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I'm here, I'm fine...massive hangover but okay :oops:

I really think I needed that - release!

Last night we decided to tell our kids about us. Yep, that's right, they thought we were just friends.

I wanted to tell them altogether but he wanted to tell his son alone. I got a bit upset about that but that would have been the drink! :roll:

Anyway, all kids are cool about it :D Dont know what all the fuss was about LOL.

My sincere apologies if I had you worrying about me - that was uncalled for and selfish of me.


Melbi xxx

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    Hi Melbi and Katy,

    Katy I'm glad you were there for Melbi. I couldn't believe the name above the post. Melbi, you have in a huge way contributed to this being the loving, caring forum it is. You have inspired many of us, and it's ok to crash. We all do. I suppose I could return your offer of \"Bend over and I'll kick you in the backside\" to give you a kickstart. Your last post only emphasises how fragile and short-lived our peace can be.

    You are a someone who has made a difference. But that does not mean you should feel obligated to carry the burden of all of us who also suffer from this curse. Worrying about you? My immediate reaction was PANIC!!! But Katy was there!!

    I'm glad you're feeling better today. Katy, your last posts have been so great to read. I have had a bad run recently, couldn't sleep, then suddenly couldn't wake up. Melbi, you will be happy (I hope) to know that I honestly have not touched whiskey for I think a fortnight, after you spotted my propensity to drown my sorrows. I thank you sincerely once again.

    I am going to court soon to ask for custody of my 10 year old daughter. I have been prevented from all contact with her for nearly 12 months by her mother, and she probably thinks I have abandoned her. We live in hope.

    I have been working on trying to sort out my goals. To the business executive, this may be a five minute deal before brekky. But I have found it difficult to concentrate long enough to write down more than one generalised wishy-washy aim. But it's a start. I want my daughter to be with me, and I want to be with my partner, who is soooooo wonderful. Well, they aren't goals in the language of the exec, but they're ahead of trying to work out why I'm staring in the fridge.

    Love and fond regards to you both. xxxx

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    :shock: Hi Breezman!!! How are you???? You lucky thing...you must be nearly at the end of the day!!

    Do you get those little red spiders that bite you on the bottom in Aussie???? can i hAVE ONE TO PUT DOWN THE TOILET AND BITE YOU KNOW WHO ON THE BUM???????? :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Hope you and Melbi are okay!!!!

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    Hi Melbi, TT & Breezeman

    Melbi, darling I hope you are ok now - don't worry babes we all have crashed into the blackness at some point but you can get back to the light we're here to help you......

    TT same as Breezeman says so glad you were there for Melbi your posts really cheer us up!

    And Breezeman - don't give up on gaining custody of your daughter you deserve to be a massive part of her life. Once you get the chance to see her & explain that you wanted to be there for her but was kept away she will understand and be forever grateful that you never ever gave up fighting for her.

    As for myself.....Seems we are all in crash mode at the moment, had a horrible weekend and had to come home early from a night out as was soooo upset luckily my friends are very understanding. Both my parents have been taken ill and I am bearing the blunt of my mother's illness I just keep trying to remember that she is not aware of what she is saying & doesn't mean to hurt me but it still cuts deep! Another bump in the road to recovery but hey we're still walking it!!!

    Love to you all, it's so good that we can be here together for each other - only those who suffer truley understand.

    Nicky Jane x x x

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    Hi to you all

    I'm feeling much better today - thanks :D

    It would be better lol if we could have a warning that a crap day is coming, it really knocks you for 6 when you get such a bad day.

    I'm not cutting myself up over giving into the alcohol - I needed to do that lsast night!

    Congratulations Breezman on your absence of the whisky :wink:

    Kim was there for me too last night, thank goodness for the chatroom and more so for people being in there when I completely cracked.

    Thanks to everyone here too for all your support and caring posts.

    Perhaps we should all sail off to some far and distant uninhabited island and start a new community lol.

    Keep you chin up Nicky Jane and be strong.

    Love Melbi xxx

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    bless you melbi..you are only human! you have always been a source of inspiration for as long as ive known this site..in chat too.

    like the idea of a colony for all of us tho'!!

    if you ever need to chat interactively..message me..i will be there for you as im sure the others will be.

    take care melbi..you are a lovely person.

    love alyxx

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    Hi Katy and everyone. Today is a wonderful sunny day (it was 37 degrees at 2:00 pm).

    Katy, the redback on the toilet seat is a myth. Redbacks are not aggressive, and you have to disturb them purposefully before the pale white or yellow or pink stripe turns red. Even then you would have to try and touch one for it to bite you. Surprisingly, I am informed that the baby ones' venom is stronger or more effective than the parents, but this may be like juvenile snakes whose venom is often not so much stronger but lack of maturity causes them to strike again and again and again.

    Since flushing toilets there can be no way for the redback to hide. In the old \"long drop\" toilets, or \"dunnies\", yes, the redbacks were common under the seat, but I've never heard of anyone being bitten. Sorry I cannot offer a way of introducing a bite on the bum to your intended recipient.

    It's been great to read your recent posts. I've been so very tired lately that my thought processes have been so disjointed I have not felt capable of carrying a conversation in the chat room. It's great to see you so upbeat. xxx

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    :P Hi Breezman, well Ive got arsnic :lol: :lol:

    Sorry to hear youare not soo good. the chatroom can get quite wah...overbearing, depending on how many people are on it at the one time. (melbi and I had a great conversation on it last night, shes soo funny!!!).

    I took more drugs than I should have last night, but today feel like my old self with a few aches, but nothing too bad.

    You talked about this drug giving you a sexual dysfunction, well, I would not be able to recognise if that was going on for me,,,,worried that I will never ever be able to ever again.

    But in the mist of things that aint that bad :lol: :lol: Worse things happen.

    My neighbours little girl was knocked down on Sunday. It was her fifth birthday. Luckily she is okay, but god...its sort of helped put my problems into perspevtive even if I only have 20p in the bank. Shes home and doing fine. I think the mum is more shocked than anyone!

    Interesting to read about the , what was it? redback..

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    Hi everyone

    i've just got back from the doctors she's up'd my dose from 20mg to 40mg once a day, can anyone tell me if I will get more side effects as I forgot to ask when I was there.

    Jan x

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    Hi Jan

    I did when my doctor increased mine from 10 to 20 although I read somewhere that increasing the dose doesnt normaly produce the side effects. Definitely did me.

    I'm seriously considering coming off them altogether now - I am 75% sure I wasn't this anxious before I started taking them. I originally went to see my GP because I wasn't sleeping - now I am not sleeping and have the added side effects of the tablets.

    The only thing that has improved is the pain in my back and shoulders has gone completely.

    I hate feeling like a walking zombie all the time and the forgetfulness is driving me crazy.

    I'm not going to take todays tablet and see how I go.

    Just take things easy for afew days until your body has adjusted to the increased dose.

    We are all here for you.

    Melbi xxx

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    Thanks Melbi

    I will take things easy for a few days at least it's a long weekend this weekend if I want to have a lie in.

    Let us know how you get on coming off them.

    Jan x

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