What's the STD risk from 1 minute sexual encounter with older woman?

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I'm a 22 year old male and 3 days ago I had sex with a female who's about 46-49. I met her online and then we met in person and we had sex. I brought and used my own condom (durex condom) and I did not touch her vagina with my hands or anything else. The sex only lasted about one minute (about 15-20 pumps max). Afterwards i removed the condom and I washed my penis with soap in the bathroom sink. However, my concern is this... after I left we exchanged a few more messages online. And then I asked her nicely if she had any STDs just to assure myself. She didn't respond until about 24 hours later to tell me "No". Now before that she was pretty responsive so I am kind of worried that she lied to me due to her hesitation.

I'm not worried about HIV, but I am worried about Herpes or HPV since I know there's a risk of catching them even with condoms. Also yesterday I felt some tingling sensations and some weird feelings near my scrotum area. I don't know if it's just maybe because of heat, or sweat... but I did read online that before herpes outbreaks you do get tingling or itching in that specific area. So I may be over stressing but this has really been bugging me.

I'd like to get a professional opinion. What do you think my risk was after such a short (and protected) sexual encounter?

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    This is not a professional opinion, but I don't think time is really a factor - and people tend to describe things in terms of time (e.g. I was with her 1 min or 5 minutes). If you get exposure to a virus or bacteria strain, simply you have been exposed. If you did see any rashes or lesions on/near her vagina and as you used a condom, your exposure risk would be low. 

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      i meant, did not see... 
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      I understand, i mean it was dark in the room so didn't see any lesions or anything else around her vagina. I am mentioning time factor because, during that time she didn't even have enough time to get wet (i mean maybe a bit on the inside but not on the outside), plus I didn't do any deep thrusts so my groin area didn't really touch (or barely touched) hers.. I am thinking 15 mins of sloppy sex at a fast pace and with deep trusts would put you at more risk than 1 minute of slow pace. But anyway it's just a thought, of course the risk is still there.

      Also, I have some dots on my inner thigh (see in photo), I'm thinking that's why i get some tingling/ sensations.. the photos I find about herpes online are different. But still I don't know... i don't know if I had them before or if it's normal for my skin to look like that? Have you seen anything like this, and would it be associated with an STD?

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      sex is sex.. wet, dry, long, deep.. etc. its all the same. 

      this does not look like an std / herpes rash in my opinion. you could be examining yourself more due to this experience. nonetheless, if you have concern - you can always go see a dermatologist for this condition, just to be sure. 

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      Thanks for the opinion. I will see a dermatologist if the rash doesn't change or gets worse in the following days. If I got the rash in a time when I knew I didn't have any recent sexual encounters I wouldn't even worry about STDs.

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    The good news is you used a condom. But as you said, some STDs aren't prevented with one. The fact you only lasted 1 minute won't change the risk level. You could put it in for 1 second and pull it right back out and still catch something. You should just get tested to put your mind at ease. 

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      How long should I wait before I get tested, 2 weeks?
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    She's probably a one-night-stand kind of person who once she's gotten what she wants would lose interest in the person and move on to the next person. I believe that it's a higher chance that it is a one night stand situation than an STD silence. She's either a player or she was disappointed in the short duration of the sex. My take.

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    Go see a Dr to put your mind at ease. Just a couple of thought

    Next time ask the woman if she has any STDs PRIOR to knocking the bottom  out of he. She still could lie but asking afterwards mis really stupid. 

    If you're really worried about STDs, find yourself a nice girl. Both of you get tested and be monogamous.

    Oh, and try to fix being a Minute Man. cheesygrin Just a little ball busting.

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      Yeah I know, I'm not sure though how much time I should wait before seeing a doctor. It's been 3 days only... if those dots on my leg prove to be more worrisome I will. I know asking about STDs prior is a lot better, but it's like in the moment you cant really do it.. because it just kills the whole mood. I was stupid because I didn't get any in a few months and that's why I did it... And I usually last about 3 mins (still short i know), and about 15-20 mins later I can go a second time which lasts enough to please the girl. However, the woman wasn't really attractive so I didn't stay around for a second time. I guess it was just the need to have sex after not having had for quite some time, and now I f*king regret it...

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      Learn from your mistakes my friend. I'm 60 so when I was young most STDs you worried about were easily cured. That rash is probably nothing. See a doc in a few weeks if you're still worried. 

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      Thanks for the advice sir. I will see a dermatologist if the rash doesn't change or gets worse in the following days. If I got the rash in a time when I knew I didn't have any recent sexual encounters I wouldn't even worry about STDs.

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