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I have just been given pizotifen for what they think might be migraine well its to rule it out or confirm it, am worried about weight , I do not have a headache I have a throbbing pain behind my eye have had blood tests twice been given strong painkillers that never even gave relief of any form and antiboctic i'll try these they said 28 days so heres hoping they got the cure i've still to attend hospital in about another 2/3 weeks to see if it helped


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    My daughter was prescribed pizotifen for suspected migraine at age 12, but I understood it was more of a prevention rather than a cure, as she had to take 1 at night every night, whether she had a headache or not. It didn't appear to have side effects other than she felt slightly sick every morning, no weight gain or anything, and she was on them for over a year. They did control the headaches, and when she was weaned off them, she didn't get so many as she used to. Painkillers didn't work for her, either, but soluble Solpadeine were some help.
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    I have been on 4.5mg of Pizotifen 4 about 3 years now, touch wood doin ok i do still get the head aches rearly but no ware as bad. I found dairy was a big contrebution 4 me so i no longer have any dairy products. Hang in there its worth it. Good luck.
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    Just like to say that I have also experienced the pain you discribe in your eye. Christmas Eve I woke up with a burning and throbbing pain so intense as if your eyeball was being pushded from inside. I have been using Pizotifen starting from 0.5mg and upped to 1.5 mg per night. The frequencies have been the same on average about 5 a month. They can take up to 3 days to start and end, prodome, the event and postdome and so on. These may have helped to some extent.

    I found nothing would touch the pain, only Paramol that would make me abit sleepy and take the edge off. Not a practical solution due to the addictive nature of Paramol.

    Recommended to try Syndol by friend, which are effective, have no guilt about taking one early on once you feel the pain as I left it too late last time and they only just eased it slightly as I tried to be brave.

    Am now going to not take Pizotifen, use the Syndol as purely treatment when needed and stick to normal paracetamol regarding headaches.

    Once you've had a migraine (only had 2 or 3 in whole lifetime) or in my case intense eye pain (unbearable and debilitating) a headache is nothing it is easier and a blessing to get only that.

    I would recommend sticking to white wine as I have been drinking this while taking the Pizotifen, changing from red and have had a decent result ie only having the pain during TOTM when I have read that the hormones can affect the serotonin levels which are involved with our migraine related illnesses.

    I hope that I can still drink white and not have to have preventative drugs, if need be would rather not drink than have pills all the time.

    I have gained weight very fast, some Xmas indulgences but, my restraint I feel has somewhat to do with the increased appetite these pills can give you. On reading some posts, people give positive comments to weightloss once finishing them.

    It is always worth a temporary weight gain although I am very annoyed and dont feel great, just to find some peace and pain relief and adjust my attitude to it, the sacrifice is something I can replace. I hope it is down to the red wine and not something that will forever keep ruining my life taking up days with pain.

    Will take each month as it comes, and try to stay away from the old cliches of wine,nuts,chocolate and too much cheese.


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    I get migraines around TOTM and swear by sumatriptam (see https://patient.info/showdoc/30002594/), although from speaking to other people I gather it doesn't work for everyone.

    With regard to drinking wine I thought the red/white thing was relevant but when I seriously kept an eye on it I found the only thing was to avoid any alcohol during the lead up to a period and during the period itself. If I drank anything at all I'd go for gin and tonic rather than wine.

    However because the sumatriptam work wonderfully for me I can drink and then simply take a tablet if a migraine starts the next day. I sort of try to balance having a couple of glasses when the occasion arises with generally not being irresponsible, as I'm aware that the tablets are expensive.

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    Hi thanks for your feedback. Totally agree about being cautious with amount of intake of wine.

    I have only tried Syndol as recommended and have worked when taken early.

    On seeing adverts the Imigran type drugs are very expensive. Syndol are quite reasonable in that respect. it is whatever works and peoples tolerance of pain and levels of pain in your attacks.

    I tried to be good and held out, then too late when taking Syndol that have previously worked. It is the nature of migraine to make it harder to absorb the medication once an attack has started. I refuse to feel guilty next time, otherwise I will be left with a numbed pain but pain none the less. Then the only thing would be to take a Paramol which just send me in a sleepy stupor, not ideal but pain is pain, and you just wnat it gone. It can get to the point where you feel your eye has been thumped and has swollen up on one side of your face otherwise.

    Checked out Syndol with my GP and are fine to use. One rare occasions I have a headache will take Ibruprofen(probably more effective) than paracetamol, and keep the Syndol for purely the occasions when I feel the onset.

    I was having attacks Pizotifen or not, but TOTM is a definate problem area, usually the evening before bleeding start date which was usually 3 days after last pill. Being back on the Microgynon, I can at least track when that will be.

    Before taking Pizotifen had tried Cerazette to see if the attacks where any different as there is no pill break on them, but was much the same.

    The only difference I have noticed is eliminating red wine. I was truthfully drinking more, I cannot deny it.

    During the early part of last year I was drinking white or rose as Spring was coming and remember feeling an attack and dealing with it by bog standard painkillers around TOTM. I cannot dontrol TOTM, but can keep to the less harmfull effects of white wine. April to July where pretty much problem free, and red wine free, only problemwas totm hormones obviously..

    It is a thought from your post that maybe, ok not take it literally and drink other forms of alcohol, in place of the wine as I still do like it every other night, but try others drinks and see if I am ok.

    Could go without any alcohol and complete my experiment with trigger factors. On researching have found that pineapple and bananas can be bad for migraine sufferers but have them most days and no bad effects. I think coffee whitener can be related as was using quite alot.

    I hope that anyone reading this, like me can gather more information and make judgements for yourself for what works for them. I found this purely by searching for Pizotifen related forums/info. Just reading yesterday and found it informative and has brightened my spirits with regard to dealing with, in my case eyeaches. No migraine, no headache, just throbbing, intense heat in some cases behind and around one eye and then the other, never usually together.

    Syndol taken early has been the only relief for me, before was a case of going to bed for 3 days, (ie feeling like going to bed, but muddling through, looking after kids and so on.). I do not work and have the utmost respect for people who cannot collapse in a heap when the kids have gone to school, and have to function at work, most likely with debilitating pain or sleepy from the effects of preventative or pain relief drugs.

    The weight gain has been 1/2 stone in 2 months which isnt bad, but will be trying to have a positive attitude because if I were to carry on with Pizotifen and neglet to make adjustments to potential triggers I worry the weight gain will put me in risk factor areas with the extra weight, diabetes, blood pressure and so on. Looking good is one thing, but feeling no pain and being healthy is more important. Give your health the 1st priorty and try to work your life to contol your migraine, not them you.

    Will not let these excrutiating eyeaches rule

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    What I should have reported on was that at first I was tired to a degree of falling asleep while watching tv at the start of taken 0.5mg, then again on taking 1.5mg, but got used to it, but once in bed usually went off straight away, although it may differ for those who don't drink alcohol as the alcohol exaserbates the side effects of Pizotifen.

    Never experienced dry mouth or nausea, if anything improved as when having attack would feel nauseas anyway. Weight gain yes, but Xmas may have some effect but never to the amount that I have gained in such a short time, thought I was in control of hunger and aware of the possibility of weight gain. Still gained regardless though no great increase in eating.

    The one thing I would mention is palputations and was getting them before weight gain had taken hold. No dizziness or other side effects felt, reported to be aware of by the manufacturers.


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