What’s wrong with my ear and how can I fix it

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I’ve had this problem for almost 2 years now, since right after I got the flu.

Constant feeling of pressure/fullness. I can hardly even sleep on my right side (it’s my left ear) because the pressure is too much. 

I can pop/crackle it easily- even clenching my fist can pop it. However, it doesn’t help it at all. It’s almost like something fills or closes right back up. 

I went to see my ENT doctor and she told me it would go away on its own. This was over a year ago. 

My hearing is fine.

I feel like I’m going insane. I’ve tried decongestants and a nasal spray to no avail (though I only took both of those things once). I just feel like they won’t help. 

Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Hello,  I get so cross when doctors send patients away saying that Eustachian Tube Dysfunction will go away.  IT DOESN'T  !!

    As you've had it so long (for me I've suffered ETD for over 30 yrs) sadly, you'll need a quick fix of Prednisolone Steroid Tablets.  A weeks course won't be long enough in my experience.....mine is usually a 20 day reducing course.

    The Steroid based sprays to work, but you must stick with them.  They have to build up in your system....can take months !  hence the steroid tablets that should work within a few days.

    Scroll the ETD pages, they are of full of people suffering this very debilitating condition.

    Best of luck


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      hI there. Stumbled upon your question in email. Been here for a while but i rarely post. They thought i had everything from mastoiditis to cholerstetoma (spelling) before they found out what was wrong. It was quite scary!!  I went through h e double hockey stick before my problem was found out and i'm in my mid thirties!! ENT's are sometimes really hard to deal with. They think they know everything. I am sorry you are going this. I'd say the best option is to get a CT scan with your family doc depending on where you are from (you don't have to mention this!) i suffered from intense vertigo myself and they found out i had a nasty case of sinusitis and required surgery! It took them two years to find this out!! The CT scan also revealed that my ear canals are quite small so ETD is very frustrating and i'm going through another small bout of it now and will likely need to get another surgery. I'm also at times very hard of hearing. Always ask your family doc about how you feel with a second opinion. I literally ran from one doctor's office right out the door after he scared the pants off me with one of his opinions!  I don't want to scare you or anything but i completely understand what you are going through with the trials of these ENT's. As you've said, it does not go away. I have had ear problems since i was three! I really hope you are able to get this resolved soon. Best wishes kind stranger. 

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      Nice post Marty,

      I've suffered this wretched Eustachinan Tube Dysfunction for years and years.  It wasn't until it caused me to contract Bacterial meningitis that they took notice....too late then, having lost the sight in my left eye and hearing down in right ear.

      I didn't start with this problem until I was 36 yrs old.  Mine is due to allergies and sinusitis.  I've had scans and operations and still suffering.  Not too sure biologically whether our face structures change with age making our Eustachian tubes smaller.

      Whatever is it, it looks like most ENT specialist are baffled how to cure it.  Just keep taking the meds even though they're all steroid based.

      Thank goodness, after last year I seem to have mine under control, albeit still occasionally having to use steroid drops, that is stronger than the steroid sprays.

      People on the Forum have undergone surgery to have tubes put in their ears and the Balloon Dilation....some have made no difference whatsoever.

      I watch a programme on TV the other evening where a man was completely deaf.  He had an implant put into his head and wow, he can hear again....how wonderful is that.  However, something as simple as ETD cannot be sorted.  Lots of people are sent home from their doctors saying it will resolve itself in time.  Well, that time can take for ever, all the while affecting peoples lives unbearably.

      All I can recommend, like I have told many on this Forum already today, is get a course of Prednisolone tablets to get you a quick resolution and relief.  Might not be a permanent cure, however, they will get rid of all the inflammation that's preventing your tubes from draining.

      In my opinion, for what it's worth the main culprits for getting ETD is allergies and Sinus issues.

      Good Luck



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      oh man! I'm sorry to hear about this!!  Mine have always been small unfortunately. I just tried on  my old hearing aids today and now i know why i hated them. They are open fit and even after telling them that it does no good with me they still made it open fit instead of a closed ear mold. I could hear perfectly when I put my fingers on top of the open molds! When open, not so hot. I digress. Thank you for your insight of sinus problems and ETD. They are not fun. I have been trying for forever and my Doctor found brewing sinusitis he called it in my sinus cavities again after a CT scan. was performed. That is so nice he can hear now isn't it? I was even dismissed by a so called vertigo expert who did an ABR (Auditory brain stem response session) which was supposed to last me 45 minutes, he so called diagnosed me in 5 minutes and deemed me as lazy. I am going to be seeking this again, they don't always get to the issue but to have my time and valued health wasted? Absolutely not!! Thanks again for the recommendation. I will ask my Doctor of this. I really do hope you all the best and things work out for you as best they can. 

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