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Just wondering what everyone's reasons are for using the tabs?

I hear alot of people falling off the wagon, stoping taking the tabs for various reasons, cant get motivated etc....... i guess im a bit concerned as i havent been taking them long compared to others and just worried that i might start to lack motivation as the months go on!

So if it not too personal and you dont mind sharing - whats everyones goal/ reasons for taking them? talking about it may help people realise and focus on their individual journeys smile

Im using them because i want nothing more than to be a mother and to do that i need some help and to get the help i need to lose weight and show im comitted. I'm not even sure how much they want me to lose to get the next step in fertility help but this is what keeps me going - everywhere i look i see a pregnant lady or a baby so im continually reminded of my 'mission' it kinda hurts a bit but then i think it also kinda helps sad smile

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    Hi Sian

    my reasons are both physical and mental.

    I am fast approaching 50, my asthma is getting worse and I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my knees. I do have back problems that aren't serious but there is only so much a chiropractor can do and she keeps saying losing weight will help.

    Whilst I have been overweight for years my shape has definitely changed and I now have that flabby middle age tyre that shows pretty much whatever I wear so I never feel comfortable. Weirdly though I am more unhappy when I'm getting dressed, trying to chose an outfit that covers my shape the most. I don't have a problem going swimming or my partner seeing me naked as I know lot's of women do.

    My partner has even promised me a shopping spree when I need to get new clothes. (He does love me as I am but knows I'm not happy)

    You'd think all of that would be enough to make me lose the weight but it doesn't seem to be. There is something in my head that blocks me and if I could work out what it is I wouldn't have a problem.

    The Doc accepts that but put me on the tabs initially to lose some weight quickly for health purposes but with a long term aim of looking at counselling.

    Unfortunately after leaving off the tabs as they would not mix with a week of Indian food (there is really little alternative when you are there unless you eat pizza rtc, which is just as bad) and having my stomach continue to play up I have slipped back into my old ways.

    My Doc wants to see me at the beginning of May so I plan to be back on track by then. I'll be starting the tabs again next week. I'm on a course the rest of this week and all the food is provided. I suppose I could take my own but there isn't really anywhere to store it.

    I have also checked out time and day of my nearest slimming world class and start that a week tomorrow.

    I do think the tabs are very good and would recommend them, but even with these you need to be in the right place mentally.

    I hope this helps in some way. I don't have children and have never wanted them so I can't say I understand that feeling but I can understand how even though losing weight will help you achieve the thing you want most in life it really isn't that simple.

    I am sure there are lot's of people who get on brilliantly with the tabs, just that they may not be needing so much support and haven't come on this forum.

    Take care, I hope it all works out for you in the long run (well, not that long a run smile )

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    Hi Sian I've been lucky enough to have 4 children but can still understand how you feel and wish you every success in hopefully not the too distant future.

    My reason for losing weight - I put on weight over the last 20 years or so and after numerous visits to the doctor I was diagnosed as having a underactive thyroid gland so when I was put on thyroxine about 4 years ago I expected to lose weight but did not - after speaking to many people on thyroxine I've discovered the majority of people still struggle with their weight wereas a few people do lose weight. I recently read that people with underactive thyroids also suffer from high cholestral which explains why mine is high and my husbands is classed as normal despite him not eating as healthier as me.

    I'm losing weight because I hate the way I look. It is hard work and I don't think that people who don't struggle with their weight realise how hard we have to work even with the tablets. I just remind myself how hard I've worked to get this far to help me keep eating low fat.

    I do worry that I'll put the weight back on once I'm not allowed to take tablets again but will carry on eating low fat.

    Good luck on your weight loss and hope you become a mum a the near future x

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    Thanks so much for replying sally!

    Wasnt sure if people would open up like that, so thank you very much!

    I also forgot to mention about my other reasons( Although none of these are what keeps me going) - i have sleep apnea which i use a cpap machine for during the night, so losing weight means i sleep better, more so than when im heavier.

    I also have a problem with how i look. i hate my tummy! i can deal with bingo wings and chunky legs etc (although im lucky i dont carry it in my legs or bum lol) but i cant stand my tummy!

    It became a problem about 7 years ago when i lost 8 stone after being housebound for 18months whilst on the waiting list to be diagnosed with sleep apnea!

    My weight went up to 28st and after being diagnosed with the machine within a week my life/sleeping pattern became normal and i lost the weight but hit a wall at 20st and never really been able to make it much lower than that!

