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Hello to all, finally after 1 year i got my date to go in and have a epidural, but i am not sure to what is going to happen, am i awake or a sleep, if anyone could tell me i would be very gratefull, been on meds since this happened to me last july 07 i am taking 5 tramadol a day and wear a trans patch take amatryptaline and now the doc as added co codomal to the mixture, so as you can imagine i am hoping this injection works,please!. going in 1.00 pm 21st oct praying this helps me,because my life has been on hold for a year, i still sleep downstairs as the stairs are even to much for me im 38 feel like 88, have 4 kids and mrs been a god send, just want to do what a normal father does with there kids,have fun, havent been much fun to live with. thanks to all. al

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    I had this down last year and it was virtually a pain free treatment. My back was numbed, and then a needle with the various med inserted. I could feel a slight pulling through my back and along the nerve, but no pain.

    Hope it goes well, although don't be too disappointed if it doesn't last sometimes people need a reapeat.

    Hope it goes well for you


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    Hi i had an epidural about 6 weeks ago but it didn't do anything for me but dont worry about the procedure slight feeling in your back no pain i had to rest for an hour because it can cause your blood presure to go up once thats ok you go home. I am also on a cocktail of drugs my last update i thought i had found my pain killer i was put on Nabilon it is a form of canabbis but that too is not working as well as it was i am now waiting to have an infusion see if that works , good luck with your treatment.
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    The guys are right about it being an experience not to get yourself worried over...although that's easy to say until you actually experience it because i like you was really frightened before i had my first injection back in march this yr!!

    I had an accident at work in 2006 original damage was slipped disc and severe muscle and tissue damage...i am now registered disabled at the ripe old age of 31!! I have very poor mobility and need crutches to get around...i suffer constantly with pain to my lower left side of back and left leg...which at times goes into my right...i have pain and numbness in my saddle area...both my bowel and bladder have been affected since the accident.. i take a cocktail of drugs daily...my whole life has changed dramaticaly and i have 2 beautifull gorgeous daughters 7 and 10 and an amazing husband who i feel so sorry for now all this has happened !!

    I was finally given a T12 Epidural back in march...you will go into the ward...they prep you up with hospital tag..take blood pressure and will talk you through the procedure. You will meet with your surgeon before the injection is given...where you can raise any concerns...you will be asked to sign consent forms for the procedure to go ahead.

    you get to wear a SEXY hospital gown...no choice of colours sadly just white ha..!!

    When they take you through you will be asked to lay on your front...obviuously!! I had to have some pillows under my tummy. They will put a canular into your hand and give you some pain relief if needed...i didnt have any...it must be that strong ESSEX GIRL attitude in me!!

    I was given the choice of what music i wanted playing whilst they carried it out...their choices were sh*t though...and to be honest i had not gone there for a bloody disco...and the state of me i was hardly likely to jump off the bed and start break dancing...i should be so lucky!!

    I was also given the choice to watch the procedure on a tv screen THANKS BUT NO THANKS!!

    They put that horrible cold iodine on your back and before you know it your being wheeled back into the ward...honestly that is how quick it seemed to be!! I did not feel any discomfort whilst they carried out the injection...like others have said more just a pulling sensation!! Infact it was more uncomfortable when they washed the bloody iodine off...as the surgeon and nurse i had didnt half SCRUB ME TO NEAR DEATH!!

    Once back on the ward they keep an eye on your blood pressure...i was actually quite ill as mine dropped alot so ended up having to stay there afters for about 4hrs...but that is not the case with everyone though!! I think the worse thing about having the injection is the fact before they allow you to leave other then your blood pressure being ok etc they make you eat toast and have a hot drink...which was the last thing on my mind!! I managed to swap the cold soggy toast for a biscuit...even that though they wanted me to eat 4 of the bloody things...i managed 2... gave the other 2 to my husband... and just kept smiling!!

