Which Herbal remedies for Gallbladder Pain

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Hi , I’ve recently been diagnosed with sludge in my gut and was hospitalised for 5 days . There was talk of  having it removed then I was told it was diverticulitis!! 

I’ve all symptoms of Gallbladder problems . I’ve now been sent home with pain relief ( paracetamol & ibuprofen) Since Home I feel awful, nausea , headaches , no energy , diarrhoea & extreme pain when I eat .... I’m now scared to eat anything . 

I’m going back to GP on Tuesday. I’ve got a colonoscopy booked for 6 weeks but I’m pretty sure it’s GB . 

I wondered are there any natural / herbal remedies which may help ? 

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    An ultra sound scan will detect ball stones if they are cholesterol type stones. If you are diagnosed with stones that are less than 20mm diameter and even if there are a few stones of that type see all you can about

    ursodioxycholic acid........ Most chemists if not all chemists know that a patient taking a course of that bile acid will find that their gall stones will be dissolved sfter possibly a few months on that treatment.

    It is imperative to talk to a doctor or better a Gastroenterologist who knows how effective urso can be for some patients......

    There is plenty of information on the internet about ursodioxycholic acid which will dissolve gallstones of type.   Of course this enables the person to keep their gall bladder and avoids an operation.

    Some will say it is not effective = wrong  .... some say the stones will come back = they will if the wrong diet is continued and it is possible to take a preventative dose of ursodioxycholic acid if the body is not producing the correct amount of bile to digest fats adequately.......

    A friend of mine swears by two teaspoons of raw cider vinegar in a little warm water every morning before eating!


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    As far as I know, there are no herbal remedies that will help.  There are companies that sell things they say will work, but remember, they're selling something.  Also, herbal remedies can interfere with any meds that you're on. They can also make you sicker, much sicker.

    If you have gallstones, your body will continue to make them.  In my opinion, a diseased gallbladder should be removed, because of its impact on all the organs in the digestive system.  That means your stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines.  It can become infected and fuse to adjacent organs, it can rupture.  In the worst case scenario, it can become cancerous.  

    I suggest you get a referral to a gastroenterologist, who is more capable of diagnosing and treating you than a gp. Best of luck to you!  xx 

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    If you’ve been diagnosed as having sludge in your gallbladder then ask your GP for a referral to gastroenterology surgeon to see about removal. 

    I found buscopan helped a little with the spasm type pains. Was also taking stronger painkillers and anti sickness tablets. Ask your GP for something to help with all your symptoms. Hopefully they send the referral on quickly so you can get back to feeling your normal self!

    I found eating little and often helped a bit with the nausea. Also need to eat as low fat as possible. Not sure if you’ve been advised about diet? xx

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      scottie   --- you seem to be a patient who has had their gall bladder removed ?

      Why on earth do you suggest removal is the only treatment when it most certainly is not?

      Have you read the research that states that a low fat diet can indeed cause gall stones as well as a

      diet containing too much saturated fats?  Have you read that ursodioxycholic acid will dissolve cholesterol

      and sludge and also in the prophylactic dose actually prevent gall stones forming?

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      Please understand that once a gallbladder has started to form stones it continues.  As I recall from reading your posts on your experience with ursodioxycholic acid, you have taken it and still have a few visible stones, and you will likely form more.  

      Ursodioxycholic acid  has side effects that some people cannot tolerate, and it's dangerous for other folks.  That's why it's not widely used.  Each person needs to have enough input so they can decide for themselves.  

      I can understand why you promote its use--as it worked for you.  But it won't work for some.  Also, others promote herbal alternatives on this site which they swear work for them.  But they aren't medically effective.

      Everyone is entitled to let others know what worked for them. xx 

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      Dear lynda I do not have a few unless two is a 'few'. You might notice that the largest stone which was 17 mm was reduced to 10 mm. Why do chemists (when asked) reply -  "of course uesodioxycholic acid dissolves gall stones" This of course leads to the question why do not all practitioners and those who do not know all there is to know about Urso & yet denigrate it's 

      efficiency find out exactly who it is not going to work for but instead advocate gall bladder removal?

      Also why is it that on this forum a person says that he passed stones that were green suggesting that they were indeed cholesterol stones. It is pertinent to note that an old wifes tale was used in the flushing of his gall bladder more than likely with fresh lemon juice and pulp

      emulsified with 1/4 cup of warm oilive oil. Some doctors say that will not work as you seem to do

      but that statement is not correct because for some it does work.

      All the chemical treatments are of benefit if they avoid an operation on the proviso as I've already said - so long as they do not harm the sufferer.

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      Thank you.  I appreciate it that you are always so informative and polite.  I wish more on this site had your attitude.  

      I understand that there are alternative treatments available; and I wish that both of us could know why doctors make the decisions that they do--but we'll never know....

      In my case, I was very, very sick and had lost 30 pounds before I was able to get mine removed.  Though nothing showed up on ultrasound, my gallbladder was filled to the brim with small stones and sludge.  It had been diseased for years.  I was afraid of it fusing to my liver, or rupturing, and sending bile into my abdomen, not to mention the fact that it might become cancerous.  That's why surgery was my only good option. xx

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      Best wishes lynda... It is regretable that all patients knew about the chemical treatment before having their gall bladder removed.....  I fully understand the reasoning behind having it out but in many cases that are seemingly 'brushed under the carpet' when the patient could have kept their gall bladder and especially those who have very bad after effects that last a very long time and even are permanent.

      There is not a deal of mention that gall stones can form in the duct when the gall bladder is not there any more which to say the least is surprising but true.  It has been said that gall stones can reoccur  and quite rightly so but if ursodioxycholic acid is taken as a low dose that prevents the stones from reforming.  It is complex but doctors are paid for thinking about complex matters i.e. the human body as well as some but not all being avid learners.  It appears some most definitely need to get off their backsides & wise up......


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      One step forward would be for patients to start learning about their diagnosed condition once they have a diagnosis.  That way, they would have an idea, of what might be occurring.  Then their lazy doctors could not fob them off by telling them whatever comes to mind.  That leads to more suffering.  

      Both of us have no doubt seen the horror stories on this site where patients went through years of pain and symptoms while their go's and gastro's fiddled about.  The IBS with diarrhea diagnosis comes to mind, because that's what was done to me--for years.

      If you don't have any idea about what's going on in your body, you have to trust that they do.  And that can be a mistake, as I know from personal experience--and so do you!  Cheers! 


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      Some of us try our utmost to keep healthy and I bet you are one of us!  There are all sorts of levels of not only intelligence but also a desire to learn and not close the mind. If you and I are 'questing souls' then good for us!  It is understandable that no matter who an individual is a mistake can be made but it seems to me that doctors are not included in with those who will admit that they can possibly make a mistake. This is learned out of the fear of being sued.  

      It's some 40 years ago when I should have learnt that fact but I did not pay any attention to what was written at that time but that fact is well worth remembering.

      I would not have thought that it is conceivable at any time that a doctor does not refer to past medical history. As I said this is happening on a massive scale as daft as it sounds.

      One would have thought that these days there is so much more concentrated specialty in whatever subjects that would make diagnosis more accurate but this seems to not occur but I would ask why? Are the specialists getting less experienced ?

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