Why do I feel sick?

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Six months ago I started feeling queasy which was kind of like excessive hunger and was normally relieved for a short time after eating. A couple of months later it got worse and my stomach felt as though it was trying to detach itself and jump out of my throat and this sensation could last for days.

These past two weeks have been the worse, I am waking up in the middle of the night feeling sick to my stomach and a horrible dry/sticky sensation in the back of my throat, after about an hour it passes and turns into excessive hunger. I am also experiencing softer than normal stools.

Throughout the day it varies between being ravenously hungry and feeling as though I could puke.

I also belch a lot and 90% of the time it gets stuck in my throat and sounds like a frog (my boyfriend thinks it hilarious).

My Doctor said it sounded like my stomach was producing too much acid so I now take Lansoprazole twice a day along with Gaviscon when I need it, but I don't think it's working.

I have had numerous blood tests, everything for things like cealiac and H Pylori came back negative.

However, 3 days ago I seen what looked like a worm in my stool. I have compared what I saw to images on the internet and the resemblance is uncanny! But I'm worried that it was a coincidence because my Doctor has never even mentioned worms!

Please help me shed light on what is happening to me sad sad

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    Hi leaG

    Obviously you have threadworms time to go back to doc with a sample of yr infected faeces to show yr doc and start getting treated....best wishes...

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      Thank you to much for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it!

      I've been looking at threadworms online and they seem a little smaller to what I seen (not by much though).

      I'm worried that I'm being too paranoid about what I saw because I don't understand why my Doctor didn't even consider worms as an option. She just keeps saying stomach acid and possible ulcers.


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      Thread worms won't be causing those symptoms.. If you're in the uk go to the pharmacy and buy ovex over the counter, that's what your doctor will tell you to buy anyway. It does sound like acid reflux, I've suffered with it for 2 years now and it's horrid. Ppis like lanzoprasole can take up to 4 weeks to properly kick in, if after this time you don't see a little difference then you can change to another kind of ppi. However you won't see a complete difference with just medicine. Acid is controlled by lifestyle and diet. No alcohol, no caffeine. No tomato or onion or garlic and absolutely no spicy food. Eat little and often instead of 3 meals a day. Don't eat before you go to bed make sure you leave it 2 hours. It can take a long time to get better but you have to make sure you're doing your part, the drugs don't always work on their own. I don't believe the worms and nausea are connected, like I said if they don't go with over the counter treatment then go to your gp and they'll do a stool sample smile hope that helps.
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      Hi smile

      Thank you for taking the time to reply?

      Did you get stomach ache with your acid reflux too? I have a constant dull ache in my stomach and now again I get sharp pains lower down for a short period of time.

      I just want to know what's causing it because it's taking over my life sad

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      Yeah I do have the dull ache alllllll day every day! Mine has taken over my life, people don't understand how bad it can get! Aching, gnawing pains and burning in the stomach are all acid related. I'd ask to be tested for h
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      Hi leaG

      Your doc will have no choice but to consider worms when you present him/her with the evidence...go back and show your doc the sample of what you saw!! also take a pic of the stool with the worm in it..this may not be causing all your symptoms but it is certainly not helping.......best wishes...

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      I've been tested for H Pylori and that was negative, so was all of my other blood tests. My Doctor said I'm healthy according to my bloods results.

      I've been avoiding spicy foods and never drink coffee or alcohol anyways, so I don't know what's triggered it.

      My partner underestimates how bad it gets sometimes, he tells me to 'grin and bear it' (in a nice way) but he has no idea! sad

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      Mine got so bad I legit had to leave work so I completely understand, my nausea is 24/7 and I vomit a lot as well. Go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a consultant at the hospital, they know a lot more! You'll need an endoscopy but they're worth it as they see everything going on inside. I'm waiting for more tests to see if I'm suitable for surgery at the moment X
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      Ahhh, I'm so worried that mine will carry on as long as yours has. I was hoping to be over it pretty soon!

      Forgive for asking and please don't answer if you're not comfortable, but does it also effect your bowel movements?

      I'm just trying to fit the pieces together x

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      No it's fine! I've now been on ppis a long time so I'm constipated.. It's normal for it to effect your bowels from the normal they are! Just make sure you keep yourself hydrated with plenty of fibre. X
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    Hi,  Did you get to the bottom of your issues?  I have been having similar issues to you for 2 years now and it is horrible!  Doctors can't find answers so I am trying to seek help myself.  If you don't mind me asking.  Thanks

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