What's your relationship like with your physician/health care provider?

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Hey I'm curious to know what other patient's releationships are like with their physicians: Is it positive?, are they supportive?, do you have confidence and trust in them? Do you ever feel like your health concerns have been overlooked and dismissed with your symptoms being trivalized? If possible can you summarize your relationship, health concerns / medical conditions, length and quality of care as I know many of us in this sub forum come into contact with health care providers on a weekly basis

I've been averaging every couple of weeks for the past 2 years and just received an e-mail conformation accepting my next appointment for tomorrow morning rolleyes My main symptoms and health concerns have been vascular & circulatory, gastrointestinal & digestive, and most recently mental & neurological which I'm beginning to feel desperate as I've been experincing burning/tingling/numbing sensations in my lower right leg symptoms of peripheral neuropathy leaving me to believe they're all interconnected but under the current framework of NHS's several minute consultations providing cost minimalist basic essential medical assessment which a generalist physcian's creditials and capablities is all relative and subjective to clinical guidance & pathways as well as time, cost, and resource constraints I feel pretty hopeless of an assisted/aided recovery fearing being victimized & sacrificed by the NHS edging me towards going on warpath.

I lack confidence and trust in generalist physicians as consultations are schedulled for 10 minutes often lasting for just several which they fail to fulfil their primary role as GP Consultants - to provide expert & professional advise yet beyond my intial explanation for visiting, clinical observation, and physcial examination they no longer engage or discuss undoubtedly due to time constraints continually opting for low cost options due to resource and financial constraints whilst subjecting me to dismissive, trival, prejudice & discrimitive attidudes towards my health concerns, symptoms, age, and use of online health information services when I raise concerns / suggestions about suffering from medical condition which often outrightly dismiss without supporting/disclosing clinical opinion or acknowleding or taking into account complexity of non-specific symptoms, differential diagnosis, and medically unexplained symptoms, which it's not uncommon for general pratice to encounter and dismiss a lot of patient's as stressed, anxious, depressed, effectively I feel their only concern is to be seen fulfiling their duty of care to patients enough to fend off litigation and thereafter confidently dismiss patient as a time wasting financial nuisance / worried well patient suffering with health anxiety instead of having the integrity to say we cannot afford to help you

Well that's been my experince. I want to hear yours posistive or negative.. tell me everything!!! p.s - I feel stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts are secondary induced symptoms caused by general pratice's inadequacies to clinically diagnose and enlist me on clinical pathway to recovery and feel they're not primary causality behind symptoms (somatic symptom disorder) that's why I've been posting in this forum category as they've done little to nothing but add to the list off my problems cry

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    Hi there,

    I totally sympathise with you. I have a 3 year old daughter and she developed asthma and an eczema when she was 1. Then she developed an allergy to all sorts of things... When she started preschool she was more exposed to germs and viruses etc and she became ill for half a year constantly...out of which croup 3 times with ambulance etc. They refused to give to my daughter the correct medication saying that she isn't ill enough... I had to argue with them bringing recorded evidence, printed paragraphs from valid website etc to convince them. Unfortunately, I don't trust the local hospital anymore after almost letting my child and me to die during giving birth and after a week of back and forward trips when my daughter had interrsuseption and they diagnosed her with constipation...I formally complained but didn't hear anything from them to date. Well my GP knows that I normally do my homework when someone in my family gets ill so they don't mess around anymore, they are giving me the right medication all the time.

    however, recently my gp suggested that I have some unusual anxiety that I display 're my daughter's health, my job, family etc and after a year of trying to prove her wrong, I think I have GAD taking into account the results of the assessment she did. Well, I don't know much about GAD at this moment in time but I, m going to do my homework as usual so I know what to expect... If in the past any diagnostics were more palpable with a black and white medication, GAD conditions is more delicate... I'm starting a CBT course on Monday and will find out more about it...

    what I would say is that you have to build a trust relationship with your gp otherwise you will never be happy with what they are saying... That's why nowadays I don't use the local hospital at all. It's the gp or for my daughter emergencies is JR Oxford. Good luck! 