    Sadly my epidural was not a success i had no respite from the pain and i felt very disheartend...but saying that they do not always work for everyone...also they do not always kick in straight away..so do not be dissappointed if you leave still feeling the same as you went in because in a few days after all may change!!

    In june this yr i was then given a Dorsal Ganglion root block in either side of my spine/lower back...again this procedure is the same...and this may well be something they offer to you if the epidural does not work!! After i felt a difference in my leg but not back...although thankfully about a week into having it i did finally feel more comfortable...and although not completely pain free i could cope alot better and my life seemed alot more positive!!

    Sadly though again as we know these are not cures and merely mask the pain for a while...but its better then nothing and i would always say to anyone if they have been offer

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    An interesting point that I have learned from the people who write here is that if you are offered/given injections you rarely get surgery too and if you are offered surgery, you are rarely offered an injection to help you through the pain why you are waiting for your surgery date to come through. The only exception and people getting both seems to be people getting injections some months/years after surgery if surgery didn't cure the pain.

    Last year, pre-op my pain was really horrendous at some points (including a rather nasty day when because of the pain I ended up handcuffed by the police and taken to a mental hospital under a section 136 because I couldn't stop the cycles of pain/panic/hyperventilation) and despite all that I was never offered an injection. It seems to me that once you are down for an operation that's it! And then you just have to wait in agony, with inadequate painkillers until your operation! And because most people don't even know about the injections they don't ask! And ask who?


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    I HAD MY SECOND EPIDURIAL YESTERDAY, the first was in feb this year, that lasted 2 weeks, heres hoping this one lasts longer, but must admit this one was a lot more painful that the first, and took longer, i think he actually went further, i was offered sedation, but refused, but that poor nurse that was with me, had her hand squeezed so hard, taken back to the ward given a cup off coffee and a choice of sandwichs, which was greatly appreciated, as i was really hungry, the poor man in the bed next to me went in and had his after, but before hand i convinced him not to be sedated, as my previous expierience was not as painfull as this one, he was none to impressed when i spoke to him after, apprently he was swearing like a trooper with the pain, i wont ever do that again, ill let people make their own minds up lol.

    But i am glad so far as today i have felt great, apart from a really hot face, and a temperature, which i never had before, just wondering if anyone else has had the temperature the day after, and what i should do? any replys will be greatly appreciated.

    Got to go back to see consultant in 6 weeks.

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    Well, had the epidural, went in at 11.30 and didn't go down to 5.00pm, so by this time i was crapping myself, it was so painful, left 8.00pm and went home and felt worse, did not do a thing, gutted, so low, so now my doc given me Prozac to add to the list of tabs, week later got a phone call from the hospital and they want to put me forward to a op and they can get me in fast, basically they wanted a answer over the phone, how could i make that decision over the phone, so i said i need to talk to my family, what should i do, my friend had the op over 3 years ago and he is and wasn't good, so now i dont know what to do for the best, i dont want to take all the meds for the rest of my life but im also worried about the op as i was a bus driver before this happenend to me, i will be lucky if i pass a medical again.

    So now i just sit and think and think and think.

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    Hi a170!!

    Sorry to hear that the epidural didn't work. You must have been so disappointed having waited so long. The decision over whether or not to have the op is a tough one. Like you I went round and round in circles, thinking about all the pros, the cons, the what's, the maybe's, but in the end common sense prevailed and I realised that it was my best hope at restoring my quality of life. Drugs are never going to do that. They are never going to CURE a prolapsed disc. All said and done though, it was a difficult choice and up to an hour before I needed to leave to go into hospital I was still churning it all around.

    Most people here have had (eventually!!!!) successful surgery and feel that they have their life back. playing the statistics, you should be fine but it doesn't make it any easier does it? By the way the reason you may now have this date for the surgery is because a lot of people don't want the op just before Xmas. A lot of cancellations come up this time of year. I had my op (the first one) at the beginning of last December and given the choice I would have put it off until January, knowing what I know now!!! It did make Xmas difficult.

    Have they given you a potential date????

    Good luck with whatever you decide.


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