What should I do about my anxiety????

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I just want to get some advice about anxiety and how to deal with it. So I have generally dealt with anxiety now for around 10 years, it was probably at its worst for the first 5 years but it has slowly improved since. I have used books and read articles online on how to deal with it. Anyway, recently I have found that it has gotten worse again. It is mainly at work where I suffer, I quite often find myself sweating or blushing for hardly no apparent reason. I almost lose my own self control when this happens and it's almost like it isn't actually me. People have spotted this before and I can usually try and counter act why I may have gone red or why I am sweating so much but I can't help but feel awful inside afterwards thinking about what other people think and then I think about what if it happens again. I usually feel back to normal after 15 minutes but still worry afterwards.

It is mainly in the working environment where I have had this kind of problem on and off. Outside work I am generally fine, I get nervous before say going to the pub or say going out to a restaurant but when I am there I am generally ok. Im actually quite outgoing but anxious aswell.

Has anyone had similar experiences? And Can anyone advise on what I should do? Especially about work and how to deal with having the panic attacks. I don't get them too often but recently they have happened more than usual and it is starting to affect how I feel and think about myself, thanks

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    This is the problem with anxiety if you don't get to the root cause and address it. Dealing with anxiety for most people is actually just dealing with with symptoms,as you've found out this only works short term. See a therapist and try to deal with the anxiety itself and not just the symptoms

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    Anxiety Disorder does knock ones confidence Adam. It appears to me you are in a state of heightened anticipation, on red alert waiting for the next panic attack to strike. It's a horrible feeling, I know.

    Are you on medication? Do you know about Right Breathing Techniques? If you can "escape" a situation at work when experiencing a panic attack an emergency measure is to place a brown paper bag over your mouth and nose and breathe in and out of it until the panic subsides. It's not about running away, you must never do that. But excusing yourself to go to the bathroom allows you to deal with it in private and does much to alleviate the stress.

    Cold water to the back of the neck, letting cold water run over your hands help.

    Please learn Right Breathing. It's invaluable in emergency situations where you are surrounded by people. And please don't worry about what others think. Nobody is going to think bad of you. Make a joke of it, lie if necessary, say it's the side-effects of meds the doctor gave you because you have an ongoing back problem or something other.

    The fact that you are a bit nervous when going out shows you fear having a panic attack. You have to literally sit through panic not run away. The less you add fear, the less you worry everyone will notice, and the panic will soon subside

    I'm not a huge advocate of herbal remedies but I swear by chamomile tea. It works wonders for settling the stomach and calming the nerves. The Germans call it " All healing " and it does exactly what it says on the tin, lol

    Taking steps to help yourself will give you a sense of control and thus will initiate confidence

    You'll be okay!

    Helen smile

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      Thanks for your reply and advise Helen smile yeah this last week has felt really tough, almost how I used to feel a few years ago. I just never spoke to anyone back then. After a while I recognised what it was and made some major changes in my life and it kind of just calmed down but never went away. I find excercise and keeping busy helps me think less about anxiety so I'm going to start going to the gym again.

      I'm not on any medication, to be honest I have never really spoke much about anxiety, only to my girlfriend. I have read about breathing techniques but I will look into this further. Do you know of any good books or websites to try? I will try the camomile tea aswell, sounds good!

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      Adam, you have to talk and here is as good a place as anywhere! Holding in the anxiety is the worst thing you can do.

      Anxiety Disorder sufferers flood with adrenalin so excercise is a massive help. You have to burn it off. Day to day you have to keep the body moving, even if it's climbing the stairs a few times to rid your body of it.

      Sesnsible diet and keeping hydrated are vital! As is rest. Our bodies, because we keep a tight grip on ourselves, soon depletes of energy.

      I will pm you about Right Breathing smile


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      Thanks Helen, much appreciated!

      Yeah the above is making a lot of sense to me, I've had a lack of rest recently and my diet has been somewhat unhealthy. As for excercise, that had also been put on hold due to a lot of work. I suppose if I start getting back into a good routine that will help aswell

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    Patterned behavior and expected outcomes is whats happening to you. They are noted as "anxiety rules" in cbt.


    Actions and behaviors that dont follow these anxiety rules (big bully) cause the fight or flight to trigger . Try and be aware, very aware of how and what you are thinking because you have firmly programmed yourself at this point.

     Thats why challenging anxiety or "fears" is so important to calm it down. Cbt is useful because its base is being aware of your thoughts and dismantling it. It is useful but unless you constantly use it and are constantly aware it most likely wouldnt work at all. Many find it exhausting but understand the thoughts you have repeated over and over to yourself and the anxiety you have experienced connected with that thought and that action (social stuff) has created this mess you are in.

    Dont expect a quick fix. Its almost a tip toe kind of thing forward. But each tip toe you make stop, rethink how you are thinking about the situation, dismantle it and take a little step forward. Practice a ton. It will feel awful at first because you are going against all you have preprogrammed and what you body has become familiar and comfortable with it. It will trigger fight or flight as result to protect itself from the believes you programmed and played out for soo long. This is what transpires with every panic attack.

    So meds can help on a short term while you challenge this all or you can do it yourself but have to ok with letting the panic attack wash over you with no emotional or behavioral (reacting to it) attachment until the moment arrives when your thoughts and body realize its all safe and fine. (Can take a long time) thats the best way i know how to explain it. This is an internal cause and effect kind of thing that is very programmed into you. Somehow thru reasons unknown.. you end up programing anxiety rules rather then your fight or flight response resetting. Until you walk thru all this you can not function on automatic responses, because yours have been hijacked with fear (bully).

     In actual science these are chemical and hormones making connections they shouldnt be doing this..should be resetting to normal but they arent so some meds force it but only works temporarily or needs more over time. It is really believed its a mal function and havent figured out if the person can iver ride it and correct it or needs meds to alter it..only theres no actual long term medicine cure yet because its so complex and involves 70 percent of the body.

    things you can do..accept it all as is. learn cbt, meditation (takes a while to accept and do this) in that state of mind relax the body and thoughts and make new thoughts. Learn to belly breathe, biofeedback,   Yoga for the flexible people haha... challenging the fear..meds to help and therapy if you feel you have reasons behind all this. Therapy is very useful if this anxiety is from an occurrance or situtaion that you havent figured out yet  or resolved from your past ( root cause kind of thing).

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