What's wrong with me?

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Posted here a few times now, but my I'm not even sure if this is the right forum anymore... used to think something was wrong with my stomach but all my symtoms now are neck and above?? my stomach occasionaly feels slight uncomfort nerve painful, Tongue coating white, muscus in throat for months never goes away, weird kind of pressure on my cheekbones and occasionaly under the jaw which has been there for around a week now, get a rash on my chest from after eating but not every time. not experiencing pain what so ever, but I really can't help Google my symtoms, and I see the word carcinoid tumour pop up and it's horrible, only 22 shouldn't be worrying like this

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    Oh no..google is our enemy MOST of the time..unless you need a phone number for a pizza.

    You may have some "thrush" going on...to explain all your (stomat) symptoms (mouth).

    See a Dr...you are ok...you don't have a tumor!

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      if really is the worst enemy, I need to put a stop to it!
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    You need to see a dr. I wish I could help you,but I really don't know why your getting those symptoms. almost positive though,you don't have a tumor. Good luck and hope it's nothing serious.

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      went doctors Friday just gone and have been several time lately for all the symtoms above
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      ... but he wasn't very helpful and out my cheekbone and neck pressure down to hayfever? which I can't see it being

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      Hi kieran1993

      Go back to your doc and ask an inflammotory blood test (ESR test)..if you are suffering from inflammation in your neck and head you could be suffering with polymyalgia rheumatica that can affect and can lead to temporal ateritis which causes pain in jaw and cheeks....you are a bit young to have PR but get it checked anyway..ask doc for a second opinion which you are entitled to....best wishes

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      thanks for that, I will arrange an appointment for next week and I'll mention the blood test

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      thanks for that, I will arrange an appointment for next week and I'll mention the blood test

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    First thing my daughter was tested was for carcinoid due to tachycardia (sudden 200puls in sitting), facial flushing without fever and severe abdominal pain

    The test was a simple 24h urine test (HIAA). (neg btw)

    Very easy to test for.

    (the carcinoid rash is typically in the face and neck, not chest)

    (Due to neg test result but symptoms, we then trialed a 4 week low histamine diet to no avail)

    Your symptoms sound more like an allergy maybe? (of course could be some respiratory infection or gerd, too)

    Many people develope a rash on chest (and back) after eating something, that does not agree with them. Please make a food diary and stay away from restaurant or junk food, in case you did eat such foods (I can't tell by the post, so no offence please)

    Sometimes it's the washing powder residue in clothing combined with sweating.

    Drink lots of water, stay hydrated pls. You can support your body in case it was fighting something.

    You can trial to leave animal milk products away from diet (for weeks, not just 2 days)

    If it was a virus, there is little that can be done, but you will heal.

    as to 'white tongue' I would highly invite you to search internet (but just for that topic or for food diary. ;-) ). A healthy tongue has a thin white coating. If it was due to a fungi overgrowth (thrush) it looks a certain way. There are loads of pics to compare with.

    Hope you feel better and relaxed soon!

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      thanks for such a in-depth reply, appreciate it. as for the caracnoid rash I don't get it on my neck or face always chest, I have been told GERD by a few other people, And i do eat out quite often and the rash does appear every single time after I've ate out and very rarely appears when I make something at home? and water is mainly all I drink for now, but yeah I will make a food diary and see if I can narrow it down, thanks again.

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      Thumbs up!

      Food diary is quite tedious and needs weeks (and a good template). One needs to write constantly daily multiple times since we tend to forget and I found that very frustrating.

      But it's worth it.

      It's also good info for doc.

      The band width for triggers is huge.

      Have a look please under topic elemiation diets or even 'low histamine' diet (histamin intollerant people react similar to mild allergy, but very different mechanism behind similar symtpoms).

      Cooking from scratch at home or eating very simple food (few ingredients) is easiest to find a trigger. Yet again, if you note down, when you ate out and what, it's helpful too....processed food is the most difficult due to amount of ingredients, stabalisers, preservatives.

      You simply want to go through weeks of gluten free diet for a trial, too. Yet: don't get tested for celiac during your gluten free diet as the results would be false.

      Throwing in some good probiotic capsules for weeks cannot hurt either. It boosts the good gut flora, works better, can handle more and boosts immune system. (be prepared though that first days with probiotics can cause a rumbly tummy)

      Best of luck!

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