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Hi all, I am just wondering, when is the best time to log on for a chat. I have noticed a lot of you log on in the morning but I do not finish work until 6pm so by the time I log on you are getting ready for bed :zzz:

My hubby is so pleased that I am back in touch as it keeps me away from ebay :gift: I first started using it when I could not get out, I'm not sure what happened after that but I was on it all the time.

Just to keep you all up to speed with everything, I have twins Bryan and Paul, aged 27years. They are both in the Army and are away over seas at the moment, fighting for our so called country. They will not be home for christmas so we are having ours in Jan, when they come home. I keep buying wee things to spoil them when they get home at this rate I will need a bigger house to put all the stuff I just cannot wait for them to come home. :gift: :xmastree: :magic: :cdouble:

On a better note my daughter Gayle is getting married next July so at least we have something to look forword to :bubbly:

So thats about it, the rest you already know

Love Roz

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    Hi Roz,

    How nice to meet you :D my name is Julia and i am new to the forum :smiley: I am usually in and out throughout the day and evening as i am not able to work sad due to a back injury and then getting this awful illness (i also have fibromyalgia too which is a bummer) :cry: I've been off for almost 3 years and i'm so fed up :wah: :weird: :bruised: I used to work in a pre-school (caring for 2-5yr olds), but put my back out 3 times :x (i was working 1-1 with a little girl with cerebral palsy at the time :love: :love: :love: ) and now my surgeon has said i can no longer do the job cos everything involves bending down, etc :wah: :wah: Anyway, musn't dwell sad

    Its a real shame your boys won't be home for christmas sad but i'm sure you will have a wonderful time when they come home in january :diva: :cracker: :hug: :cuddle: You must be really proud of them both and what they are doing for this country :love: also Congratulations on your daughters forthcoming wedding :bubbly: I LOVE WEDDINGS :cupid:

    My hubby is also :D that i have found this forum and have met all these lovely people as i have 'perked right up' :shock:MEN! they really don't understand a womans need for 'gossip' :roll: :lol: :wink: He thinks we're all barmy :weird: :nahnah: I don't know what he means :angel: :angel: :angel:

    Good to meet you again :D


    Julia x

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    Roz, my daughter's graduation is next Juily so we will both be having family celebrations.

    Julia, you are brave to tell your husband about the forum and he sounds very understanding.

    Katie keeps us as her little secret, her family don't know about us. :roll:

    My hubby does but he isn't one for voicing anopinion one way or another. Generally if I am happy then I am quiet and don't bother him with jobs to do and that suits him. :roll:

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    Hi girls :D

    You both make me laugh ....... it's so good to have you on board :D

    I can see that you are really going to enhance our forum somewhat :lol:

    (Blimey Julia .... now you have found how to use those emoticons there's no stopping you :lol: )

    Gosh Roz, that's amazing ...... are your boys in Iraq or Afganistan? Bet you just can't wait to see them. Are they in the same squad or whatever it is called?

    And your daughter Gayle, getting married :magic: My daughter was married last May, so nearer the time I will be able to give you lots of tips .... like waterproof mascara :wah: and a needle and cotton and other bits and bobs .... all very exciting but a bit scary too :yikes:

    There's really no ideal time to log in ..... we all pop in as and when .... depends on what we are doing and how we feel .... so it's just pot luck really. Some of us work and others have sadly had to give it up. I do the odd morning relief work, but am going to have to rethink that one as the old brain box is letting me down somewhat sad

    I'm sorry you have had to give up work Julia ..... so many of us have given up jobs that we really love ...... it's heartbreaking :cry:

    And yes, fibromyalgia is a real bummer with a capital B :evil:

    But it's so funny that you both say that your hubbies are pleased that your have found this forum ...... mine says the same, and prides himself on the fact that he bought me a laptop (so therefore it was all his idea :roll: )

    So keep posting .... I can see we are going to have a lot of fun :ok:

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    Hi again Alicia :D

    Yes my hubby knows that I spend a lot of time on my laptop with a smile on my face :smiley: ..... but he doesn't [i:bd86493008]actually [/i:bd86493008] know what I am up to :?

    I've told him I am writing a novel 8)


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    Ha ha, he will be expecting to retire in style when it is published.

    You could make James and myself the hero and heroine. Don't make it one of those awful Mills and Boon types thought, will you. :oops:

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    Hi girls, First day back at work ater having 5 days off and whats the first thing I do when I get in. LOG ON.

