What Is Wrong With Me? 7 Weeks of Weird Symptoms

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Age: 22

Sex/Gender: Male

Height and weight: 200lbs 5'11

Race/Ethnicity: Ethiopian (& mixed descent)

Geographic location: USA

Pre-existing medical issues: None

Hey guys, really need your opinion or what you guys think since it's been 7 weeks since the onset of these symptoms & multiple tests have been done with no diagnosis thus far.

The First Symptoms

When symptoms first started it started off with testicular aches, pain in pubic area, flank area & lower abdomen, Pains would come & go like searing hot pain, extreme tenderness in those area, etc. Naturally I thought it was a urology issue & did multiple testicular exams, blood markers,etc and came back clean.

Now here is where the plot thickens.

While the groin issue was happening I start to experience other symptoms which seem unrelated and come & go.

Well those new symptoms are what I'm stuck with now & the unexplained groin symptoms have been absent the past 2 weeks (after being there for 5 weeks)

Instead the symptoms I have now are:

  • Both ribs, especially lower ribs feeling bruised for no reason. The tenderness of ribs can be felt in the front ribs, side of body and can be traced all the way to the back if pressed.

  • Unexplained non injury back pain started in upper left back & has now progressed to entire upper back and mid back. Feels like almost like an injury pain. Present pretty much all day but pain will vary in areas of the back or how mild it can be throughout the day

  • Sometimes the rib & back can have a weird achy feeling all at once together and come on out of nowhere. The ribs, side of ribs, back will ache all at once and not even lying down helps. The ache can leave you feeling sick and queasy until it's gone.

  • This also comes and goes. But the actual lung itself sometimes feels exhausted, sore, and achy. There are times I will wake up with what feels like the lung is on fire. That symptom will sometimes be replaced with an achy sore feeling. Especially for example if I bend my upper body for a few seconds and come back up right the lung will feel sore & weak. Again these symptoms can disappear for a few days before they come back again. I've noticed thou if symptoms are present it's usually the worst in the morning after waking up.

  • In the upper left abdomen area I experience a very weird pain like someone is holding a pencil from inside and poking against one of the organs under or next to left rib. Again not to be mistaken with the other rib pain. This symptom is an actual upper left abdominal pain sensation. Usually I felt that mild pain after eating when this started. But today felt it for no reason when I woke up and was the worst I've felt that pain as it was way more noticeable & not just mild

  • A slight dry cough had started 5 weeks back, it has now progressively gotten worse. And although long amount of hours can pass by without me coughing. When the dry cough does happen, it's more deeper, developed and stronger,

  • I've had unexplained loss of appetite & nausea that came & went. Just 3 weeks ago I experienced 4 days of loss of appetite & mild nausea that'd come & go. Disappeared for 3 days then came back hard for 2 days with heavy nausea,early satiety & dizziness that lasted 2 days. Then disappeared for 1 week then came back for 2 days as just mild loss of appetite and currently gone again

Tests done so far

  • Ultrasound of testicle = Right Only Varicocele found
  • Kidney ultrasound: Clean
  • Urine test: Clean of any infections,etc
  • MRI of abdomen & pelvis= Came with slightly enlarged inguinal lymph nodes
  • CAT Scan of abdomen/pelvis found nothing before the mri
  • Blood tests: Lipid panel, A1C, STDs, inflammation makers, h pylori bacteria, Complete blood count, white blood cell differential, lipase, calcium level, D-Dimmer all came back normal except for slightly elevated triglycerides & cholesterol from lipid panel
  • Chest Xray= normal

So I'm currently at loss of what these weir symptoms and how they all relate. I'm trying to push for an upper endoscopy & an upper mri from the doctors. But not sure what else to do besides that.

Do you guys have any idea what can cause this? I've went from completely healthy 22 years old to bizzare symptoms that have been 7 weeks so far.

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    I wish I could help. I am 29 year old male, and I have exactly what you have.. could have written this myself along with all the tests! I have even had 2 lymph nodes biopsied.. they were over 2cm big. my symptoms have been going for 2 + years.

    What type of work do you do? I work at a desk all day and apparently prolonged poor posture can cause a lot of these pains. and bending over rather than sitting up right puts pressure on ribs and organs. Docs think I am crazy at this point.

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      Hey johnnyh192838, that's quite interesting if you do have very similar symptoms. I'd be interested to hear a little more about it. I'm going to shoot you a private message on here.

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      By the way shot you back a reply on the private message. But I realized I forgot to answer your question. My work involves me sitting on the desk all the day too since I work for myself. But it'd be pretty crazy if this was all from poor posture.

      I mean the backpain coming on suddenly and rib pain. Let's say that's from poor posture and just never noticed it and these weird symptoms decided to just onset one day randomly for no reason.

      But that still doesn't explain the sore lung feeling, the dry cough, the weird left upper abdominal pain, the loss of appetite that comes and goes..the old groin symptoms,etc.

      Or maybe they're all different conditions? Some caused by poor posture or different cause and some caused by something else and so on. It is likely we have multiple causes for different symptoms and they may not all be related but when jumbled up together it's hard to distinguish which symptom belongs to what cause. I have no idea.

      If any body else has input as well, would love to hear it. Even if you guys never experienced all the symptoms I listed in my op. Even if you experienced some of them, please contribute since everything helps

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      Hi Beast3146,

      I agree 100%. I have always thought the symptoms were connected to multiple things. my new big thing is pain in my right leg, including in front and behind the knee. some days it goes away but more often than not it is painful. There is also a vein protruding out the back of the knee, but mg doctor felt it said she is not concerned. I also had D dimmer and they said that rules out blood clot. especially since it was well below 200ng/ML. I apologize for my delay it was a busy day at work! going to eat with family and then I will respond to your other message. Hope you are staying safe during all this COVID stuff!

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      That first sentence so resonates with me. The part where you said "my new big thing". That's literally how it is for me too. Weird symptoms last for a while and all of a sudden a new symptom is introduced that makes no sense and lingers with it taking up all the attention instead of the other previous symptoms that were there. Those symptoms almost seem to take some sort of backseat while the new main symptom rides it wave.

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      And no worries man, look forward to your message. Yes, hope you're staying safe as well.

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    I am not sure this suggestion will help you but maybe see a Rheumotologist to rule out chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia. This has symptoms that can move around, and cause pain. Do you have any issues with fatigue?.....ok, that and maybe check the thyroid as well, B-12, also try a pulmonary doc about the lungs thing. Have you made any changes to where you live at that time, or any dietary changes? Any changes to something like pesticide use, yard work chemicals etc...rethink everything that may have changed at that time. I would also suggest a neurologist as well, the pain in the groin, the burning etc sounds like nerve pain, maybe something is going on with the nerves. The Vagus nerve runs down through the body and if it is bothered it can cause nausea etc. Any injuries where this could have been damaged, ?

    Potential symptoms of damage to the vagus nerve include:

    difficulty speaking or loss of voice

    a voice that is hoarse or wheezy

    trouble drinking liquids

    loss of the gag reflex

    pain in the ear

    unusual heart rate

    abnormal blood pressure

    decreased production of stomach acid

    nausea or vomiting

    abdominal bloating or pain

    good luck

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