When will the weight start to come off

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My main question is how long, now I'm on medication, will it take before I notice any weight loss?

Don't know if anyone has had a similar experiance to myself and if some of my feeling are normal if anyone can help I would be so pleased to hear from you.

I'm a new mummy (7 mth old babe) and a type 1 diabetic.

I was told yesturday that I have an under active thyroid, I've been feeling really unwell since the birth of my baby but I'm bit of a fighter and genrally won't let things get me down.

Feel - hot (flush), faint, a bit out of controll sometime (things getting on top of me), v tired (but I won't go to bed till bed time), sleep but wake feeling like I need more, really hungery and get the burps, feel hypo or hyper with blood sugars but they are normal???? Very confused.

I walked out of hospital with a post birth weight of 15st 9lbs and I have been going to the gym for the last 4 mths 2 to 3 time a week with a personal trainer and I walk my dog everyday (I power walk with my baby). I haven't lost a pound but am now happy to know the reason is Under active thyroid but want to know when will the weight please come off. I used to be a healthy 12st 6lbs always been into sport etc and eat well but do like a drink every now and again.

Intreastingly after the birth of my baby I was told that I was really animic (I can't spell) and this seems to be linked to thyroid problems??!!??

Thanks for reading


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    I've just read your letter about being newly diagnosed with under active thyroid. It's a real pain! I've been living with it for about 4 years or more and it was a good two years before it was diagnosed. I slid gradually into it, and I always feel. I gradually put on weight, I felt miserable and I thought I was sliding into depression. However when these distressing sypmtoms were finally given a name I thougt, Great! now everything will go back to normal. No chance. That did not happen. I did feel a lifting of the spirits, but the weight? I put on a stone and a half over a fairly long period of time - and I STILL have it!! Regular gym sessions trying to eat less ( I've always eaten small amonts anyway) have had no effect at all. My GP and the gym said I would probably not lose it, but I couldn't believe it. Yet they have been proved right, so far. I live in hope but it's a very vain hope. The only good thing is that I don't put weight on usually, but I did this last christmas and am trying to see if I can lose it. No luck so far.

    Hope you have more luck than me, but don't be put off trying. At least you'll be fit even if you can't lose the weight


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    Hi, I was diagnosed several months ago with an underactive thyroid and so far i have been unable to lose weight even though i go to the gym 3 times a week and do a long hard work out.

    I do think my problem lies in the fact that i am often hungary and therefore i do eat quite a lot and i find it very difficult to manage on diet size portions, no idea if this is linked to the under active thyroid but i see you mentioned being hungary often as i am.

    I am sure if i can control my portion size i would lose weight, i just have to conquer this and as they say \" where there's a will there's a way \". :wink:

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    Hi there, Just thought i'd add a reply, not sure if it'll help ot not .......... I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for a while now and have been stable at 125mg a day for a few months now, I too have diabetes, type 2, recently diagnosed, and had gained LOTS of weight, I was 124 kg @ my highest, however now that my levels have plateaud and my meds seem to be working I have now started to lose weight, I have gone from 121 6 weeks ago to 97kg, as of thursday lol, I am still losing weight weekly and I am feeliong much better for it.

    It has made me sooooo much happier as I am getting married in September, although my dress is now 3 sizes too big for me ha ha ha ha.

    All I can say is that in time when your body is ready the weight WILL come off, just be careful not to push yourself too soon as the effects can be quite detremental, I talk from experience ........ take it easy and listen to your body, it always knows best.

    best wishes, Leona xx

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    Hi, if you are anthing like me you will not lose any of the weight sorry. I have had hypothyroidism for over 15 years and the tablets have been put up that many times they still don't do anything I'm on 250mgs a day. Now they tell me i'm type 2 diabetic because i'm over weight. I try to keep active but can not do hard exersice with having arthritis in my spine. So just eat sensibly and keep up your exersice as much as you can and hope you are better than me.
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    hi there All xx

    I have an underactive thyroid for ten years and as it is the lightest I have ever been was 10 and a half stone and I am 5 ft 2, since having ddd, arthritis, and Fibromyalgia and since having my third child by C section (he is now 2) I havent really lost my weight and I dont like to say what I weigh now, I was a 14 now I am an 18!!!!!!!! Nightmare :oops:

    Anyway I have been told by a friend that white tea and honey three times a day is good to cleanse your body and help boost your motabolism as my friends lost weight by this? I am not sure how it can work but I am trying it and so I will let you know if this helps????? Cant see it but who knows ? As it is Organic I will try it :lol:

    Take care



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    :cry: I put on 3stone due to an underactive thyroid, going from between a size 10/12 to a size16/18, doesnt worry me till I go to try on clothes then I cry. I havent been able to lose the weight and know a couple of people in the same boat who have tried loads of diets and nothing seems to work. So I have come to the conclusion I just have to grin and bare it. I even bought a book to try to help but it got put in a cupboard and I never read it. Anyhow good luck with losing weight and if anyone finds a diet that works please share it with us all.
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    I have just posted my experience under Losing weight before reading your posting.

    Underactive thyroid makes you feel low with strange emotions. either of these can give you food cravings.

    I felt lousy about me in general.... Brain not working, hair falling out, fat, tired etc !!!!

    I also ate healthily but I had no energy at all for exercise. I could not even function until 10.30 in the morning.

    I had been on thyroxine for 2 years and was still getting fatter (over 2 stone extra) So after my own research I found that the GI diet was the one that worked.

    The way it helps is that you do not have the hunger pains, it helps with blood sugar levels (low sugar gives you cravings) This in turn helps with mood swings.

    In was also diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance, which is the precurser to diabeties. So this diet works well for low blood sugars and diabeties.

    The GI food takes far longer to digest and therefore you do not have the lows that require you to grab a cake, biscuit or chocolate bar. what I do is have something available mid morning and afternoon (or anytime you need it really) the best things I have found that help are ryvita with pumkin seeds, nuts, oat bars. I also have goats cheese which is better than cows.

    GI diet books are easy to find and it may sound boring! but it isn't. It's better than feeling so bad about yourself AND I lost the weight and have kept it stable for the last 2 years. Even if I stray I know that I can lose it again.

    It worked for me after feeling desperate, see if it can help you.

    Good luck


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    Hi Gill

    Thanks for that it is worth looking into!

    Kind Regards



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