Who else feels an inner pulsing in your body?

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Hello everybody, I wanted to mention one of my most persistent symptoms and see if anyone experiences this, because its one that ive often wondered was caused by something other than mono/ebv.

Almost daily at some point, i will experience the sensation of being able to feel my blood/something pulsing inside of my body. I'll most often feel this in the vicinity of my chest or neck. sometimes it feels like my heart is pounding but if i put my hand on mu chest, there isnt a feeling of movement, whereas if i got cut off in traffic and i put my hand on my chest, i can feel the thump of my heart through my chest. also, my heart rate is still in a normal range with this pulsing, its usually no higher than 80 bpm, but it is definitely an agitated feeling. also, i had a whole battery of heart tests when i first got sick and they say my heart is healthy, although my top blood pressure number is high, which my naturopath thinks can be related to the stress of the body fighting infection.

Anyway, this pulsing gets worse after heavy meals and at night, and its usually absent in the morning and kind of builds as the day goes on. i used to think it was increased blood flow intensity to areas of my chest and throat where the virus was occupying my body in an effort to kill it, but im not sure.

occasionally id feel pulsing in my fingertips too, i think that may be because i rock climb and my fingers get worked snd its them reparing. Lastly, sometimes i wonder if im a little crazy and just hyper aware of my blood flow and pulse now and am just making it worse by always checking in with it. or perhaps its my immune or nervous system that causes this sensation.

please let me know if you experience feeling a pulsing within you.

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    hi Nick

    pulsing....i know all about it

    in the very beginning

    its all i felt

    in my arms legs



    throbbing like mad

    i have had EPV since 8/14/18

    throbbing still is here


    but in beginning so terrible

    im going bonkers trying to figure out whats going to happen next!

    i have had pain in all muscles/fatigue for months

    now as of 1 week ago

    it stopped

    it feels like its there

    just dimmed

    its like the pain signal from my muscles to brain has been snipped!?

    im not happy about

    i dont know whats happening

    its like my muscles arent there

    numb inside?

    started with tingling

    now this

    whole outside skin desensitized

    or dry feeling

    my lip started burnig last night

    i cannot keep up

    its scary to feel this virus move up and down your whole nervous system

    doctors want nothing to do with it because its so random and misunderstood the way this virus operates


    im just wondering why all the sudden i barely feel things in muscles ive for months


    i hope you are pacing yourself

    ive read your entries

    i grew up out west/USA

    i saw you climb in Bishop,CA?

    very familiar with hwy 395

    my good freind climbs

    she climbed Half Dome,Yosemite


    i know you wanna fight this thing

    but as a crazy yoga/worker outer avid outdoor adventerer myself

    we have to just stop

    so our bodies can heal.....-:-)

    praying for your recovery .....

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      hey starr, thanks for responding. So sorry to hear about the pains and things. ive had some light nerve tingling at times but very infreqeuent, not a lot of pain, but a lot of discomfort moreso. yeah the pulsing i get is mainly in my center, like solar plexus, chest, throat, it almost throbs like how a wound would. yeah its amazing reading on here about all the different ways it can effect people. ive wondered if it tends to target peoples more sensitive areas. like i had asthma as a kid and i was prone to a lot of mucus and coughing and stuff, and its been my chest and throat that i get the most discomfort, whereas some people talk all about their stomach, which hasnt been sn issue for me.

      thats amazing climbinh half dome, el cap is a goal of mine some day, i mostly do bouldering, short intense climbing with crash pads instead of ropes. yeah its been about two weeks since ive climbed hard, which is a long time for me. im gonna try to make it a round month and see if it helps with things.

      hope you can get back to an active life soon!

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    10 months in and I still experience this. It's not as bad as it was. I have no clue what is doing it. And sometimes it is in my gut and sometimes in my chest. My heart feels like it is pounding also but I take the measurement on my phone and it is always normal. The times it is in my gut it feels like I am having muscle spasms. I have also had internal vibrations for months too. This is also going away for the most part. It is taking a long time to recover.

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      Wow thanks Wendi sounds like we are having a similar experience. im glad it is receding for you, i think my unwillingness to totally rest may have been prolonging my course of illness.

      I think mine does occasionally feel lower like near the stomach, i was laying on my stomach the other day reading and i could feel a pulse in my stomach. and yeah my heart rate doesnt go too high but it does feel less calm, like it almost bounds at times. i think its when im havjng an inmune response inside my body or something.

      its reassuring to hear im not the only one with mono who has had these sensations.

      hope you continue to feel better!

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    I don't think you're crazy at all and this is a very real symptom of mono Nick. I felt those kind of pulsating sensations more intensely than normal during the virus, and that kind of cold rushing / flowing of blood almost throughout the body during the course of the virus.

    It wasn't until probably after I had recovered thanks to God that I kind of learned that this was what they term 'low grade fever'. For me this was one of the main, constant and most intense symptoms of mono during the virus, and that can cause you just to have all these kind of weird extra sensation and pulsating symptoms I do believe.

