Why can't I walk? Had both knees replaced so no pain in knees but don't why I can't walk without a s

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Really hope that someone can advise! I have had. Both knees replaced right knee almost 2 years ago left one 13 weeks ago. I have not been able to walk without a stick for over 4 years due to very painful knees but now all pain has gone so can't understand why I can't just walk! I go to the gym to strengthen my core and knees etc but not much improvement! Am I just being impatient?

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    Are  you still walking with a stick?

    Were you walking OK before your second op 13 weeks ago?

    Maybe you need to see a physiotherapist or go back to your consultant.

    I had left knee replaced 3 and a half years ago which has been a complete success.

    Take care and keep in touch



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      Hi Sarah thank you so much for replying,

      i have not walked properly i.e without a stick for over four years due to chronic knee pain. I really thought that once I had new knees I would walk after operation pain had gone which it now has. I go to physio at the hospital and have been signed off by my consultant! I was told by the physio that I had a very weak core so I am working on that at the gym twice a week!

      i am doing all I can to get better and much relieved now that dreadful knee pain has gone. Maybe I am just too impatient but it would mean the world to me just to go for a walk! Wishing you a happy new year and thanks again for replying!

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      The physiotherapist should have helped you with this.

      It is a question of being able to walk properly again.

      The physiotherapist I had would not discharge me until she had seen me walking safely without a stick .

      Happy New Stickless Year!!

      Sarah xx

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    Hi Lin,

    well done for being pain free.   I wish.......I can't help wondering if its psychological with you.  Maybe you're worried your knees won't hold you and give way at any Linate.  It's ok to use a stick, that's probably a "crutch" for you.  Excuse the pun.  I'm about 11 weeks on from my bilateral tkr's and still get some pain.  My knees swell too if I sit for too long.

    are you still having physio?  They should help you get your confidence back.   Good luck with everything and a Happy New Year.

    sue xx

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      Thank you sue for your reply! I do still have physio with the hospital and they have confirmed that I have 130 bend and my knee ops have been perfect. I go up and down stairs without a problem it's just that if I walk without my stick by the time I get to the kitchen I can't go another step for some reason! The hospital physio did tell me I had a weak core so I have trying to make that stronger but it seems to take such a long time maybe I am just too impatient but life seems to be passing me by and I would give anything just to go for a walk!

      thank you again for your input and I wish you a very happy new year!

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    Hi Lin.  Psychological help can help you. Ask your GP to sign you up to a pain management centre.  The team consists of various professionals, so between them, they should be able to help you one way or another.  When you say you cannot walk without a cane; does that mean if you don't use the cane the pain comes back? Are you wobbly.  Are you able to cycle?  What are your muscles like, you go to the gym, what exercises do you do?  Have you tried a wobble board.  Holding onto something see if you can balance on it, so although you are not actually walking, you are getting the right set of muscles working, after a little while try taking a couple of steps and see how you get on.  It must be very frustrating for you. I hope you will be able to walk properly soon.  Don't be in a rush to get rid of the stick.  Good luck
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    Hi Lin!

    What REALLY HELPED ME was walking in my BARE FEET in my house. BARE feet give you good response to the floor, and you can really focus on taking off from the heel and bending your foot to roll off toward your toes.

    I practiced walking across my kitchen from one countertop to the next. Then I walked around the dining room table awhile.

    Having holding on places brings courage, and it helps you to practice. SAFELY in your own home before you venture out.

    (Left TKR in June and right TKR in October.)

    For me my CANE was getting in the way when I would try to carry things. I would find myself putting my CANE under my arm so I could hold things better. Then I would LOSE my CANE and forget where I left it. I was glad my efforts around the house gave me that confidence. It will help YOU gain confidence, too!

    I am now working on doing STAIRS! Going up is easier than going down. We have a split level home, so I have just six stairs to the lower level and six stairs to upstairs.

    Each new thing takes awhile, but, with practice it WILL come!

    You can do this!

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      Thank you so much for this really interesting information! I am going to try and do just what you suggested, as you say there are many places in the house that I can use for support so I will be putting it to the test very shortly! I like the idea of feeling each movement with my feet!

      thanks again and a very happy new year to you!

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      You are very welcome!

      Having the knee surgery is a big deal! As many here have said, I really had no idea what the recovery time would be like. I was basing my thinking on previous surgeries I had had (two C-sections and a Myomectomy which is fibroid removal) . With each of them I was pretty much back to normal in a couple weeks AND with two of them was ALSO caring for a newborn!

      I guess I expected that surgery was surgery. I was VERY, VERY wrong about this! The knee surgery was FAR MORE involved than my previous ABDOMINAL surgeries! They required Physical Therapy and learning how to walk again! Since I had been in pain for about five years or more, I had started compensating for the PAIN by walking in a weird way. Over these last six months with my two TKRs, I have had to RE-LEARN all kinds of things!

      I guess for me I have been so excited about little things I can DO again! I LOVE the feeling of discovering those things, so I keep moving and stretching and trying out my new knees to find new things I can do again that I had stopped doing earlier due to PAIN.

      Here are some examples: Prior to my surgeries I was having severe pain with each step. Even Ibuprofen didn't help much. I would look for ways to compensate. Sitting while peeling potatoes, sitting while watering my garden, NOT walking my typical 3-5 miles that I was doing each day before all this pain hit, cutting shopping trips to an hour or less...the list goes on and on. NOW my husband and I go on all-day shopping trips, I baked Christmas cookies the other day and didn't even think of sitting down, AND I can now keep up with my husband (who has very long legs) when we walk!

      All of these little bits of progress make me want MORE progress, so I keep going!

      Oh, and also the other day I tripped over a loose mat at the shopping mall and had enough balance to catch myself. I was REALLY HAPPY I had practiced my balance and didn't fall. Prior to all this before my surgeries I was VERY UNSTABLE. I walked often holding onto things and probably should have used a cane.

      Each victory will make you want MORE victories! Keep at it! You will do GREAT!

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      Wow now that was a great read! You should be very proud of you perseverance reading your reply gives me great hope because there are son many similarities with myself!

      i have employed a personal trainer who is very experience with knee problems so knows what I am going through and hopefully will give me the correct excervises to help me walk properly, just to walk would be good!

      anyway your reply has spurred me on o do better so thank you so ,I use! X

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      A personal trainer will have all kinds of ideas to help you! That will be a wonderful start to the New Year!

      Wishing you much success in YOUR journey!

      Keep us posted on how things are going, OK?

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