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Hi me 32 years old male.

My story. one year of skipped beats. Then suddenly tachycardia palpitations four months ago. Then also chest pain and shortness of breat. This is now somewhat better.

Now I started walking on my own for 3 km yesterday and today. Today was with maybe 5-6 skipped beats. I dont know for sure, since in my holter I thought I had skipped beats, but didnt.

I feel a thump in my chest.

I have had two holters, echo and stress, all showing a normal heart. One doctor says to excercise normally and another says not to do that activity that gives symptoms. 

Should I then just walk freely or not since I get( perhaps) skipped beats. Are they dangerous? Can It be something else but skipped beats, when I feel sensation of something beating hard in middle of chest?


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    Hi Morten,

    I would continue with your walking, even people with chronic heart failure are encouraged to exercise.  Of course you need to be sensible.

    It is a good sign that tests are coming up negative but these feelings maybe a warning that you need to improve your health and fitness level.

    Is it possible that you may have a buildup of fluid, stomach may feel bloated or swelling of the ankles? Too much fluid around the heart often causes shortness of breath. For some people but not all shortness of breath gets worse when you lie down.



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      Ancles no... Stomach yes..but I think this is a digestive problem... Maybe I should ask the cardiologist, even though he really doesnt seem to think my case is worthy of his time :-)
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      Hi Morten

      I hope you had a merry Christmas. Yes I think swollen ankles seem to effect girls more than guys. The fact that you feel your stomach is bloated is probably a good indication you may have a buildup of fluid.  Fluid buildup is common and is not good for your heart Your GP would be able to give you advice if you think the cardiologist thinks your case is not worth his time. In my experience many cardiologist have a god complex! 

      All the best,


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    I am extremely interested in your discussion regarding these ectopic beats because I woke up with a serious run of ectopic beats about 2-years ago. I have had all of the non-invasive heart tests, but no evidence of anything abnormal. So, I am left with a lot of uncertainty about my heart health. For some reason, I get a run of ectopic beats during bowel movements, and I get them upon exertional activities, which I do not understand, since all of my heart tests are normal. As of right now, my mind is telling me that the doctors are missing something.

    I take Metoprolol for the purpose of reducing these ectopic beats, but it does not stop the run of ectopics during exertional activity. I was a top notch athlete, just 2-years ago, and now I do not even exercise because of these beats. Maybe, I should consider an EP Study or some kind of invasive Coronary exam.

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      I have been walking 6 km for about a month without any ectopic beats. For the last week however I get them at least 2-3 times when I walk up a steep hill. It scares me too, even if all my tests are also without any abnormality.

      I just dont know if I should excercise or not, since just today I had elevated pulse and some ectopic beats after I was finished.

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    Thanks for you reply! This all sounds very interesting because I have experienced these runs of ectopic beats upon walking up stairs and hills as well. Also, I am extremely afraid to exercise because I don't know this stuff is from. It really confuses me how a heart can be so normal, but people still experience these ectopic beats during exercise. I am con.............fused!

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    It is interesting because my cardiologist wants me to start exercising, but I can't seem to convince myself that it is safe because I start to feel runs of these beats. In fact, I used to do lots of running before I started to feel these beats. I have a belief in my mind that the doctors are missing something, and I don't want to get caught off guard. If I had a doctor who could explain where the problem is coming from for sure, then I would be extremely happy to continue exercising. However, after many trips to the ER, and several visits to different doctors, I am not convinced that these doctors know what is really wrong with my heart. So, I just play things by symptoms right now, and hopefully, I will discover a doctor who has the best treament plan......

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      Hi Kereme

      Not exercising is far more damaging to a heart than exercise. If you are worried about your heart health do whatever you can to look after it. The basics include eating well, reducing salt, and cutting alcohol. I am sure you know all the basics but sometimes we choose to ignore them as it is easier.

      One of the most common causes of ectopic beats is an increased awareness of one’s own heartbeat.  Do these ectopic beats occur while you are taking your pulse?

      I would NOT suggest an angiogram or any other invasive test unless a Cardiologist recommended it. I am not a doctor but I have unfortunately had a major heart attack, followed up by every known test and open heart surgery.

      Fortunately there is a noninvasive test (Echo Cardiogram) that allows the cardiologist to see the heart better than if he was holding it in his own hand. I have this test every three months. It is highly interesting, they can zoom right in and see how well it is pumping blood, if the valves are leaking any muscle damage etc. I am sure the Cardiologist would have recommended this if there was any real concern.

      Don’t worry your Cardiologist would not have missed anything. The tests they have these days are pretty conclusive.

      I too get ectopic beats. Even though I have a very bad heart and am in heart failure they are most likely due to stress and the fact that I increase the awareness of my heartbeat, rather than an electrical impulse fault.

      If it was an electrical impulse fault an EKG would have showed it.

      The two most common causes of heart attack are preventable by looking after yourself with diet and exercise.

      The first is blood clots. This can occur when you do not get enough exercise or bad diet. My doctor believes that if I did not drink two liters of Coke a day I would not have had the heart attack. Next time you have a blood test ask your doctor if your blood is too thick. Blood clots not only cause heart attack but strokes as well.

      The second is from the arteries clogging. Again diet and exercise!

      If your blood is too thick or your arteries a clogging your heart may give you warning signs that are causing you to worry about your heart and may in future lead to a heart attack. It is important to listen to this warning.

      Best wishes


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