What's going on with my digestive system

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Hi all, first time hear and hoping someone out there may shed some light on whats going on with my stomach. I have had bouts of indigestion and heartburn for many years, probably due to always working unsociable, shift work, but they were sporadic and very mild bouts. However, since December last year I have been suffering with allsorts of problems, which seem to be digestive tract linked. Prior to these problems I injured my back at work in September, and have not been able to go back as yet. Before, the symptoms started happening I was put on Naproxen (an NSAID), to help relieve my back pain, so I could do Physiotherapy. I took Naproxen for about a week, until I had to stop due to getting severe stomach cramps. This then led to all the symptoms I am experiencing right now, which I will list in a bit. I saw my GP, who put me on 40mg Omeprazole, 20mg twice a day, which relieved the symptoms for a while. However in recent weeks the symptoms are getting bad again, I have been to and fro from my GP, who has put me on Domperidone as well as the Omeprazole. My GP had my blood tested for a total blood count and Helicobacter Pylori. The blood results were all good, except for a slight raise in platelet levels. I am having more blood tests done, and have been referred for a scan, I have heard Pancreatitis and Gallstones mentioned recently, but thought I'd mention my problems on here, just in case someone has experienced the same as myself, and can help enlighten me.

The main symptoms I get are bloating (and associated random sharp stabbing pains all over abdomen, chest and back), burping, stomach churning, frequent throat clearing, 2 specific frequent dull aches that can get sharp (one on left side of upper abdomen, and one just to right of centre of upper abdomen), raised heart rate, nausea, hot flushes, bouts of dizzyness, pale coloured stools (sometimes loose, but generally firm). It hurts more when I move and I also get this sharp pain, right across the top of my abdomen, where I'm guessing my diaphragm is, when I bend over.

These symptoms aren't daily, I can go 2 - 3 days and feel ok, only experiencing very mild symptoms, but then the symptoms flare up and it leaves me not being able to do anything cause I feel so rough. The pains and discomfort I get do hurt, but I'm not in severe pain, so I'm just having to deal with it whilst my GP investigates. I'm hoping the scan will reveal something, but if anybody can help with any info on the reasons why I'm getting all these symptoms, I would be very grateful to hear it. I've been struggling for a couple of months now, and totally fed up, just to know what is going on would be a help in itself.

Thanks in advance.

BTW. Forgot to mention that I can't eat bread, or high sugar content foods, these flare up my symptoms. I had a Rhubard and Custard boiled sweet the other day, I thought 'surely one will be ok', I wish I hadn't bothered, that hurt. I've never been a heavy drinker, and I do smoke, but again not a lot, on average about 7 - 8 a day.

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    a couple of years ago I was given some antibiotics and had a bad reaction, gastritis, colitis and pancreatitis. I was really sick for 6 months and on the mend for another year. I still can't eat properly. Can't eat carbohydrates at all. Doctor did tests and confirmed I have atrophic gastritis. Before the antibiotics I took a ot of NSAIDs. The doctors were no help at all, I had to find out things for myself. I couldn't tale the PPIs  due to side effects so I cut out all things acidic. No alcohol, no sugars, no grains, no dairy. I eat fish, white meat and veg (lots!) and things are better to the point that I can cheat occasionally. The stomach will heal but it takes a long time. BTW cigarettes aggravate gastritis.   

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      Hi kerry

      Thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it. It sounds like your whole ordeal has been a nightmare, I can sympathise, these symptoms get the better of me a lot, I get so fed up, upset and frustrated with it all. I agree with you about the doctors, I've felt like all they have been doing is guessing at what my problems are, probably my smoking will be their excuse, but I have cut down to half of what I was on, with a view to packing it up.

      The food issues you mentioned sound exactly what I'm going through, I can't eat any of what you said. I can eat rice and pasta, without too much trouble, but all the food I eat has to be very plain.

      My only concern is that I only took Naproxen for 6 days, surely that couldn't have been long enough for them to cause a huge amount of damage? I've never been one for painkillers, antibiotics or any other types of pills come to mention it, never really needed them as I've always been pretty healthy, been quite lucky in that respect. But I guess it's not impossible for the Naproxen to have done something.

