What works for me to get rid of it. I'm 33 now and I was 23 when I got my first one.

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Hi Ladies,

 I learnt to realise that hosptials treat the current problem not the root of the problem.  It is crying material to get it sorted at the hospital then it comes back.  Oh the tears...sending you a hug if you are going through a rough time.  

You need to experienment with natural remedies...so you have control.  

I have aced mine through trying a million things!  

I have been slack on taking the SerrapAptese in the last two months.  

Wednesday morning I could feel that dull pain of its coming and there is nothing I can do.  Sunday I drove for 5hrs and my underwear dug into me a bit...I think it encouraged to block the gland.  

Wednesday afternoon it was there.  It pops up to probably about 2 marbles for me.  I got home Wednesday and took twice the recommend SerrapAptese and continued taking the normal amount for the rest of the week.  I havent had one in a long time!

I then got my silica spray (all other silica's have NEVER worked for me).  I spray directly onto the cyst and try and get a bit up inside me...it tingles.  Please private message me if you want the silica I use(even if this post is many years old).  I have tried to post the brand but they delete my message.  Thursday I sprayed ever hour.  Now one thing I havent written much about on this site is I use black walnut also.  When I was in a similar position as some of you where it keeps coming back thinking "is this my future life"....I bought a whole heap of second hand womens health natural books.  I came across black walnut as the main ingredient.  I went to my health shop/natural products shop and brought black walnut in alcohol.  I didnt have any black walnut at home.  I bought some Friday morning.  Took it as I walked out of the shop and when I got home.  Sprayed the silica about 4 days that day.  But about 1pm I felt that magic feeling...wet...it had opened up.  I went to the bathroom and cleaned it up.  As you can imagine I was SOOOO happy.  

I am now 33 and got my first ones when I was 23.  When I was 23 it was crazy.  I had to be carried into hosptial etc and so often.  Now I have learnt my magic potion.  

Remember ladies 3% of women get these...we arent alone.  But I really encourage you try different things so you can control it.  

For me as long as I dont have underwear that cuts into me, dont use tampons (brings it on), dry sex certainly doesnt help, drink lots of water, take SerrapAptese and also I think stress doesnt help as it our weakest point now it seems to not come back.  

If you are in pain dont put up with it...see a doctor.  

Also taking the silica prevents my from enlarging.  If I dont take it...it gets larger.  

I hope this helps.  

There are some young ladies out there who find this difficult especially if you are living at home with your parents.  There should be some sort of free service through your school or community that enables you to see a nurse to get things going.  

Other things that I have used that may have helped is cypress oil, lavendar oil, tea tree oil, espom salt baths (recommend helps to encourage the blockage to flow) and apple cider vinager drinks (a cap full in a hot drink with honey).  

Sending you all a hug.  You will get it sorted. xxx

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    Also can I note...I have never been back to hosptial since using the above.  
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      have you had any surgery on your Cyst. ? How many have u had ? Mine is still hard doing sitz bath every day is this what my life going to be in till I die . I GAVE UP I KNOW IS JUST NOT GOING AWAY I was hopping It will disappear before my surgery I also feel that my husband will get tired of me , tired of me not be able to have sex because of this so many mix feelings.
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      I have only every had it drained at hosptial...lost count of how many times back in the early years.  Dozens would be the number I have had.  I have never had one for more than two weeks as I use to go to hosptial because the pain was too great for me and we have a good free health care system here in New Zealand.  Dont give up sister :-) I know what you are feeling.  It is sooooo depressing, your heart sinks!  "is this my life is what you think all the time!  In regard to your husband, yes it is possible for a man to not understand and start to think of it as rejection or something... not having sex.  He will have no idea what it is like and how emotional it is.  You need him to read about it.  Perhaps even on this site...it is difficult to explain your inner feelings, how it feels, how draining it is on your body...if he reads people experiences and what it is I think he will be more understanding.  Do keep saying "I love you".  A man does have some crazy sex drive, not like us I believe.  I think if I had one forever I would probably tell him what is going on, how painful it is, understand he can get sexually frustrated over a long period and say I can do a hand job until I better.  

