What type of CKD I might be having?

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Hi there,

Briefly, I was diagnosed recently wit CKD.

30 yrs old female with history of sjogren syndrome and hypohidrosis.

So my latest blood tesr results show:




Kidney ultrasound is clear with no damage to kidneys.

I've been in healthy weight my entire life.

No hypertension or Diabetes.

High cholestrol and triglycerides.



Severe deficiencies in vitamins D, B6 , B12, calcium,iron.

I've been taking supplements for a while my D is now good also my iron is good now but still working on potassium.

I couldnt find anything online about CKD with no proteinuria except for ESKD or diabetic kidney disease. The symptoms or diagnosis are different than mine so I dont think I am classified within both categories either.

I am waiting another two keeps to do a blood tests and more examination. But for the moment I'm eating myself I would like to know more about my CKD why is it so different? Even my nephrologist mentioned the same and said my treatment is exactly the opposite of typical CKD patients.

Anyone has an clue? Like knows someone similar to my case?

Thanks in advance

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    Abee, I really don't know anything about your situation and CKD. My nephrologist has told me that they don't always know what has caused CKD though. So I'm hoping you'll get the answers you are seeking from your medical team; and, as soon as possible. No knowing what's going on can be quite stressful!


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      Thank you marj, hope so ! I can feel it is rare type of CKD obviously but not sure wether it is more complex or not.

      Im just hoping it is not!

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    Im only going to reply this one time...

    Your are a bit young to have Sjorgens and as for CKD your numbers dont really diagnose CKD.

    You had an extensive post previously where everyone replied and gave their opinions and advice and now you are back once again convincing yourself you have CKD.

    I previously said your low vit d b6 b12 and iron could cause your kidney function to be out and maybe its improving because your deficiencies are improving.

    So at this stage you potentially have GFR 2 range 60-89 and I quote from the National Kidney Foundation " In the absence of kidney damage (as in your case) neither GFR category G1 nor G 2 should fulfil the criteria for CKD"

    So really and truely you dont yet have CKD thats why you cant find any info on it.

    This is good news!! Go enjoy life x

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      P.s in your other posts you said you were in and out of hospital as a child until you were 13yrs old but no one gave you a name for what was wrong... (you also said you had Thalassemia) if you have Thalassemia then you would have been in and out of hospital as a child! 😉

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      Hi Jane,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Actually I had sjogren and hypohidrosis since I was baby 7 months old I know it is not common but it is my case so doctors took years trying dignosing me but then i stopped going to doctors and hospital at age of 13 because i did not get answers. In 2014 i was first diagnosed this is sjogren..it is not something new to me I've been having it since I was child.

      Second when I wrote my previous post I was not even diagnosed with CKD. But a week ago I had my 1rst appointment with nephrologist who confirmed I am having CKD but it is uncommon type and the treatment is different than typical CKD patients, including my diet. SO I AM NOT TRYING TO CONVINCE MYSELF THAT I HAVE CKD it is medically confirmed.

      Third Ihave been in and out hospital in my childhood not because thalessemia but because they were trying to diagnose my illness at that time so it has nothing to do with thalessemia or vit deficiencies. They were just trying to find out why im dry and having dehydration also my body overheats and i do not sweat since i was baby until now and diagnosing autoimmune diseases sometimes take years and years it is not done in a blood test. Hope i have had cleared things to you.

      Thanks again for your reply

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      I’ve had lupus, sjorgrens and hashimotos since I was a teen. I’m 33 now and it’s progressively gotten worse with more organ involvement and flares. I’ve had a slew of rheumatologists over the years who all wanted to “re-diagnose” me bc of my age and then they would and confirm the diagnosis on their own. It’s unusual but definitely something that occurs. It took years for them to figure out what was going on with me when I was young  bc they didn’t think to test for some of these autoimmune issues that don’t run in my family and can be so vague, overlap, easy to misdiagnose etc. and due to my age didn’t seem like the likely culprit.
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    Age of onset of Sjogrens, 19 and up is common. Before that it's rare BUT it DOES happen.

    Connective Tissue Disease is NOT common, BUT it DOES happen, more often in women than men.

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