Whats wrong with me?

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This all started when i went on holiday to Barcalona. i felt completely normal whilst i was out there and it wasnt till on the way home that i started feeling off. I felt awful nausea and stomach discomfort (with the nausea i would also somtimes have diarhea aswell) and went straight to bed when i got in. The nausea still continued in to the next night when i got a very bad pain in my back and side and any movement would make me feel like i was going to be sick, i went to A and E and nothing came of this. The nausea still continued but i went on with my life the best i could trying to put it to the back of my mind. one day i then developed sever mouth ulcers like tiny pin pricks all over my mouth, gums and down my throat. i could not eat or drink and even found it hard to talk. i went to the doctors and they gave me a steriod inhayler for it. That day i went to work even though i was in alot of pain, the nausea continued along with my ulcers and i ended up fainting and vomiting, and went home the ulcers took about a week to go, again the nausea still continued but carried on as normal. now a few months go by and im at work i was feeling very nauseous and light headed i ended up vomiting and fainting again. Ever since the holiday i have not been right! time went on still feeling sick everyday and some days i felt like i could hardly walk ,like my legs were like lead. So whilst all this was going on i was reffered to a gastro speacilst, at this time i had a endoscopy, x-ray and a stool test to check for parasites which were all clear. About a month ago i had a CT scan which showed everything was clear except for a tiny tiny kidney stone. Since the ct scan i have been having a heavyness or pain in my upper abdomen more to the right side under my breast bone, with upper back pain near my right shoulder blade, also with general abdominal pain an discomfort all over and ofcourse the nausea is still present , general feeling of illness and no energy. The other day i had a bad pain in upper abdomen and vomiting which resaulted i me calling a ambulance, but pain had dyed down when they got here.  my stool also changes alot in consistantcy, but never any visible blood or any thing (sorry lol)

i am so confused by all these symptoms nothing seems to connect with any thing, this has been going on for nearly three years and i had to quit my job and do not have a life any more. if any one has any ideas id love to hear from you.

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    also in the stool test it told me i had a high level of Secretory Iga , which aparently mean my immune system is overactive and fighting against something 


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    Wow that sounds awful, I'm sorry to hear you are going through all that!

    I don't really have any ideas for you on what is causing it... But I do just want to say that I am always wary of going to foreign countries for fear of things like this happening. A good friend of mine did a volunteer program in Africa a few years back, and after her trip she had similar issues as you - nausea, diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems, very uncomfortable. She went to the Dr, had all diff tests and they couldn't figure out what it was. Eventually, after a year or so I think it was, it just slowly went away and she's fine now. Still has no idea what it was.

    I feel like foreign areas just seem to have so much more disease and bacteria and what not lol idk. I mean is it a coincidence my friend also went to a foreign place and had same type of issues as you after? Maybe, maybe not!

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    Are you running a fever? Even low grade? Please research C Diff. I was diagnosed with it. It has been awful! Even if you aren’t running a fever. Maybe go back to Gastro dr & ask for C Diff stool test! It’s different from the parasite testing. It has to be loose stool or they can’t perform the test. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to get tested! I hope you get answers very soon!

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      I have researched c diff but the thing is I’m not getting this constant diareah that it says about 
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      I didn’t have the constant diarrhea either. I actually had to do a 2nd stool sample. Because the first sample was not diarrhea & they can only do the test on loose stool.

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      I sure hope you find answers! Stomach stuff is NOT fun to deal with! I feel for you ❤️
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    Also, I did read a few people reported mouth sores with having C Diff.
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    Hi beth77670

    Have you had any blood tests for parasite bites you might have got while on holiday. Sometimes you wont even know if you've been bitten. Also, blood tests to see if your vits and minerals are at normal levels such as Vit D and Vit B12 which can cause stomach and digestive issues if they are low, also fatigue and low energy. Ask your doctor to carry out a complete blood test including vits and minerals and for insect bites....

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    Do you know if you are rh positive or negative? (Its part of your blood type)

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