      I've just got to wait to see what my GP comes up with I suppose, there's so many things it could be, just wish they'd get on with it, I've never really needed their help in the 40 years I've been alive, and now I need their help, they end up faffing around. Such fun!!!

      Thanks again for your comments.

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    Hi Paul

    Slightly raised platlet count? Do you have the number?

    this can indicate inflammation; or something else dependent.

    1. Liquorice tablets ; get rid of some 'bad bacteria- also assists with acid.

    2. good bactiera (acidophilus) or yoghurt/pro-biotic. (make sure you do take this if taking the liquorice tablets.

    introduce an omega 3 fish oil, and eat some tomatoes; tomatoe soup will do;but preferable with skins..

    Pale coloured stools; bile / gallbladder; you should take some milk thistle for the liver; as this can assist the gallbladder (works in tandem) and it repairs the liver on a cellular level to some extent. so if you take this and the garlic; this can assist.

    If you are experiencing 'nerve' pain; then you might want to consider taking lipoic acid.

    I understand your concern;just to reassure you; having trouble eating sugars may just be because of an overgrowth of bad bacteria or the liver; or also the pancreas;  however i have experienced the same thing with sugar; and i  appear to be all better now after introducing those three things and alsoincluding anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory foods (red grapes, beetroot, onions etc) (meds can cause imbalance in tehgut if you are not getitng the right nutrition. And infection can also cause nerves to play up...

    I hope that you are taking a vitamin tablet; you may want to consider one for liverhealth. (the liver affects the gallbladder and also draws from the bowel)..

    I am not a doctor; however have suffered various things in the last 7 years; and the above resolved a lot of it; nerve pain, shooting pains, pain across the navel; right abdominal pain; and gallbladder/liver issues. The sugar issues stopped.

    hot drinks can kill bacteria; so think about drinking something like coconut water (anti-fungal) and cherries& berries from the co-op - cherries are v. good.

    you may also want to consider oregano oil.

    Best wishes ;and do keep us posted if possible.. as it helps others.

    wishing you well soon.


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    I just had my an upper and lower GI and my odctor siad that I would be on Protonix for the rest of my life. He told me this right after I came out of the sleep after the scope. What I forget to tell him was that the Protonix that eh put me on for about one month snet me to the hospital for two emergency visits due to being doubled up in pain. Both time they found nothing. I found out results and he said for me to come back in a year due to barret's esophsagus (he said the narrowing of the esophagus). I know for me I have since quit all sugers and take Prilosec and will stat back on aloe vera for my throat.

    I feel bad for you wit this going on for a few months. My system seems to flare up and then be alright for a while. This is the longest i have not felt good but that is possibly due to the surgery on pituitary gland coming up I believe. Anyway, please ask your doctor to check you for candidas and for H. Pylori. These two tests were not done for me even though he had two chances so i asked him to try to get them to teest for that since I think there is something more going on that should have been looked at earlier. I will pray for you to get better soon. Thank you.


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      Shely777 I have barretts myself and its painful I understand that but there is a way to correct it I don't know where you reside atbut I was an eexample for it to see if they did the gastric bypass surgery RNY type to see if it would heal well they killed the cancer cells scraped it clean and removed what had spread into the stomach

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    Thank you for your comments Shelly and J, its always reassurring to hear from people that have experienced what I am going through, and I will update this discussion so it can help others. That little bit of reassurance can go a long way to giving someone a different, and not so worrying feeling. I do feel for you all having to deal with these types of symptoms, it has sort of taken over my life for now, and has stopped me living the life I want to.

    I have already been tested for H. Pylori when I had my total blood count test done, and the results were fine. I was also told that liver function was ok, protein levels were fine too. Unfortunately, I didn't get the number for the slightly raised platelet levels, but my GP didn't seem too bothered by it. Is it right to trust my GPs findings and the information they have given me? I'm hoping that if there was anything they suspected that could be happening, that they would tell me.

