What to do if you see no purpose in life?

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I'm 15 years old and am having trouble. So basically right now in my life I feel as though I'm wasting my life because I do nothing. I'm depressed because family, feeling lonely and also feel like I have anhedonia. I am never happy, have no motivation, and feel emotionless. Like all I do is sit around my house. Summer is coming up and I have literally nothing to do but I want to use summer as a time to become normal and be happy and have emotions again because right now I'm always bored, sad, depressed. Ive posted these help messages before but nothing is helping. Like what can I do. Don't say join clubs because literally nothing in life seems interesting. I had friends but I lost interest and don't find them fun to be around because I feel like I don't matter so that's why I want a fresh start. My family is isolated and my parents always argue and my dad has a gambling addiction so I've never experienced vacations and new things. To be honest I've never really done anything in in my life. I always just sit at home because I can't drive or nothing. Please help! I probably have more than just depression because I got low self confidence and all that bad stuff.

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    It sounds like you're looking for a fast cure. But depression isn't a disease you can cure fast - the only way is through medication and counceling. I know how you feel. I think nothing is interesting either, but if you look far enough, there's always something. If nothing now, the best is to take something from your past. Before you felt this way, there was probably something you enjoyed or liked - how about trying to do that? Though if it really is anhedonia, then that obviously won't help.

    ​Good news is, though - you want to get better. You want help. Have you talked to any doctors? It's probably what everyone says, but it's the way I have found that works best. Though you need to be honest about how you feel. 

    Else, what could you do... Write a list of the things you feel need a change, and think how you could achieve that. Exercise helps as it releases dopamine - literally makes you happier. Doesn't matter what, a walk will do the trick. I have found meditation helpful to me personally, and yoga. Not for everyone, though. Generally all the things ''normal'' people do are good for you - talking to someone, sleeping well, eating healthy etc. But that's the problem, a depressed person doesn't want to do these things. So you end up in a loop easily. 

    I want to tell you something that you can do over summer to be normal again. But I don't have anything like that - I wish I did, it would make life so much easier. Only thing I can give you is support, and my sympathy. Your condition, be it depression or anhedonia, or both is mostly about you battling yourself. It's a difficult road to recovery, but it's not impossible at all. Fight on.

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    You're 15. Don't know what sex you are.

    Trouble is depression makes everything worthless = boring. Boring makes nothing worth trying - it's a vicious circle. Anhedonia is just a word to encompass the fellings of what I mentioned above.

    I doesn't define you; it's isn't you - it's merely a label. 

    The only meaning you'll find in this predicament is of your own making. Don't seek pleasure, seek giving - helping others with no reward to yourself. That's the key to finding joy and re-booting this feeling of numbness.

    Good luck

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    Anhedonia isn't a separate diagnosis, it's just a word to describe not being able to feel pleasure in anything, which is a symptom you can get with depression, like for example, lethargy. It's nothing to worry about, even though it feels horrible. Low self confidence is also a symptom of depression. When you say 'more than just depression' it sounds as though the name 'depression' is misleading you into thinking it's something less serious than it is. Clinical depression is a very serious illness, and I sometimes wish it were called something else, because then people wouldn't make light of it, and think we can snap out of it, or exercise our way out of it, or go out with friends more, or that somehow there is something we are doing wrong to make ourselves feel bad. 

    You should go to a doctor to talk about how you're feeling. Sometimes doctors don't like giving antidepressants to teenagers because they can have negative effects on young people, but you should be able to get some help, maybe some counselling which can be very effective.

    The important thing to remember is that depression is not you, it's not your fault, it's a proper illness that is distorting the thoughts in your head, and it can be treated. When you go to get help, you're not trying to change yourself, you're trying to cure something which is affecting you. When you describe the feelings you're having or not having to the doctor, they aren't really your feelings, they are a symptom of the illness which the doctor needs to hear in order to make a diagnosis, so don't feel ashamed.

    The good news is that it can be treated. Because everyone is different and it's all a bit trial and error it can sometimes take a while, but you'll get there eventually.

    In the meantime I find that rather than trying to do something fun, which can make you feel worse because you're not having fun when other people are, it can help to take a break from depression by doing something that involves a lot of serious concentration. For me that's drawing, because I get so absorbed that the thoughts go away for a bit, so I do a weekly drawing class. Video games can be absorbing but afterwards you can feel worse because you feel as though you've wasted time. See if you can experiment til you find something that works for you.  

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    Your life relates a little bit to mine when i was your age. Let me help you by telling you my story and how I overcame my depression. 

    I saw myself as this kind, timid person back in highschool. I was very shy infront of others more precisely when I was in class which was 70% of the time. I felt imprisioned in my own body, I couldn't be myself which caused me to be depressed for around 3+ years. When I was 15 I started to get fed up I even had suicidal thoughts at some point. I searched for many ways to recomfort myself until I finally stumbled upon Someone who helped me and showed true love deeper than human imagination. Through prayer, I found God. Every single day I prayed to become better at being myself and to kill that shyness in me. I was shown signs of His presence which made me feel so secure and worthy. Getting out of highschool, He changed my life and the trick is to be persistent in prayer and to trust his timing. I am 19 right now, I still pray and I totally rely on him guiding my path in life and when it comes to making important decisions. Christ guides me. And I would have never ended up here without him. 

    Have a blessed day!

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