What presses your Snooze button ????

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Zopiclone presses mine, and thousands of others with a sleep problem.

It's such a world wide affliction, and should be officially classed as a

disease ,,and be treated as such,and users of Zop should not be treated

as users It is Not a social drug, it's a working drug,and it works for me.

In saying that My G.P has after 10 months to stop the scrip. regardless

of the fact that he knows I have mega TINNITUS,and cannot  drop off

because of the noise it creates 24/7

As a doctor he well knows ,or should know that sleep deprivation can

and does cause other major health problems. of which I have enough of

already. No sleep causes me stress, which sets off my other problems.

 So, as he is determined to make my life a total misery, I am off looking 

for another practise, where the doctors listen,, understand and not 

type during the whole  appointment. I was informed by the surgery 

receptionist that I was to see the doctor about, after talking to him 

only last week  about it, shows how much he "listens" I refused the offer

and said he should shove his tablets where the sun don't shine.


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    You areAddicted to Zop as are most of us on this blog.  I don't understand why a law suit is not started with the manufacturer as 3 docs st least have told me they were told (by drug rep?) that this fab drug was not addictive. We should all be getting compensation for being dragged into this addiction unknowingly.  It is a huge problem and especially bad for the elderly.  I know it's rough on you but your doctor is doing the morally correct thing to get you off it in my opinion.
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    There has to be some degree of personal responsibility in this. 

    Take alcohol, for example. Some people are able to use it socially and it doesnt interfere with their lives. For others, alcohol will be the death of them.

    If Zopiclone is used *as it is intended*, its a safe drug. When it is misused, and by that I mean in frequency or quantity, it becomes unsafe.

    I would suspect everyone reading this KNOWS they have a problem.

    Personally, I have to learn how to achieve restful sleep without medication.

    It's a work in progress

    I would suspect everyone reading this KNOWS they have a problem. 

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      That's what I said in my original post. We all have a problem, to need 

      the sleeping aid. Don't just pick bits out of it, view the whole concept. 

      Drunks are awake with their problem,Alcohol is not an alternative,

      Anyway, why are you getting so hot under the collar about other

      people's lack of sleep ?

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    From one Jackie to another. I have been on Zop for about 6 years on and off. My insomnia caused by menopause. Yes, we are all aware of the dangers of taking these meds but I would argue that lack of sleep causes health issues also. I get fed up with all the 'bashing' that goes on about the dangers of taking this drug. I don't like taking it, but have accepted that to have a reasonable quality of life I will keep on taking my 3.75mg of zop without guilt. I have a sympathetic doc, thank goodness, I don't take it everyday but probably 4 out of 7 days. I hope you find a doc that listens to you and good luck. X
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      Hello, I don't understand the butting in of people who seem to resent

      anyone having sleep, that won't come naturally. Glad you have joined

      me, I also don't see the dangers, I get no side effects, hardly likely

      on such a small dose .I feel as though I am my G.P.s goal in life, to 

      stop me sleeping. ,Apart from the Tinnitus which is a danger on it's own ,people have committed suicide because they could no longer

      stand the noise. I had sleep deprevation, looking after my 98 yr old

      mother who woke me at all hours through the night,so my sleep

      pattern just went .She has been in a care home for a year now,but I

      still can't sleep properly yet, so the Zopiclone was a god send, I now

      get  4/5 hours a night.  don't disappear, I might need you for the next

      onslaught . 

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      I hope you don't think I am being critical of YOU.  Your last post gave me more info.  I have an abusive 82yr old husband now thankfully in care.  I took meds for over 40 years to cope.  It took a lot for me to finally say, when he was in a locked place, now it,s about me.  Been off Zop since Jan 1st,  sleep with valerian or whatever 2 hrs.  Then awake, sleep another 2 hrs etc.  Matey be 5 or 6 total.  Not enough.  Some days I do not drive as I am so

      tired.  I need time with NO responsibilities to chill and get over sleeping

      problem.  I am 74.  Been caregiver to mother, then stepfather for 23 years, then husband last 10 , which is 1/2 my life.  Yes I needed Zop.  But Jacqueline, my mind is a lot clearer, even tho I am tired.  You don't have to go drug free, honey, just get something less harmful.  

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      Hello Cass, I do hope you don't think I have ignored you, but your

      reply has just shown, wonder where it's been for 3 days

      I must have missed a big chunk about Zop ,why is it considered harmful ??

      There are a lot of people who are taking it ,and seemingly not come to any harm after years of use.

      I wasn't even given an option ,my doc just didn't prescribe it and hr

      didn't even show me the curtesy of telling me,

      Are you by yourself now,and hopefully sleeping "easy " figuratively 

      speaking with no one squeezing your life out of you.

      Keep in touch  xx

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      Wow, did I find something for you and others to read.  Right on the Patient Zopiclipone site.  Typed in Gabba  and Zopiclone on Google, and there is a there ad a couple down the page....down the rabbit hole...just great.  Tells why cancer and I was told, dementia and death can occur with zop. That is why I think there should be a class action law suit, and you will realize what your doc is saying.  Plus read the answers too .Best Cass
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    Tried again Zopiclone and GABA and ..down the rabbit hole..came up at top of page.  Saw your entry too.  So should be there.  Or, go directly to Patient, Zop site and try down the rabbit hole there.  This is really a site you and all of us should be reading.   The chief of staff at local hospital told me it could cause cancer and I didn't see how....
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