What types of worms are these?

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So just this weekend I discovered some worms in my stool which is a first as with my current problems I have been quite observant of my body over the months. I'm planning to go doctors this week when I can call up Monday.

I've been to the doctors a couple of times over the past few months with problems, which I can obviously point to my new discovery, however I was diagnosed with the usual stress etc. after my blood defiency tests a month back came back normal. I still knew something was wrong because of the patterns. Before this discovery I was pin-pointing it food allergies / sensiitives as my symptoms seemed to peak after meals.

It started with a fever back at the start of February. The next week I was getting chronic nausea and headaches (seemed to be shortly after eating). I went to the doctors and reassured I was fine. I was getting a lot of small muscle twitching, nerve pain, general fatigue, especially after meals and anxiety. I cut gluten from my diet and noticed my symptoms seemed to drop by 90%, although my whole diet changed so it could of included over things. After that point I've been sensitive to some foods e.g. after having a banana or orange juice I will itch and have felt a lump in the back of my throat which I assume could of been contributing to my symptoms. The banana gave me noticeable chest pains, maybe cause bananas are a known laxative and I was annoying the worms!

I will also mention I have a few cats and sometimes interact with dogs. I can eat rare steak quite occassionally. I'm in the UK as well and haven't traveled for a while, last was Sri Lanka December 2014.

What worms do the look like? Sorry for the grossness. I figured pin worms or hook worms from what I read but I guess the symptoms are a big clue. I will have to get a stool sample I assume, but obviously want to be on the biotics as soon as possible so I can return to normal as the last couple of months have really impacted me.

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    Thinking about it, I think after eating it could be making anemia more promiment as with the difficulty swallowing, palpations, it's likely a hook worm or strongyloidiasis.
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    maybe ascaris roundworm, u should be able to get pin worm medicine from local pharmacy,havey ou been tested for Toxoplasmosis it can come from cats it seems you have some of the symptons you should also be tested for Hemochromatosis {iron overload} Serum Ferritin TiBC and Transferrin are the blood tests to be ordered many infections are associated you could be anemic and still have this parasites use the iron i also would test your Magnesium RBC test not just normal magnesium as this is foumnd to be depleated in regards to the above and some medications Magnesium is needed to finght infections as well as zinc copper trace minerals candida test proably needed also check with your DR. research these on the internet Toxoplasmosis DNA test most preferred as if it is cysts form it is hard to detect 

    Rare steak cats lump in throat, dogs do they have any tumors cysts dthese are signs that u should be tested


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      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your reply. Been to the doctors since and had some Vermox. Going to watch them clear up and follow symptoms afterwards. I know worms can release toxins in your system that can upset it, so going to rule the worms out once they are gone if they have caused a defiency. I had quite a young doctor who wasn't too helpful or knowlegeable so couldn't get much expert opinion. Will get my usual doctor next follow-up.

      I noticed it was just 1 on the weekend in my first stool. Most of the following times since if it is a large clump I've had about 4 on it. So I'm guessing it's a large infestation.

      If it was a deficiency so far I have pointed it to either Anemia(Iron), B12 or Magnesium. I generally have a good diet, but something might of been sapped overtime. I stopped smoking / drinking since this started really to get to the bottom of it. I was a social smoker of cannabis/tobacco on the odd weekend and I have heard smoking can drain your magnesium, heavy weekends could of really added this up.

      I had a full blood count and some other basic tests, thyriod, kidney funciton etc. a month back which all came back 'good'. I have heard doctors might not report it if it's in the low 'good range' when symptoms of a defiency can show up.

      I will also point out when my problems seemed to start February 4th, I had a fever that day and came out of it fine. 2 days after I had a pretty sore throat. Then was getting mild nausea / headaches. Which almost came persistent for a week. Those cleared up mostly, but would sometimes get strong headaches what I think after eating certain foods. The headaches were quite a new thing for me as I rarely get them. Then I've really just had the following symptoms: Noticing heartbeat in my ear when lying down (new by couple of days). Suffered with periods of rapid heartbeat or irregular, but is normal most of the time. Occassional small muscle twitching. It feels like something can get stuck in my throat sometimes. Had itching all over. Numbness in fingers occassionally. Joint pains. I used to get the numbness / joint pains / chest discomfort left side a few weeks back a lot more, though they have pretty much gone or barely felt, they seemed to really show up after eating, why I thought I had food sensitives before I discovered the worms. April 9th.

      So period of February 4th - April 9th when I noticed some first symptoms, then to worms coming out of my stool.

      Been hard to get to bottom of it, but been quite fun learning a lot of stuff along the way. Not always good to self-diagnose, but not all doctors are that great and it really just allows you to open up better dialogue with them or even to get the best out of something (your body).

      Next visit after I've had the Vermox and waited a week, I will enquire about doing a more thorough defiency test.

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      Now seeing a massive die-off in stool and already feel loads better this evening and feeling more awake. I took a magnesium / calcium tablet 2 hours back. I wonder if that made a difference too.
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      Magnesium is proably low it is what balances calcium you can be anemic and still haveiron overload check Ferritin Iron TIBC and Transferrin a regular iron tests is not good enough and if you have Hemochromatosis you should not take iron supplements do not take calcium until you

      have calcium test sometimes when you kill parasites you may feel weak and flu like because the die off releases toxins so remeber that  sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, flu like symptons and throat signs of toxoplsmosis get tested maganesium fights infections also


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    Hi- I just read your post. Did the doctor or laboratory ever identify the type of worm this is? My daughter had a similar looking worm in her stool. However, the lab couldn't find it in the stool sample. They prescribed the medication anyway. It turns out the medication didn't work and it came back a couple of months later. I'm concerned it's a different type of worm than they treated her for, possibly requiring a different medication. Any help in identifying the type it is appreciated.

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    I forgot to mention that she does not have any anus itching at all...
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