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      Trust and confidence is yet to be established between patient/doctor because they only wish to discuss my health concerns for several minutes at a time, is not medically lead is patient-clinically driven in which they fail to demonstrate any level of medical knowledge to support their unsupported/undisclosed clinical opinions undoubtedly due to time constraints which serves to further undermine patient's trust and confidence. At best they provide cost minimalist basic essential medical assessment which failing to return abnormal results they cease to further investigate concluding medically unexplained symptoms despite medical assessments not being definitive, comprehensive, or conclusive providing only limited insight into patient's health which results are subject to vary thoughout patient's day and activities yet they act and behave like they've done everything medically possible (they behave like that because they've done everything that's contractually required of them) and are required to continue assessing other patients..

      The sole reason I along with many other patient's seek online health information services is due to generalist physcians failing to demonstrate any level of medical knowledge and not being able to thoroughly investigate patient's symptoms which efforts are made to rule out the most prevelent and widely understood health conditions but largely gamble with patient's health which if you're young they're confident in taking more risks yet contributes to delayed disagnosis and misdiagnosis ultimately leading to patient suffering and fatalities (overall percieved by clinical commissioning groups to be the most cost effective use of NHS's limited funds) focusing on treating the majority.. sacrificing a relatively small but growing minority

      A contributing factor is many pratice surgeries increasing patient-access times by reducing & limiting the duration of consultations schedulling them for just 10 minutes enabling them to cope with increasing demand from patient. My pratice surgery has roughly 12,500 patients receiving an average payment of £125 per patient per year.. any medical assessment 'they purchase' on behelf of patients to assist/aid on clinically diagnosising is obviously an undesirable expense which is why they fear anxious patient's as often our expectations and demands for medical assessments are very idealistic for many cash strapped surgeries but does not excuse the mainpulative & deceptive pratices of providing essential tests and concluding patient has medically unexplained symptoms often suggesting a psychological cause in which they need no encouragment to prescribe symptom suppresants because they earn a prescribing fee, pharmcies a dispensing fee, and remainder is contributed back into the NHS which recently surgeries have adopted a blanket 28 day prescribing policy driving up demand at the expense of patient's time and money

      Not feasibly possible under the current framework of several minute consultations and cost minimalist basic essential medical assessment for generalist physcians to clinically diagnose patient's with complex health conditions they DO NOT have the capacity of artificial intelligence or the cost efficiency of automation which is why they're reliant on clinical guidance/pathways and oversea doctors to increase efficincy

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    Hello SwIFT

    In a nutshell, I think in general that mental health issues (anxiety et al) is not dealt with in depth by GPs.  We have to trust them in a lot of  other areas, and they can prescribe the usual drugs for mental health in the hope they will help their patients.  You can usually be referred for counselling to get to the root of the problem, but there is often a long waiting list.  However I am glad to find that much more knowledge and understanding is available nowadays....for instance Depersonalisation and other symptoms were just not recognised/diagnosed in my early years...I was just told to "pull myself together".  I found group therapy, with people from all walks of life, all ages, was a great help. (That is if you are lucky enough to have a meeting place in your area.)  No judgements were made and just to talk was a relief. (There was a qualified leader).  I must stop now, or else it will be a rambling post, but it is a start, hopefully.  Good Luck!


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    Doctors are useless. They are just interested in how much they can earn. I have had sexual problems for over 60 years in fact I have never had sex or a girlfriend despite trying to get help since I was in my twenties.  I am a reasonably good looking bloke so it's nothing to do with that.  Also they will only give you drugs when it suits them not you......I buy most of mine on line regardless of the consequences. Also a lot of the desk staff seem to think they know more than the doctors. Ha Ha. Which they probably do........GOOD LUCK.
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      PS. Read the Daily Mail it is normally full of stories ofpatients who have died or suffered in some way to the lax attitude of doctors.
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