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margaret89358 margaret89358

Why are the posts in my junk mail

Is anyone else on this forum getting our discussions in their junk mail. I wondered why I had not been getting any posts recently and noticed today they are in my junk mail.

Hope everyone is doing well, and pain free.

Beautiful  weather here in the south of the uk.

Taking Michdon’s advice keep smiling. 😊

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  • Harrie4 margaret89358

    Yup...all the time now. Started in regular inbox but as of maybe 2 weeks ago all my Patient mail goes to junk. I didn’t touch my settings. So now I check both mailboxes daily. I loathe the way software ‘thinks’ for me.

    • amkoffee Harrie4

      It happens every time your email server changes their spam filter. Or it can also happen if Patient changes something about their email that is then caught by your email filter. I gave instructions to fix this in the above comments. And Eileen had a great idea of checking your spam folder once a week because this can happen not only with Patient emails but with other emails too.

  • amkoffee margaret89358

    I have not had that happen to me but do you know how to stop that from happening in the future? I can help you with that if you need it. Just let me know.

    • amkoffee margaret89358

      Not knowing what email you use I've provided two options for you to try.

      If you go to one of the emails in your spam folder. Left click on the email and you should be given an option to unspam it. It will be worded something like that anyway. Once you do, that the email will be sent back to your inbox. You won't have to do this with each one, It will beginning going to your inbox from here on out.

      If you use Yahoo or Gmail: When you select the email from Patients (while it is in your spam folder) an option will appear at the top of the email window that will say "not spam." Once you click that it will move the email to your inbox. After that all incoming emails from them will go to your inbox folder.

      The reason this started happening is probably because the filter rules changed within your email account, and it now thinks its spam. Either that or Patients changed something within their emails that triggered it. But I think its more likely your email filter changed.

      I hope this helps. Keep me posted.

    • amkoffee EileenH

      Then it is more likely to be something within the email itself that is triggering the filter to move the email to the spam folder. It could be nothing more than a word or phrase that triggers the filter. I just wish the email companies would send a broadcast email letting us know that they have made changes to the filter. I had a case where I was late paying for my cable TV because my bill was emailed to me every month and one month it landed in my spam folder so I didn't know about it and therefore I didn't pay my bill pay until they called wanting their money. Since then I have made some changes to my system of paying my bills so that that doesn't happen again. (I hope)

      The other only thing I can suggest is that when you check your spam folder once a month and you come across any emails that should have gone to your inbox to follow the instruction I gave to Margaret. That will help to keep your filter updated. You might try updating your email app, unless you use something like Yahoo or Gmail and you go online to check your emails. If you use something like Outlook or other app that does not require that you go online then you should check for updates now and then. I hope that helps.

    • Anhaga amkoffee

      Most of my email goes to my spam folder. I check it whenever I check my inbox.  There is a way to add senders to my safe address list but I can never remember how to do it.

  • EileenH margaret89358

    I'd suspect that is a problem with your email provider and the security settings. I occasionally get posts in my gmail spam that are from perfectly respectable sources that I have received many emails from in the past and since the email was condemned as spam!

    It really is a good idea to check at least once a week!

    • amkoffee EileenH

      Your right. All email providers change their filter codes now and then to keep up with all of the spam we get and with the amount of spam I get I am thankful for that service. You have a very good idea about checking it weekly. I think I will try to do that as well. After all I don't want to miss out on a Nigerian Prince wanting to share his fortune with me. LOL!

  • BettyE margaret89358

    I just log in and click Notifications as what appeared ( or did not ) in my in box seems quite unpredictable. My BT email doesn't seem to have issues with other sites but I do wonder about my security ( AVG ) It's very fussy about what it will let me do.

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