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What's my son really on

we are biding our time with our 18 year old hoping to get him to a drug rehab program. 

He takes stuff every 3/4 days as in last Friday 1st Dec and the previous Monday. He says he doesn't remember anything of what he does. We have cleared his bedroom and there's only a bed with bed clothes in it. Our 2 daughters and myself and my wife lock ourselveves into our bedrooms at night as he constantly goes around packing bags with everything in the house. Nothing is sacred from his compulsion and I am like a jailer going round with keys as I can't leave any door unlocked.

we put him out of the house yesterday. He came home hours later minus his hoodie freezing cold and doesn't know where he left it and this was 30 hours after he took stuff. Sunday 3rd Dec and we had a quiet day and he sat around all day so I'm expecting him to take something Monday or Tuesday but he says he has nothing left. He says this all the time and laughs and while we took weed out of his pocket last week and put it in the fire he is too slick for us

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  • brian 95595

    19th of December .

    that our sons day to go into a drug programme so we're going hour to hour day to day with him.

    its 8 days now since he has taken stuff but the cleaning and tidying never stops. 3 daughters in our house and I have them all locking their bedroom doors. Any clothes I gave him in the past week we cannot find and we think he has burned them in our stove including his spare runners. I'm going to post every day now till he goes into Cenacolo. This would seem to be the only thing that has any hope of working. If not he could be walking the streets for Christmas.

  • brian 95595

    19th Dec that's the goal.

    As far as we can make out he hasn't taken stuff for 9days now but the crazy behaviour goes on.

    I went to water a house plant and found some of his sisters makeup in it. The new box of washing tabs 

    disappeared as did a new packet of bread soda and we go round casually looking everywhere to see if we can find where he puts them but some things we never find not even in the bins. I still can't figure out where he got rid of the plastic garden chairs.

  • brian 95595

    5 days to go to possibly get our son into an addiction free programme. 11 days since he took stuff according to our estimation. He had a deep sleep for 12 hours last night and when he got up he spent 15 minutes tidying a press and was forgetting to have breakfast. We had a box with food for charity and he filled it with books and a lot of wasted batteries. Apart from this its a quiet day and we took him

    shopping. He still comes each week to a prayer meeting and last night he took part in the prayers. Also a new family came in with their addicted daughter. We move on.

  • brian 95595

    4 days to go with fingers crossed. He does have to convince them he wants this for himself.

    he wanted something to do this morning so I got him to clran the house gutters as he mad on cleaning. Also incident free shopping with his mam.

    i just hope he doesn't get to thinking that he's in a good enough place and doesn't need help. 

    Thats the danger.

  • brian 95595

    1 day closer to the 19 th and he is very calm. He washed his mama car today and wrote out Christmas cards from us for 6 neighbours. Some of these he would have robbed or damaged their property.

     He has to get his head right now. Not one of his "friends" have enquired as to how he's doing. So much for them but maybe it will make him think about what real friends are.

  • brian 95595

    The 19th came and went and he didn't get going to the drug free programme but got a  call the day before and it's off till the 2nd of Jan we have to get over the Christmas with him as he has detoxed at home with us. This was not easy to say the least but he has been very calm the past two weeks while doing a bit of work round the house. There's a lot of our son coming back to normal.

    not one of his very best "friends" have inquired as to how he's keeping and he's beginning to talk about that. My eldest daughter came over and ate the bejasus out of him and he stayed calm and apologised. Don't know if the rest of the family will come near us over the Christmas like they always do. Can't blame them as you couldn't let him near the children but we have more work to do now.

    back in a few days cheers.

  • brian 95595

    New year and our son is to go to a drug free rehab programme tomorrow morning 03/01/18.we expected him to feel much better and the past 3 weeks have been great with him. We even stopped locking our doors at night. He has detoxed before our eyes but now feels he is good enough and doesn't need more help. So he had a meltdown yesterday. A lot of denial about the things he did and 

    anger with his "friends" as he says they did lots of things that he took the flak for and they don't want to know him anymore. He said he would do it only because everyone that knows him says he needs it.

    He looked like his head was going to split open. We being supportive and firm with him and the next few days he has to convince people he is committed to this programme as he wont be forced to stay there. 6am start in the morning so fingers crossed will he stick with it.

  • brian 95595

    Finally our son is in rehab. His mam brought him there on Wed 3rd Jan and spent a week nearby as he went in on a daily basis and he agreed to go in full time 24/7 from the 8th. It's has been a very long and difficult road to travel with him but if he stays the course it will have been worth it. Also we won't see him for at least 6months. We are so proud of the fact that we detoxed him ourselves even though he caused chaos in the process. His biggest problem seems to be him realising he didn't have one single friend from school as they were all using each other. Not one of them came to see how he was doing but hopefully this will drive him on to want better for himself. We will keep our fingers crossed for the future and am signing off from this forum now cheers to all.

  • brian 95595

    Back again 

    almost 2 weeks now since our son went into rehab and so far so good as the satisfaction I get 

    far out weighs the months of agony it took to get him there. I'm afraid to think about him relapsing as it would be disaster for him. If I was to believe him it seems he was given weed for the first time when he 12 years old. He's not 19 yet.

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