What to do after euthyroid?

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Since early July this year being diagnosed with GD, I have been taking MM (from 5mg to 2.5mg) and ALC 500mg (3 wks after taking MM) and other supplements/herbs plus reducing exercise and improving stress management... Now the latest test (10/13) shows I am euthyroid! My endo told me to continue 5mg MM (I already cut half myself about 4 wks ago). Yesterday I skipped MM and it seemed to have no adverse effect as I can feel today. Not sure if continue to skip or stop at all... I wonder how/what do I go on to keep euthyroid and eventually stop anti-thyroid med? Appreciate sharing of your experience. Thanks

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    It  sounds like you've responded well to your treatment .. and you will no doubt be aware that Graves' disease has robbed your Immune system and your body of many nutrients , vitamins and minerals .. it took me a long time to glean from the internet , books and fellow suffers , the knowledge of how to fix this ..

    80% of our Immune System is in our Gut .. and so that is where you should begin to repair the damage .

    Your out of sync Immune System no doubt , caused  the attack on your Thyroid Gland and once it has been appeased by replacement of the vital ingredients , only then will it be able to function properly and bring your metabolism back to normal,  allowing Thyroid function to go on as usual and in good health ...

    Vitamin B12   ( must be sublingual  wink 

    Is a must in Thyroid disease and should be taken daily in high dose where necessary

    Vitamin D3  is another that is vital for Thyroid function

    Magnesium is crucial 


    Vitamin C





    ( I take 40 Billion each morning ) 

    If you google each one of these in this way ...      

    i.e. .. Magnesium  / Graves' disease 

    .......   you  will find out just WHY THEY ARE so vital  and

    Necessary to maintain staying Euthyroid ..    you  simply Must replace them to return to a healthy state and allow your Thyroid to Function at optimum levels 

    If not ... it is likely that you will slide back to Graves Symptoms 

    And have to start all over again.

    Tapering off your antithyroud drug is like throwing away your 

    Lifejacket ... scarey  ...... and I remember  stopping at 5mg and thinking I'm going to go right back to square one ..  but if you keep taking it ... you risk becoming HYPO .. with all its associated problems ... 

    Your symptoms may take a while to leave your body .. but that is only temporary .. and with all the supplements that you will replace.. that will soon level out and your system will become normal again .

    Good luck


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      Thank you so much for your long sharing and advising message. May I add one critical topic we need to address when dealing with this dreadful disease of Graves: Stress! The depletion of nutrients is the consequence of GD attacking our body, the daily stress, however, is the onset of the disease. How to positively handle daily stress is vital to keep GD at bay. Yet, this can be easily said than done. Life is hard, yet it can be joyful... if we GD sufferers find means to tackle daily stress. Has anyone the magical wand?
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      Alas , Mike ...  YOU are the only one who can control your Stress..

      Many  in my Family have Thyroid diseases of one kind or another .. so i think i was probably predisposed to getting it .... but there is no doubt in my mind at the time I was dealing with  a very stressful situation ... and i knew it was having a dreadful effect on  me .. but i had no idea it would leave me in  such a desperate state,  physically and mentally .  

      I have learned now to stop worrying about others in the way that i did before Graves...  i was always trying to prevent others from making mistakes .. and now I think...   go ahead... it's the only way to learn !

      and I now spend a lot more time thinking about MY Health and that of my loved ones .... to try to relieve the stress that i had in my life.

      You can succeed in this battle ... and if you just lie quietly and think carefully about the replacement of the things that Graves has robbed you of 

      ......  it should be pretty straightforward to get yourself well again...  and you CAN  learn to control your stress levels too... walk away from a situation that formerly stressed you ..  leave the room .  learn to enjoy beautiful music with someone you love and smile as often as you can.

      Take Care

      Luv Mx🌹


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      Thanks, Madge. I had the same experience as you did that I always worried other people, especially my friends, might make big mistakes and always scrambled to step in and take over their issues resulting in an unbearable stress upon myself...  I learned that in the hard way after I was inflicted by GD. So you sound pretty much on the way to a full recovery. Congratulations!

      And I can NOT control stress in any way, but try to effectively modify my perception on each stress I face every day. It's a long journey to perfect our mental ability, but keep our heart with good old spirit.

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    Mike    Have you tried Magnesium   ?

    Some people refer to it as the miracle cure ...

    After all ... the fact that youre likely low in Magnesium   Could actually be the cause of your Stress

    So if you top up your stores of it 

    You will become optimum in Magnesium and feel its huge benefits .

    It has the most amazing qualities it's benefits are plenty .. 

    it has a very calming ability 

    And relieves stress

    And can be taken morning and night .. before sleep ..

    You can put  it in your bath or mix Magnesium flakes with water to make your own magnesium oil 

    It is wonderful for pain used topically 

    Google it and see ...

    And just keep going .... and going ...you definately WILL  get there 

    Empower yourself to enjoy better health

    Luv mx🌹

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    Hi Mike.  I would not discontinue meds unless testing shows your antibodies have normalized.  My Endo always does this before he advised anyone to discontinue.  In my case, I still take a very low dose of Methimazole (2.5 mg) 3 times a week and take L-Carnitine on the other days I am not taking the Methimazole.
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      Thanks, Linda. I wonder what is the criteria of normalized antibodies (the TSI)? Is it < 140% (2% - 139%)? or < 2%?  How often your Endo would order TSI test on you?  In my own opinion, ALC/LC and MM work on GD in different ways: ALC/LC work on the pituitary to help normalizing TSH which in turn regulating T4 T3; MM work on thyroid to block producing T4 T3. Both are taken to compliment each other for better effect on treating GD. I wonder what are the meaningful effects from replacing or altering each other of the two?

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    When I became euthyroid, my Endo tested my antibodies because he will not discontinue meds unless antibodies are undetectable or very low.  As far as discontinuing meds, you may not feel the effects for a few days up to 2 weeks.  I think the real to do is to check antibodies before discontinuing.  Usually my Endo checks antibodies once a year.  For myself because I work in a stressful environment, I don't feel safe discontinuing my 3 days a week low dose med.  Whenever there is a great drop or increase in my TSH, I adjust meds and supplements and especially stop Acetyl altogether.

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      Linda, Thank you for sharing your experience. Understand we are under quite different situations that you are still toiling hard work while I am retiring now... Life is the thing that matters to our health and we all face all kind of threats to our health, working or retiring. Managing health problem at different points in life takes different approaches, but no one approach is easier or harder than another. I admire your knowledge acquiring ability and spirit of fighting diseases. Thank you.
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