What to eat when nauseous?

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Hello everyone!

I have a few other threads discussing in detail what I'm going through, but essentially I have been having nausea for nearly 5 months, every day. There are some times where I feel almost fine but still a bit off, and other times when I feel awful all day and can barely do much of anything. One of my biggest problems with this has been eating enough, as I'm not someone who deals well with nausea and the thought of throwing up upsets me. In the past when I've been nauseous, it usually only lasts a few minutes or maybe an hour or so, then it fades, so I've never had this issue and I don't really know how to address it. 

In terms of eating, I know on an average day I definitely do not get enough calories, but when I'm feeling alright I definitely eat more. I'm only 20 years old and away at school, which definitely complicates things, so I've lost nearly 20 pounds since the start of January. Luckily finals are next week so I'll be heading home, where I can eat more often/just better in general.

I wanted to know if anyone has similar experiences/stomach problems, and how you go about eating on a day to day basis, especially on days when you aren't feeling well. Also, what foods should I be looking to eat? I eat a lot of crackers and pretzels and toast, but in terms of "real food" I always seem stuck. I usually go for grilled chicken, cooked veggies and mashed potatoes to be safe, but I obviously can't eat the same thing everyday. Also, I'm not a big fan of soups, especially chicken broth, so that makes things harder than they have to be.

So, if anyone had any tips or know of any go-to foods that are easy to digest but preferably high in calories, please let me know! I can't keep losing weight, I'm already pushing being underweight as it is sad 

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    Have you been to your doctor about your nausea?  Perhaps try a food diary to see if you are intolerant to a particular food.   Do you think you are stressed with school work/exams? Have you tried milk as a snack?  It is a food and helps settle your stomach.  You can liquidize vegetables along with it.
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    I'm having a similar problem to you and have done for a while. I feel sick everyday and it stops you from wanting to eat, I've lost over a stone since January so I understand how you feel!

    I try and eat small portions of food because I noticed that being too full was making me feel sick. So I eat smaller portions more frequently through the day. I also used to eat a lot of high carb products which I have cut down. I try and only eat carbs for one meal because this was making me more full and feeling more sick.

    Also I have stopped eating dairy and I have noticed a big difference.

    Because of other symptoms I was getting the doctor advised me to stop eating gluten.

    My diet now consist of a cereal bar mid morning (usually a naked bar) and some rice cakes.

    Then for lunch I will usually have soup or a small sandwich. Homemade Soup is really good as it settles your stomach and you don't feel as full.

    Then I will usually have some fruit late afternoon.

    For dinner I have lots of vegetables, and some meat. If I had a sandwich for lunch then I will usually eat a lot more veg with it. If I had soup then I will add potatoes or rice or pasta.

    Try and eat natural plant based food, eat small portions more often, and cut out dairy to see how it goes.

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    Also try and eat some good high fat foods throughout the day-

    snack on nuts- they are healthy and are high is good fats. You can also get nut butters like peanut butter, almond butter- have this on a rice cake

    Avocado on a cracker- avocados are really high in good fat

    Salmon- this is a fatty fish but really good for you, you could put smoked salmon on a cracker or have fillet of salmon for dinner.

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    I took every single nausea pill there was for unexplained nausea and though zofran helped with not throwing up I was still nauseated for months. Honestly what made it go away was drink herbal seasons chamomile tea everyday for almost a month 3 times a day. Eventually I stopped this routine because I was too tired to function but when I did I wasn't nauseated anymore! Maybe try it out chamomile can help/cure a lot of stomach problems I dont know why I was nauseated but now it doesn't matter! As for what I ate I mostly had ensure because I kept vomiting and dry sandwiches. My parents would just bring me French bread baguettes. I was told it didnt matter as long as I stayed hydrated. Try ensure or a nutritional drink to keep up with vitamins and minerals! Good luck I'm sorry I know it sucks I've been there <3

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    There is something in your food causing this. Try to find out with food diary and eliminate it.

    You should avoid anything cold including water and potato based foods.

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