Why do I stink?

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sorry in advance for my grammar or spelling

I honestly don't know where to start. 

but here goes nothing right?

last year , before going into highschool , my best friend and I decide to enroll into charter schools. and when we recieved new that we were picked to go to the charter school we both were so happy moreover I was just so happy we could stay together , looking back at it I would have liked for someone to tell me how hard charter schools are ,In a way I knew what i was getting myself into, but you know what i wanted a 'better education' I wanted to prove to myself and family that I could do better if I just tried harder.

keep in mind we had to start school earlier then others (i reallly don't know how people can do that but props to you fam)

my mom and I went to the unifrom stores that week to buy clothes and things I needed because they were very specific. 

everymorning I would have to wake up around 4 or 5am to get ready and catch the bus to go to the  school since it was in a different district. 

now im not saying i had a hard time with all of that because i know there are people who do much much more than what i did. 

anyways the first two weeks were okay but they seriously gave alot of work. for sure i realized i wasn't ready for it. 

by october it started , i started to hear people whisper 'it stinks' 

'wet dog' and it didnt worry me at first because this never ever happend to me and i knew my hygein wasn't bad. 

but it started to get to me when i began to hear my name in the sentences. 

i though it would stop but it just continued. and even though my bestfreind was there i really couldn't bring myself to tell anyone. 

that is until we reached the end of october. 

i really couldn't take it , i hated waking up so early , i haetd going to sleep so late to busy worrying about what would happen the next day, and i hated that i didn't know what was going on. 

why me? i started to question myelf. at first i thought it was maybe because i needed to take more than one shower a day. so i woke up extra early to clean myself up. soon enough i didn't have to take the puiblic bus because the school then provided one for the kids that didn't live in the town. I thought the bus was going to be a safe place because the kids in there seemed nice and decent but soon they also started to realise it to.

that day, when we came of the bus his friend asked him 'does she stink?' and he just nooded and said 'yeah'. i wanted to collapse right there and then but i kept telling myself that this is what i woud have to go through if i wanted a better education since the highschool i was supposed to go to had and still has a bad reputation. 

i didn't bother eating breakfast so then we went to class , i remember that day to clear . it was algebra class and the teacher had changed my seat to the front of the class and the guy that sat next to me well he started to also say it smelled and covered his nose aswell. you know those types of guys that think they are the sh*t and think they are so cute well he was one of those guys.

after a having hearing the comments so much i decide i really couldn't do it anymore so i basically had a breakdown , it happend when we were changing classes i remember having to go to spanish but i quickly got a pass from the teacher since i guess she could see the panic and tears building up in my eyes. 

i went to the bathroom and i tried looking for solutions towards why this was happednig to me and i found nothing. 

oh i also remember we weren't allowed to use cellphones at all under no currcumstances. but i used mine. my hands started to tremble and shake , my eyes were to teary i could bearly see my mom's contact number. 

when my mom answered she was had just gotten out of the hospital from a check up because i was going to have another baby sister. 

i asked her to come pick me up and when she heard my voice shake and nose sinffle she knew she had to come right away. 

keep in mind the school staff didn't know i had called my mom so they just sent me up to class again. 

when my mom came to pick me up i no longer wanted to talk to anyone. that was until i got home and finally build up the courage to tell her , i was afraid she wouldn't believe me but when she saw how much i was crying she called my pidiatrician to get a check up and see what was going on . 

the next morning when we went to see the pidiatrician she said she didn't smell anything and that what the kids were doing was bullying .. *up until now i dont think it's bullying well i'm not sure anymore to what is what*

she said 'go to school nothing is wrong' , she said 'be brave it's normal' but i couldn't i felt like everything was falling apart. 

i no longer wanted to live. so when i got home i , i took down a bottle of pills. but my sister noticed something was off so she called my mom to come check up on me. after realising what i did she called the ambulance and taken to the hospital , i was put  in there for about 2 week in 'therapiodic' or something but it was for people my age. and trust me it was pretty bad in there , not because the staff were horrible but because i missed my family. i was told i was supposed to be in there for a month but i thankfully got out in the next wensday. i was transferred back to the highschool i was origanlly supposed to got to (the one in my town) and i was kinda glad to be somewhere knew but i sensed it wouldn't be over and i was right . so in mid november i decide not to go anymore and i refused to go anywhere. so far i was given 3 social workers *case managers* for crisis or whatever it's called . they gave me a teacher to come teach me home. but she also started to cover her nose with her hand or sweater or putting on perfume and lotion whenever she got the opportunity. they stopped giving me the teacher in the last few weeks of school and again i went throught the same cycle. so i choose to skip class. and it affected me badly , but what can i say i was scared and my anexity had increased due to what happend.