    But Nick I want to reassure you that those symptoms do go away completely. Like you I found those the most longest lasting and lingering symptoms of the virus, and it was over a gradual extended period that those symptoms faded, but eventually that tap does get switched off by your body truly it does. It went on for so long I felt I was going to have to cope with that as my 'new normal', but believe me Nick it goes away and your body gets on top of that - it can take time though so hang in there.

    Just grateful to God that He is the great healer and physician - without Him I know I couldn't have got over this dreadful virus. I truly believe you are going to get through this and get there too Nick - hang on!


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      Glad to hear that last few days been more settled Nick, very much hoping that can continue and that you can be moving into a much better and healthier time. Thanks too for your kindness and support for me. Still think you're shown great courage and have approached your recovery in the right way and with wisdom, faith and a good attitude, and that you will reap the rewards of that over the coming period.


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      Hi Jayce,

      It was only really after I had the virus and probably some time after I had the virus that it dawned on me that it was what they call 'low grade fever' that I had experienced during much of the time I had mono.

      When I had it, I thought of it as a kind of rushing fever, as if you can feel a kind of cold fever or sweat almost running through your body constantly. It's very hard to describe but I felt it as a persistent symptom during the virus and that was one of the things that really drained me and made me feel so fatigued all the time.

      I'm still not 100% sure if I'm right in calling it low grade fever but it seems to make sense that that was what it was. I think it can be a very common thing during mono, and want to reassure you that if you're feeling that way or have that symptom, that it will go away. It took a little time for it to settle down for me, but as my body started to recover and get stronger, that gradually faded away and I was able to get back to good health thanks to God.

      I'm sure others on here might be able to explain it better or offer more medical insight that I can into it though.


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      Thanks for taking the time out to reply Craig. I now have a better understanding than I did before and has made me think of it differently. I asked because I have not had a fever. Thanks again. By the way, I hope you work things out and will be praying for you tonight before heading off to bed. Also, do keep me updated if you don't mind. I'd like to be there for you like you have been there for us. Anytime Craig.

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    yes i lie down and try to take a nap and even though im sooooii tired my whole body is wired and throbbing . its an awful awful feeling and keeps me from sleeping .

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    Hi Nick,

    you are definitely not crazy.

    You have described exactly what I feel, an internal tremor pulsing feeling, I call it internal earthquake and its awful.

    Like you, I thought it was my heart since I get it in my chest, upper abdomen and it radiates up my spine to my neck. Its worse after exercise , even after a fast walk. Sometimes after a meal too. I wore a 24 hour holter and my heart was fine , so it wasnt my heart.

    I found this group while googling internal tremors and vibrations as I still dont have a diagnosis after 12 months! It has been an awful year and no doctor even thought of testing me for ebv and they all put it down to anxiety, which I never had...

    I am seeing a new doctor this week,so hoping for some answers...

    Sending you wishes for a fast recovery

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      Hey Vicky, wow that sounds so similar to me! I just wish i knew exactly what it means, you know? It definitley feels like an agitated body trying to work something out.

      Sorry to hear you dont have a diagnosis, it seems like if you dont get the ebv panel done in the right time frame, it wont show definitively. mine had the antibodies elevated for a recent infection, so it seems like mine is ebv and the doctor diagnosed it as mononucleosis. it seems like there are a number of other viral infections out there that can do this whole range of symptoms. im currently doing some autonomic nervous system regulation exercises, finding ways to calm the stress response, to allow my immune system to work better. i think it can really help, ive listened to some compelling testimonies about it.

      hope you continue to feel better.

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      Hey Lori sorry for the late reply.

      I started this program called ANS Rewire, its a program made by a guy who had fatigue issues for several years. its a whole lifestyle revamp that focuses on getting your nervous system to normalize. he talks about how people with post viral fatigue type of issues often have this flip flopping going on between wired and tired and things like that. anyway, they have been really interesting and i feel they are helping me, theyve helped people way worse off than me make full recoveries. some of it is related to amgydala retraining. i dont think im allowed to share the step by step process but feel free to read about some of the stuff.

      wish you well.

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      Hey Nick,

      Was just wondering how you have been doing lately, I know you've had a rough kind of spell lately just wanted you to know was still thinking about you and it's always good to see a post from you.

      That sounds interesting the ANS Rewire treatment that you are trying, not heard of that one before something I will need to read up on. It's always good to hear of different options that can help people, just hoping it can be a good and positive thing for you and something that God can bless and really helps you with your recovery.

      Hang in there Nick, still rooting for you and just a word of encouragement - don't give up - you ARE going to get back to full health thanks to God I still truly believe that for you. You will get the VICTORY over this dreadful virus, rest assured - God will have the final say over this thing I do believe.


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      thanks for the info .. yes ill definitely look into it .

      im doing blood ozone therapy and lens which is a biofeedback. its pretty rough on your body .. lots of detox weird symptoms ... but hey if it works . ive just done my 5th session and people have had good results.

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