkillers tell him/her that you are so concerned you want this properly investigated NOW.  Keep in touch, let us all know how you get on.

    Best wishes

    Somerset John

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      Hi john, thanks for replying I've been checking my emails constantly waiting for someone to get back to me.

      I totally agree with you and everyone knows their bodies and when something's just not right and the problems I'm having I just know are not going to get sorted out by someone massaging me and telling me to do Pilates. (That's what the physio said)

      If anything, since the physio massaged my back my stiffness has got worse since Friday and I can barely lean over without tightness and pain.

      I have kind of learnt to not show that it's hurting...or is as uncomfortable as it is because I have a daughter and need to get on with everyday things, so because I'm not crying with pain all the time and can hide it pretty well I don't want the doctor to just fob me off and say I don't need any X-rays or MRI scans.

      I am ringing the doctors in the morning to book an appointment to go in and see them again and hopefully get something else sorted. I still have my physio every Friday but I really don't think that's going to help me at all.

      I know this is bad but is there any Financial help I can get right now? It's hard to work because of the pain and uncomfortableness...also very embarrassing having to constantly crack my back and neck at work all the time! It's also quite depressing and I get stressed out very easily...upset etc because I just want to be able to do normal things without feeling like this...I'm always tired (having kids is tiring anyway) but I know I'm not getting enough sleep because I'm waking up all the time through the night

      What happened in your situation? Did they try and fob you off time and time again? Was it hard to push for the x rays and scans? It's like the doctors don't take you seriously. The first time I went in about this he said he only had 5 minutes so I needed to hurry up. Because I'm only 24 I also think they look at me or assume that I'm over reacting or lying and it's very frustrating

      Thanks smile

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    I assume you are i8n the UK and dealing with the NHS system.  Remember "Tye squeakiest hinge gets the most oil"  make yourself a nuisance at the doctotrs if you have to.  To tell you he only has five minutes is unacceptable.  If he fails to give you the attention your condition demands he could be reported.  I assume your physio is private and you have to pay for each treatment.  My advice, and I'm not qualified in any way, would be to stop that unless it is of real benefit.  Some of these practitioners are happy to take your money even if they are not sure what the real trouble is.  You need to stay away from chiropractors etc until you have a proper diagnosis.

    Once you get the doctor to refer you on to someone you are then in the system and things will progress from there.  My doctor was reluctant to help and just fobbed me of with a few pills.  It was only when I went again and by chance saw a locum who could not believe I had been left in such a state and he got things moving.  If you cannot work report sick.  If you are employed they must still payt you in full.

    Keep ijn touch


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      Yes I'm in the uk.

      Well at my surgery you rarely see the same doctor...and if you want to make an appointment there's at least a 2 month wait, so you have to ring up in the morning of the day you want to go it's a first come first serve sort of thing and if you don't get in you've got to keep ringing to see if there are any cancellations. I

      The doctor I saw asked if I was taking any painkillers and I told him just your usual paracetamol etc and it was pointless as doesn't even work so he said he wouldn't give me any other painkillers and referred me to a physio. It's a physio through the nhs and I had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment.

      The physio made notes of the pain etc asked me sort of tick box list questions asked me to do movements (that's when she said I was hyper mobile) and then looked at the back of my neck and that's when she said there was a problem. Spent about 15 minutes running my back. She sat me up and clicked it and then said to sign up to Pilates and then booked me in for another session this week.

      Do you think I should stop that or carry on? If I stop then they will probably get funny as I would be 'refusing' help and probably say It can't be that bad...things can get so tangled when it comes to this sort of thing.

      I'm going to try get in in the morning and again explain...and point out that since she did massage my back all week it's been very very stiff.

      Should I ask for or accept painkillers...Even with that though, it's just tricking me to think my back is getting better when really it's just hiding the pain!

      So frustrating!! Thank you

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    I take your point re the Physio.  Best to continue but if there is no improvement I still think you should press for an MRI.   Do you have an older friend or a mum who could go with you to the doctor.  Sometimes they feel they can take a less than helpful attitude because you are young. He will be less likely to fob you off if you have someone older with you.


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    hi emma as your finding it hard to see your gp go to a&e this way you will at least get an xray of your back and if your luky a ct scan it sounds like you might have a curviture of the spine or slipped discs and trapped nerves but what ever you do get some help soon as this prob will not go away by its self hope this helps take care and let know how you get on graham
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    Hi Emma,

    I have the same problems as you are describing. I am 17 years old and have struggled with back pain for around 2-3 years. 

    Now it has gotten terribly worse and everyday is just a pain. I am constantly sore and uncomfortable and can never get a good nights sleep. I have had 3 MRI scans but nothing has shown up. 

    My back and neck crack on their own at least 50 times a day. I struggle walking because I feel the urge to lean over all the time and it tightens up. I lean to the side in a stretching position and what feels like my ribs are cracking all the way down. I have terrible cracking in my hips which feels the bones are rubbing together. My legs and bridge of foot cracks on their own also and get pain in these too. 

    My back and neck are more of a problem though. I was diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome but everytime I mention to the doctor about it they discuss something different, maybe they don't want to commit to that diagnoses? Even sitting down is sore now and every single position possible is just uncomfortable.

    I seen a neurologist who pointed out that I have a large lump on the base of my spine/neck. When pushed in with fingers anywhere on my back is absolute agony.   I have a lot of tingling sensations in my hands and have been prescribed 20mg amitripyline and 30mg codiene during the day. But the drowsiness is bad. 

    Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Doctors do not listen and say this cracking is normal. 



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