my therapist included that she didnt smell anything , that it was all in my head but no . i know it's not. 

my mom and sister think it's all in my head aswell. 

this year im in my sophmore year in credit recovery due to horrible choices i made. 

it was going all okay , i heard a couple comments  here and there but i ignored them but today , nope i really couldn't lie to myself and say it was all in my head because i know it's not and i feel like sooner or later i may break again.  i just wish i found an explination for all of this . 

i need to find a solution without it being 'all in my head'

im scared that the same things will happen , i just want a simple life you know? i just want to get through all of this and go to college ,marry someone,have kids, all that squshy dumb stuff , maybe it's to much to ask for everything to go back to normal . 

please help me


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    Oh, Min, this is awful.

    First of all, let me say that I went through EXACTLY the same thing.

    People were always saying I smelt bad - I was distraught and began to find any excuse not to go to scchool.

    Eventually I told my mum. She said the other kids were bullying me because I had a posh accent and because I was smarter than they were.

    My mum took me to see the Head Teacher, who confirmed that I didn't smell. I did have two good friends but I found myself unable to confide in them.

    Min, these people who have bullied you are a waste of space. I know how hard it is to believe, but they are just jealous of you.

    I can't wave a want to make things better for you, but please promise me that you won't take an overdose again. That horrified me most of all, because I have children, and I couldn't have borne it if any of them had committed suicide.

    Message me back if you want. School, and teenage girls, can be a terrible struggle. I really feel for you.


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    Hi min,

    I am in UK . The first thing to find out is ,what do you smell of, according to your school friends that is. Do you smell of body odour? Do you smell of something specific wet dog or fishy smell.

    This is important because if it is something simple like b o then washing, applying body deodorant, and changing clothes can help you. Or if it is a fishy smell it could mean your body finds it hard to cope with dairy products such as cheese

    There are other medical issues which may give off an unpleasant smell.

    Or, more likely, your doctor is correct and you do not smell and your so called school friends are ullying you.

    In this country you could simply make an appointment to see your family doctor and discuss your fears with them.

    Estate of luck,


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    Hi Min,

    Sounds like  hell that this highshool. I am glad you have a loving family that supports you.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like classic bullying. Kids are mean and brutal to each other and can have a gang mentatlity against someone they consider weak.

    In the long run, you can have everything you want; marriage, kids.... This part of your life will not stop you from these goals later in life.

    When I was in school, one kid in the 4th grade called me vein because I am very pale and my veins showed on my legs (the red ones, like the ones you have when you are cold) 4th grade was a living hell. But, now in my 30's it did not have any lasting impact on me in regards to acheiving personal goals...

    I wish like Jasper said that we could wave a wand and make it all go away for you. But, I promise it will get better. Someday, this will all be some distant horrible memory for you.

    I don't believe that you smell and that your home school teacher was covering her nose. I think that was in your head.  But, if you still think that for some reason you do smell, maybe you can change your diet. Sometimes when people eat too much garlic, like it is in everything  you eat. The scent of  garlic will come out of your pore.

    Keep us posted


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    Sorry your peers at school are treating you so bad, How old are you. The reason I ask is with boys in their mid teens can suffer from being smelly, generally it is a hormonal imbalance and it disappears as they get older. Skin complaints, blackheads etc is one of the problems. These smells I understand are worse when it is warm and when they sweat.

    With girls i am not sure.

    Use deoderants, although you are having showers every day. There are things the GP can prescribe for body odour caused by medical problems, although I tend to agree with above contributors that people are being unkind.