    So now im left with what they call an apron tummy sad i hate it!! But still that isnt what keeps me going either!

    So now i have been in a lovely relationship for just under 5 years and i have put on a couple of stone, im 31 and DH is 29!

    We are at the stage of marriage, which we have discussed and neither one of us is bothered about it as it doesnt hold much importance with us, and the next step really is having a little one.

    I have always wanted to be a mum and DH is so ready to be a dad, and he would make the best dad too smile but because of the pcos and weight we dont seem to be getting anywhere on our own.

    This is what keeps me going smile smile smile

    Do you know i dont think i have ever been to the gp with a problem and had her NOT [/b] blame it on my weight. Im sure we could all agree with that!

    Counselling sounds good, its only these last few months that i have realised i have a real serious problem with food, i should mention this to the gp lol, see what she says!

    Something i felt concerned with is that my last 'treat night' i had a piece of fish from the chippy, had a few chips, took a bite from my DH's burger - i lost all control for about 10 mins then i stopped( i was only supposed to be having a lil bit of fish) to cut a long story short i had to go straight to the bathroom and be sick - it just sat on the top of my tummy so coupled with guilt i felt sick to my stomach!! Im very stable mentally etc and i know of bulimia and im not about to make this a problem for myself, but it did worry me how easily it could become a problem!


    Shopping spree sounds fab!

    WOW India? i can definitely see how you would struggle being away from home then!

    I really hope sliming world helps you get back on track with things! IM sure it will!

    Thanks again sally! good luck to you to, and yes hopefully not that long a run smile

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    I was diagnosed with PCOS nearly 2 years ago, I have been big since my early teens and always bopped around the 15st mark, i tried a variety of diets. When i was almost 16 i had my tonsils removed and couldnt eat much to begin with as it was sore but then noticed a drop in weight so kept telling myself i wasn't hungry and ate about a meal a day and often not a whole one, i lost 3st in as many months but became unwell from it so ate healthily again and the weight crept up. I split from a long term partner at 21 and again ate little and lost about 3st but it all came back. I've never been bad for exercising as i enjoy it and my downfall is definately chocolate.

    I have been on these before, i started then june '09 and stayed on almost a year, my goal being to look nice in a wedding dress and i was hoping i could maintain once off but a few bumps in the road and i was putting the lbs back on sad

    My motivation now comes from 2 places really, short term i have a honeymoon to go on and i'd like to feel a little less self conscious in a bikini or shorts and long term i would like to have children and my doctor made it clear that having PCOS could make that difficult but being heavy would make it harder still so i'm trying to give myself the best chance really.

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    Thanks trying hard for your well wishes....i hope so too smile

    I was thinking i have never had my cholestral checked but i bet after doing this low fat diet its lower than ever...i would think anyway.

    Thanks for replying sparkles - you like exercising? what exercise do you do? i hate it, i find it hard. boring, im self conscious but i know i need to do more than walking....

    Your doing the right thing tackling the weight issue before you start trying, i found out i had it because we had been trying so long without any success...i wish you luck smile

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    oh yes, i really do enjoy it. at the moment i go to the gym about 3 times a week and aim to burn 1000+kcals a session, i use machines like the rower, cross trainer, treadmill, bike, cardio wave and then do a small amount of weights. i also do 2 pilates and 2 zumba classes each week. i plan to start swimming again soon when the weather is a little better!
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    I started this as a last resort, I have tried all sorts of diets. When I get to a stage where the weight was not coming off for 3 weeks in a row I would mentally give up, and go back to my old ways.

    I have had 2 children and now have been sterilised(I reacted to most hormone based contraception). I went to the Dr begging for help with my weight. I was constantly tired and didn't want to get up in the morning, and my sex life was suffering. (only been married 7 months) I felt as far away from being sexy as humanly possible. I had a full set of blood tests and my liver was showing signs of fatty liver disease, so I knew something had to be done, I even asked for hypnotherapy to stop my, what felt like addiction to food.

    I have only lost approx 6kg in the last 4 months but already I have started to feel a little more desirable :wink:

    I still have good days and bad days, but what keeps me going is my healthcare assistant, and the fact I haven't put on any weight, I still have moments where I think they are not working, and still feel the negativity of not being a super model!!! It is getting easier to accept and I think the will power is helping me achieve during my low points.

    Sorry to waffle

    We ALL win this war :D

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    Thanks for sharing cluck smile

    Wow sparkles.... i need some of your enthusiasm!!

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