    Thanks for all the advice on ther various remedies J, I will certainly look into these, however, I am struggling to intake dairy food, and onions seem to trigger flare ups too. I have been worried about whether I am getting the right nutrients as my stools can visibly show the foods I have been eating, seeing peas in my poop was a bit worrying, especially when I had only eaten them the evening before, seems like food is just going straight through me. But have heard that Omeprazole and PPIs can speed up the digestive tract. I will definitely get some vitamins in me though.

    One thing I have learnt is that there seems to be so many problems that can give the symptoms I am experiencing, and I'm just hoping the doctors can pinpoint the problem and soon. I'm also wondering if I ever had the back injury that I mentioned in my first post. When I asked my Physiotherapist if back injuries could cause stomach issues, she told me that she had never heard of that happening, but she was well aware of some stomach issues that can cause back pain. I've just been to a solicitor to start a compensation claim against my employer, my job involved a lot of heavy lifting and driving, and my solicitor reckons I have a reasonable chance of success, but this is based on getting a back injury. My GP initially diagnosed a popped disc, but I'm not sure if this is the case now, due to the stomach issues I have been getting. I still wonder if I have strained or pulled something because when I twist or bend over, I get the sharp pain across the top of my upper abdomen, but if I keep my body still and straight, I experience no pain at all. I'm so confused as to whether I should continue with this claim as I am still on my employers books, and don't want to persue a claim if there's a chance that there wasn't a back injury at all. Have any of you experienced pain in this area whilst moving around?

    I now have a few more suggestions that I can throw at my GP, thanks to you all for your input so far, and any other info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Paul, 

    i was so pleased to see this post, I was going to post today but you have just about covered all my issues. It started November 13 I had bad pains in my chest and stomach. I had tests for heart problems, all clear. I was put on omprazole morning and night. All that happened was worse with the side effects. Had camera into stomach showed gastritis no h pylori. Since then I have been on four different ppi s

    all ending in zole. Then ranitidine some help for a short while, others just give me more problems. Since new year my stools have been pale coloured. If I eat anything other than plain boring food my stomach cramps are so painful and for the next couple of days my stomach feels sore. I'm fed up with going back to docs, I think they think I'm making it up. It's spoiling my life, I used to be so energetic, not anymore. I juice veg and some fruits this does help. I'm going to get some milk thistle see if that helps. Please keep posting it helps to know your not on your own.

    hope you all feel better soon x

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      Hi Jayne

      Nice to hear from you. Please let me know how you get on with the Milk Thistle. I've heard a lot of stories about it being good for our types of symptoms, I do hope it helps you. It's been such a stress and worry for me lately. The thing that really get me whenever I see my GP is they always ask if I'm feeling anxious, like its the cause of it all. Well yeah (duh), of course I'm anxious, I'm going through stuff that I haven't had before and it hurts, of course I'm anxious!

      Like you, if I eat something fatty or sugary, or if I eat too much, I'm usually bad for the next couple of days after. Luckily, I've been managing to stomach a couple of McVities breakfast biscuits everyday, the one's with red berries are so nice, cures my sweet tooth for now. But other than that, it's plain, plain, plain all the way.

      Doc wants to take me off Omeprazole on 10th, but I am worried, for me they did actually ease my symptoms a lot. I still get symptoms, but lately I've been having more good days than bad. But the bad days still have me close to my phone, just in case something flares up badly. I find it hard to move around, I can't walk far either, I start getting pain, especially at the top of my abdomen. Feel so useless, I'd love to be able to sort of enjoy some of the time I got off work, but this problem is running my life, such fun! Still got a day out on Thursday, another blood test, Joy!

      All the best and let us know how you get on. Get well soon x

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      Hi, you have described some of the symptoms I suffered (for many years) before I got so sick, they had to do an endoscopy with biopsies taken in my stomach & duodenum which revealed Celiac Disease. Your Dr can order a blood test. The medical community isn't very good at connecting the dots on this disorder & often treat the symptoms.