    Take your Mother with you and expain your fears again, You must be comfortable in your own skin and be able to get on with your Schooling, if you are unsettled that may cause problems and the children in your class may pick up on fears and  Anxiety

    Ask to try and use a different soap, that is all I can suggest, children can be so cruel

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    i am sooooo sorry to what happend to you

    i am no pr in this domain but what i can say is ask ppl if u can abt what you smell like or ask you mom to ask ur teacher(the 1 who covered her nose), she might know

    sorry to tell u this but i dont think its bullying, because some of the ppl like that teacher or the kid in the bus, they didnt come straight of the bat and tell u anyth. i am so sorry i dont mean to hur ut feelings

    my advice is, in he meantime u do ur reaserch and try to see more doctors, change ur deoderants, take atleast 1 bath a day, and use a good body lotion

    also use a shappo witha go good strong smell like tresume and then put nice merfume'after gym or smth like thta change ur cloths and whash ur pits before putting deoderand

    dont worry, i am not asking u to make ur like a complicated life, just try a bit to smell good MEANWHILE u seek more info and help

    get well sonn fam 

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      this is an update once again sorry for my grammar and spelling, so far everything is ok , there are times where feel alone about this whole situation, and yes people are still commenting and saying things in school but in a sense i try my best to control myself, on that note i would like to sya thank you to everyone who has given there opinion on my stuation , i take showers daily,and took of all red meet from my diet and limit my self when it comes to dairy,this all started since freshman year and im very confused on why or when it will stop. i'll be strong for now but im not sure if i'll be able to handle for long. right now the only thing thats has me going is this website and my family. 

      i will update eveyday if possible for now thank you for everyone who has tried to help. 


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    OMG I’m going through the same thing as u.And I kinda get annoyed cause everyone covers their noise at school but my family and my doctor say I don’t smell like anything.I did try to overdose more then 2 times cause I didn’t want to be alive anymore I felt like nobody wanted me here.i felt so lonely and also cause my mom would always say I wouldn’t smell at all.i need help I hate feeling this way 
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      Do you take any medications?  I had night sweats before, and they would smell like the meds I was taking (Armour Thyroid and Tramadol).  The pills themselves have a strong, disgusting odor.  Also, when I eat fish, I swear I can smell it coming out through my poors, so I avoid it. Do you eating any strong smelling foods?  Use any lotion or hair products with weird or strong smells? I have been using castor oil as a hair treatment.  But the thing is, I can smell it (it's disgusting), but no one else seems to.  Also, do you smoke, or are you around people who smoke?  Cigerettes have a strong smell.  Sometimes just standing in line behind a smoker, even when they aren't smoking, the smell on them is so strong and bad, I have to just leave.   I've used moisturizer that smelled pretty badly before.  I remember back in highschool, this one girl wore pechuli oil (sp?).  She loved the smell.  But kids litterally covered their noses.  I just had to walk away, it was that bad, and so strong that it was hard to breathe.  Oh, and one time when my anxiety was really bad, and I was really embarrassed, I started sweating so badly, but for some reason, it smelled really bad that time.  I think the adrenaline and stress can make your sweat smell different and bad.  

      Maybe try extra deoderant, bring some with you when out and about, scrub really well with extra soap in shower, try some perfume or cologne.  I still wear CK one, lol, and no one seems bothered by it, it's not strong but I think would help covering some bo.  Oh, and if you wear sneakers, make sure to wash your sneakers.  They can sometimes smell a bit, but we never really get our noses too close, so we don't notice.  Also, body hair traps in sweat and odor. Maybe you can try shaving all your body hair?


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    I don't have any advice unfortunately but I read your entire story and would  love to get an update and see how you are doing and just let you know I am here if u need anyone -  u smell like roses to me from here ???🙏??

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    Okay what I grasp from this is you're a teenager. Teenagers smell bad even those boys do. You're all on your puberty years where your body odor is strong. I suspect when you're with these people who cover their noses you are very nervous. Which causes you to sweat. Which may be the reason. Have you tried telling another doctor about this. Maybe tell the school nurse. Demand answers. Tell your mom to take you to another doctor. You can get a second opinion. Or you can tell your doctor again until she does something about it. It's not in your head. I remember those days. Oh my.. Embarrassing.. It's normal though but if you feel it's something else ask your Doctor. I noticed I accidentally replied to a 11 month old post. My bad. Hope you're out of high school now. 👍Ignore them. Act like you don't care and you will later think like it too. Good Luck. Keep your head up high. That's the only thing that will let them know to not keep messing with you. Defedlnd yourself. Tell them they are the stinky ones. They smell like sh**. smile Offend them too. Excuse me I'm not you tell them.👍

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      Say, "excuse me I'm not you." When they talk about your odor. Don't let them mess with you. They obviously have issues. I've heard of guys who do this are either jealous of you or bullies. I know my brother was mean with a girl because he liked her. He kept picking on her although it may not be the case here. Since they're being mean and je*ks.😑

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