      Have you just had the one and it has never gone away?  Go get surgery and get it drained.  You will feel like a million dollars.  Have you tried using the above things I mentioned.  Again other silica did nothing for me!!!! Private message me and I can give details sister.  If you live in a 3rd world country and you cant get the above stuff. I am happy to send for free what I use as I know it makes a real difference.  I have done this before.  I talk to my husband about it with tears when I have one normally when it comes, how I feel, lucky he is very supportive.   Sending you a big hug.  Dont give up.  Your magic potion to control this is out there sister :-)


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      This is my fist cyst my doctor does not want to drained it because is solid she said nothing will come out what does it mean if is solid she wants to do other king of surgery martupilation I think is called 2 more weeks till surgery !!!
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    Can it pop on its own cuz min has a scab on it and it's a little smaller
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      All I did was squeeze it wich may I say hurt like a B**** after that it's a little smaller and not hurting me ad much. But I was also scared cuz in some cases the fluid inside of it is not good for you. Just asking can it kill you?????
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      I have never heard of some being killed from it.  Dont worry sweetie.  I have had some that get smaller and my body absorbed the stuff...not ideal I guess but our bodies are pretty good at getting rid of anything we dont want in our system.  
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      ive heard that exploding inwards to the body is dangerous as it can get into the blood. i'm on immunosuppressants and each time they put me on an emergency list (it ws gone the first time for 1.5ys, now they removed almost all of the gland and hopefully it will stay away). having said that, mine was as big as a golf ball, but not particularly painful.
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      sorry, so i meant also that if it erupts outwards the fluid can simply drain out. but you should make sure that it doesnt get infected (as if the fluid has the possibility to leave other stuff could enter.,no). i read somewhere about salt baths, which should help i think
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    i been scared out of my wits esp cause it was the second time it reared its ugly head. since the first time it never went away, the bump was always there, I readied myself with dr Google and read all the horrible stories feeling rather doomed with the BC, I took all the advice I gathered and visited the local pharmacy and did the following ..... Next day agitation and pain gone and over the next week disappeared completely in as ITS GONE, no reminder!!!! So I hope this might help some of you!!!

    Mix these together in a little tub and apply it to BC (slight burn/warm sinsation  but goes away)

    1: natures fresh herbal parasite remedy (probiotic)

    2: colloidal silver 

    3:lymphomyosot oral drops

    4:tea tree antiseptic cream (natures miracle)

    5: tea tree pure oil

    6.miracle comfrey ointment

    Bath in this solution

    1: bicarbonate of soda

    2: Epsom salt

    3: colloidal silver

    4: lymphomyosot oral drops ( I know it's oral drops but I was desperate)

    5: apple cider vinegar

    6:natures fresh herbal parasite remedy (probiotic)

    7: tea tree pure oil

    Drink (according to dosage) 

    1:colloidal silver

    2: zinplex - I did 3x3 p/d till it went away

    So I realize that maybe some of these did nothing, but as I was desperate, it's worth a try definitely - I geustimated the measurements i.e. Tea tree oil is strong so 2-3 drops in lotion and like 8 -10 drops in bath / the rest of the items are mild, I know some ppl are nay Sayers about colloidal silver but as I said I was desperate.

    I personally would def recommend the miracle ointment!!! 

    I hope this helps !!!

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      Some good advice there.  comfrey is something I tried in my early days as I read it was really good...but I used the actual plant and it all seemed a bit crazy.  I think I will try and buy some of that ointment as I know comfrey is super awesome.  If someone tries colloidal silver they need to read up on it as it can poison you.  Yes I would agree with tea tree too...I often put it in a bath with I have my BC.  I did try putting tea tree directly onto it (I put it onto pimples on my face when I get the odd one)...and I could feel the burning kinda feeling, however it increased in size.  

      Many thanks for sharing the above :-)

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    Hello I know this has nothing to do with my BC but for 2 weeks I have had in grown hair in my other labia that's been hurting more than my cyst , since is not infected of course. Well my mom had this mexican cream is has a amoxiling is aniboatic well last night after my sitz bath I but some on this morning it pop it still hurts I but some more but I was wondering if this will help for the cyst since the cyst is inside my vigina
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       i would never ever use a random cream in my vagina. it is your body, of course, but the vagina is the entrance to the uterus. go to your GP and ask what to do, that's their job!
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    Miranda. Please tell me everything you use. I am going through a crisis right now.
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