    Hi Julia, nice to meet you. It is a shame that you cannot work, I do it because my hubby is night shift and a very light sleeper and I love the company. I work for B&Q, in the office, I love it. If I did'nt have a sitting down job, I would then have to give up work but my company has been great and I am now covered by the DDA.

    Katie, yes both my sons are in the same unit but different squadrons. I really cannot wait to see them. And of course I fuss over them all the time but as they are the youngest I can't help it.

    I would love from them to meet that special girl but there are never here long enough.

    Paul is based in Germany but comes home when he can.

    As for Gayle my daughter I could not ask for a better son in-law. He keeps telling me that he will look after me in my old age but I think he is only saying that until he gets the ring on Gayles finger.

    Well I hope you all have had a nice day. Its time for my bath but I hope I don't fall asleep as I am here on my own.

    Speak soon


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    Hi Roz, I am so glad you have decided to come back to us. I love hearing about other peoples days and the ways they cope.

    Glad your employers are helpful and understanding, it must make such a difference for you.

    I had to stop work 2 years ago as I worked in the funeral profession and you really have to be 100% physically and mentally fit to do the work. The families take so much from you that you need to have it to give them in the first place. I do miss it terribly, I loved my job. I have wondered about looking for a less stressful job but I never know when I am going to be well and when not. I don't think a prospective employer would take the risk, I am not really very employable. I am fortunate that the DSS recognise my disabilities and pay me accordingly.

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    Hi Alicia, you right, being able to go out to work is great but my company knows that some days I am unable to go in but they also know that I would never take advantage of my situation. When I first took ill, I was off for a few months then went back, then off again.

    I decided I could not cope anymore so I went private, it was the best thing I have ever done.

    One my work saw that I was trying to help myself to find out what was wrong with me and secondly my doctor wrote to my work informing them what to expect from me when I did go back.

    I do feel like one of the lucky ones but as you know only to well, there are a few members of staff who think that I am just at it.

    I can't thank you all enough for all your support.


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    hello, smile

    am glad that some of you are able to go back to work. and good that your companies are being very supportive :D

    what do you do roz?

    just to update new and returned ones on my situation - i was just completing my masters degree and considering doing my PhD or a career in journalism when i got this horrid illness. im now in a rubbish limbo situation where i have no idea whether ill ever be capable of following my ambitions sad

    on the plus side i do manage to write articles for magazines from home and blog for a newspaper (all unpaid :roll: ). I also teach english a couple of hours a week from home. am waiting to hear if i qualify for DLA.

    Trees x

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    Hi Trees, nice to meet you. I work in administration for B&Q.

    It makes me sad that so many of you have had to give up the things that you love most.

    The only thing I find very difficult is gardening which I miss so much.

    I used to go out early in the morning and before I knew it I had been out for 5 or 6 hours.

    I know this is going to sound really sad but when I find that my legs have packed in, I bring in some of my garden gnomes and repaint them so I do'nt get to bored.

    I hope that you can find something you want to do as it gives you a reason to get up in the morning.

    Roz xxx

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    Yes, I agree. I got my little Max Dog. I have to get up for him and he gets me out when I don't feel like it. I love him so much. :love:
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    Oh Roz you sound like a girl after my own heart - I LOVE GARDENING!!!!

    I have grown veggies for the last couple of years - which was made easier for me by hubby building raised beds for me, cos of my bad back ( :kiss: thanks babe) He also did all the heavy work and anything that i couldn't manage, and it really kept me sane after having to leave work :roll: But since last summer, i have not been able to do much at all, cos of the ME and Fibro pain, etc :cry: but i am hopeful that things will improve in the spring :roll:

    I have had to adjust to doing things differently with having a bad back and i should imagine that the same will have to be applied to the ME/Fibro too :roll: but so long as i can have some form of participation i'll be happy :lol:

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    Oh I ADORE gardening too :tomato:

    I so miss it and have talked about it many times on this forum. I too used to spend hours, happy as a sandboy and losing all sense of time in my own little world sad

    I still try to do little bits here and there, but trying to cut the edges with a pair of scissors takes one hell of a long time, let alone trying to trim a bush sitting on a chair :wah:

    I can manage about half an hour and then I go all wonky and fuzzy and sure do know about it the next morning sad And I dread it if neighbours come over to chat ..... that tires me out even more :cry:

    This illness is an absolute bummer :evil:

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