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Been having pain in my right side for a couple of years, which has been getting worse, including hip pain. The hip pain has been more constant than the pain in the side, which usually passes, so I was able to forget about that. I went to a UK doctor who told me to take ibuprofen and not worry.

Two days before my period, I had excruciating pain which woke me and lasted 24 hours. Terrible pain not eased by any meds. I am travelling and went to a hospital and paid for an ultrasound which showed an 8cm fibroid outside my uterus, a very small one in the wall, and a dermoid cyst 9cm on my right enlarged ovary.

The second hospital did a PAP smear and took blood for a CA125 test to help me decide whether or not to remove my womb and / or everything, also considering I am 43. Either way, I need open surgery both doctors say and I can have it immediately. If I fly back to the UK, I am pretty sure it will take weeks to get action? I don't think I can bear the stress of worrying about the surgery and risk of torsion / rupture.

I am worrying also about how to decide on what to get them to remove... any similar experiences / advice? Thanks.

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    Hi jayne

    think you really need to be guided by doctors. If you gave surgery abroad you won't be able to fly straight back. I'm post op and been told can't fly for six weeks, think mainly due to risk factors like clotting, as well as having to take it easy. I has different type cyst so don't know about dermoid cyst. Can they remove cyst without taking the ovary? If they do what is the likelihood of it recurring as you don't want to have to go in again ? Same with womb, if fibroids embedded in womb and inside sounds like not much choice but to have it out. I had fibroids years ago and had hysterectomy, turns out it was not them causing problem but something else which they had not detected although I'd had a balloon ablation and biopsies and scans. They can't always tell till they get inside and have good look. Same with this op, they diagnosed complex cyst and it was completely different. Do you have another appointment son, so you can write down lots questions before hand to see what they advise?

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      Thanks June, after weighing up the no fly time and recovery time staying where I was, I decided to come home. Gonna get lots of questions ready for apt next week, thanks so much.
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    when I had fibroids and a dermoid cyst (also had a simple and a hemorrhagic cysts on same ovary) they ran smear and ca125 as well. My ca marker came back high but they also advised me that because I am pre menopausal it was an unreliable test as things like endometriosis can have an effect.

    the pain cysts can cause is ridiculous and it can be worrying I can empathise with you one that

    the surgery I had signed for when I had the dermoid etc, was for the ovary to be removed. Due to complications (the ovary had fused to my bowel and kept bleeding) they could only remove the cysts and most of the ovary. They throug it would be enough, but I have continued to get painful cysts. I am now scheduled for more surgery to try and get the rest of the ovary out even if it means a bowel resection :-/

    i think you need to write down your concerns and questions and have another appointment as June has suggested and she is right, clotting is a factor post op so you would be grounded. However it doesn't always take too long to operate over here. First time round I was in theatre two weeks after diagnosis, this time I've waited a bit longer, but that's cos I've recently had a c section, and this cysts is only a simple. If they think it's rupture or torsion you would be down as an emergency if required xx


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    Legendary ibuprofen!! Swear I will go mad if GP will tell me to take ibuprofen once again!

    I've read about british woman (she was 32) and she had same pains for over the year, she was visitin her GP often but all they told her is to take ibuprofen, no checks, no blood tests, nothing! Then one day she couldn't cope with this pain, she went to hospital and they found out she had ovarian cancer, but it was too late to save her ovaries and womb - she will never have kids!

    GP of course didn't see anything wrong with what they've done....

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    Hi here, I think in the UK care and treatment speed depends on where your live and also how 'assertive' you are.  The NHS guidelines say if you they suspect cancer you need to be treated (and that could mean, see a consultant, have a scan or an operation etc) within TWO WEEKs.  So that's why you need to be assertive.  Having said all that however, even with scans, bloods etc, very often docs don't know what is there until they actually open you up.  I would ask lot of questions and make your decision based on all the info.  If you don't want kids etc and if it was me I would opt to have it all taken away - as they say!  however, this is a major op and big decision that only you can make.  Good luck.


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      I had the two week urgent referral but that only just go me to the consultant. I then had to have

      Bloods and wait for ct. so still takes time. Mind you mine delayed a bit as surgery day

      For him

      Was a Monday and there were two bank holidays. But at least when you get a date you know it's going to happen. It is difficult as they all have there different opinions as to what to take but Kellera you are right mine completely

      Different to what they had diagnosed . I had already had womb out so my

      Consultant had no problem in taking my good ovary as well. Really hope you get some dates soon.

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      Thank you ... i shall try being super assertive as it is painful, I dont want kids but I also don't want to be menopausal yet! I already had an ultrasound and some bloods, hopefully this will speed it up.
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