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      Hi Gale. Since I posted this I've had a colonoscopy, they said it was clear just have to wait for biopsy results. But I have not been having lactose for a month and Im feeling better. My stomach still has uncomfortable feelings but not like the pains I was having before. I've also put a couple of pounds back on, which I'm pleased about. I felt like I was disappearing. The weight loss was scaring me. I agree about them not joining the dots. I'm now waiting for a test to see if I'm lactose intolerant. It's the waiting that's the worst thing. Just wish they'd sort me out. Hope you are well now.
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      Thanks... Better, yes since living strict gluten free diet. Btw, I suffered for a season with lactose intolerance. It's one of the many symptoms of CD. There are over 300 symptoms.


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    Hi All

    Just a little update for you, and a query.

    Query is how long does Domperidone stay in your system? I'm asking because I took my last 10mg yesterday at lunchtime, and I'm happy to say I feel fine, for the moment at least. I wasn't sure if this drug stays in the system for any length of time.

    Had more bloods taken yesterday, to check TBC (obviously to keep a check on the raised platelet levels), but also being tested for Pancreatitis, Coeliac disease, and probably other stuff. I'm still on the Omeprazole, which I have been taking for about 7 weeks now, but have to say that for last few days I have been feeling a lot healthier and happier in the stomach area. I still need to burp often, my stomach churns and gurgles a lot and my stools are still quite loose but back to normal colour. However, I am not experiencing anything like the pains and discomfort I was getting just before I was put on Omeprazole. I am pretty sure my problems are Ulcer related, as Ulcers take about 8 weeks to heal, and right now, 7 weeks into the Omeprazole, I don't seem to be experiencing to many problems, today I feel that good that I could run a marathon. The key will be next week when I have to come off Omeprazole, my GPs instructions, but for now all is looking and feeling good.

    I'll keep you all posted on results / symptoms as the progress. Any info on the Domperidone query would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi All

    Another quick update for you.

    Just had results of latest blood tests done, and the only issue to show up was a borderline white blood cell count. Still awaiting a date for the ultrasound, and I'll let you know the outcome of that when I get the results.

    Any ideas on what a borderline white blood cell count could mean or possible causes would be greatly appreciated.

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      My white blood count was borderline, had it done a month later it had dropped again. This went on for 5 months. When it was very low they wanted me tested in 2 weeks. I stopped taking lansoprozole. My WBC was back in normal range. It does say on some of side effects this can happen. Don't know if this helps.
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      Thanks for info Jayne. I did read somewhere that certain medications can increase white blood cell count, as can smoking too. How are you feeling now? I hope you are on the road to recovery.

      I was supposed to stop taking Omeprazole on tuesday by order of my GP, but I've heard that it is better to wean off them rather than stop totally. This was also confirmed by the Pharmacist, so when I saw that I had 6 - 7 20mg Omeprazole capsules left, I decided that I would take one a day until they run out, instead of the two I've been taking to treat my symptoms. So far, so good, even though this is only the second day of coming down a dose. I feel a bit a bit of nausea, and my stomach is churning a bit and making me burp, but I'm sure its hunger that is causing these feelings. I have been on a little and often eating diet since getting all my symptoms, and when I wake my stomach always does this. After I have breakfast, it does subside a bit. On a plus note, I am not getting any real bad pains, no more dizzyness or extreme nausea, I actually feel quite good compared to how I was a few months ago.

      Looking back I am becoming more convinced my problem has been stomach ulcer related. I spoke to a work collegue yesterday, and she said that before I got signed off work with my popped disc, I was very over worked and very stressed trying to cope with the extra work demands my employers were putting on me. She said that she wouldn't have been surprised if I had developed an ulcer or two. I've always had a stressful life, abusive and violent parents, a complete farce of a 5 year marriage that I put everything into only to be cheated on, then constantly into solicitors to help fight my childrens corner for neglect, and to get access rights, against a mother who's main priorty has been partying, drinking and drugs. I guess it was just a matter of time before something inside of me went bang. Since I've been ill, I have learnt to sit back and relax as much as possible. With that, and the change in diet, I feel physically and mentally better than I have done in a long while.

      Take care and cheers for the help to date.

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