Why is my body rejecting Duloxetine the second time around?

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I've just been recently prescribed Duloxetine for the second time in my life. 

The first time I took this drug was Feburary of 2014 for depression/anxiety. I remember thinking this drug was too good to be true because I had minimal side effects. I remember feeling a little off, but also wired when I first took it back then. Almost like my brain was waking up in a sense. 

I stopped taking it becuase the drug helped me immensely and I felt so good, I thought I didn't need. This was a mistake obviously. I stopped taking it in June of 2015. 

As soon as that following August/September, I slowly felt the anxiety come back. And then depression followed coupled with more anxiety. 

I know I need to go back on something and went to see another doctor recently and told her this drug worked for me in the past. I can't go see the same doctor becuase I moved and live too far away from her. I took Duloxetine again for the first time in 11 months a week and a half ago and felt the crushing side effects of the drugs. 

I took the drug with dinner and woke up around 2 in the morning, extremely nauseous. I went back to sleep but woke up in the morning and vomited alot. I also experienced shaking, coldness, shooting feelings up and down my spine, extreme anxiety, and very spacey. I didn't go into work becuase I knew I wouldn't be able to make it through the day let alone operate a vehicle in that state. 

I took it again the following day and felt even worse. 

I stopped taking it after that and then experienced what I think may have been withdrawal symptoms becuase I did not feel right for a few days. 

I'm at a loss here, I don't know why my body is rejecting this drug now when I need it. 

It worked so well before and I can't wrap my head around it. I just want to know why it's not working or what reasons it could be. Is it becuase my brain/body has adjusted to the drug? I don't understand. 

My doctor wants to put me on Prozac and I'm anxious about trying new drugs because I've had such awful experiences on different SSRIs like Citalopram and Lexapro and now Cymbalta. 

I don't know what to do and want to know if there is any way I can take this drug again or if I can do anything. I know that if a drug doesn't work, it just doesn't work but maybe I'm missing something here. 

Any help is welcome. 


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    Did you start out on 30mg? Did you know they make a 20mg pill? I didn't know that until my mother's rheumatologist told me. Or did you start out at 60mg? Maybe you should try the lowest dose you can get for couple wks to a month an se ed if that hel p s. I do know if you are not consistent with the time of day you are takjng it, you have symptoms. I started on 30mg for 2 wks then went up to 60mg. Took it for 6 wks. No side effects except blood pressure went high for me. 160/90. Im usually like 125/80. Im not over wt. I wt 125. But I was also going thru so much stress during the 6 wks of taking it. Car wreck an fell in Walmart an broke my foot. Couldn't exercise an thats one way I dealt with my anxiety (i have depression an fibromyalgia an 1 herniated disc kn lumbar area also!). You are not on any other meds rt? I tried Prozac. Wholly cow. Horrible! For me anyway. Physical side effects were horrible for me. Im just now getting back to normal physically fr stopping it in Feb 20th! Iv also tried Lexapro an Zoloft. Cymbalta really helped my pain fr Fibromyalgia an no side effects. I may try it again but start low at first. Goodluck. Fr U.S. Tx.
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      You know I just thought of what you mentioned, to go back on I started at lowest dose even though I needed 60mg like before. That's a good idea, cymbalta was the best for me plus no aches or pains. Prozac gave me a severe bathroom issue, I have no side effects on cymbalta.
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    Hi. This is a similar situation as I was on this over ten years and it was the best, to keep this post short, I went to a different Dr. Who took me off it, and started another old one I had been on in past with good results. Keep in mind iam med sensitive big time, and severe allergies. I've tried it all in past with no success until duloxatine. No more anxiety or panic attacks. I felt great. This woman was a np, not MD. Big mistake I made. As I turned into one big mess. Went back and staying at old Dr. And went back on this but it was a rough road back getting my body to adjust. I stuck with it and iam fine. Lorazapam helped me and benedryl. I learned a lesson to stay with what works and not go elsewhere. Plus that old drug I was on in past effects blood pressure which is a new issue I have recently, so this duloxatine is the only med my body can tolerate. I have no other options. When you change meds, you cannot function right or work, and I'm not putting myself through this ever again. I take mine early am.
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    I noticed on this site whenever cymbalta is mentioned, very few people respond, wonder why. Isn't it available everywhere?
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      I know what you mean. I think its because there's not that many complaining about it an alot of people just get on here to complain about the medications. Or horrible side effects. Not many say how wonderful it is doing for them. Im probably getting back on it. Iv been having terrible pains fr my fibromyalgia. Im 47. It seams to be getting worse. I take vitamins to. Vit D3, b-12,b6, CoQ10,magnesium, omega 3,biotin, Vit.C. An I feel my blue mood coming back an anxiety. I am married with 2 teen sons,one is graduating this yr, an caregiver to my 80 yr old parent's. They do not drive an still live in their own home. They cannot hardley take care of themselves. Their house is huge. I do anout everything. Appointments,get rx's, load pill boxes, know all their medical issues, groceries, any errands or take them,etc...my Dad is in deniel that they need assisted living. My Mom is very tired as she takes care of him in the house. Does some cooking,pays bills, some cleaning, wakes him up 3 times a day cause he wont get up on his own to meet nurse for diabetes sugar checks. It gets old quick! So Im under a lot of stress. No help fr my sister (older). Just depressing watching your parent's getting old. Roles have reversed. Im the parent an their the kids.

      Goodluck. An try lowest dose first.

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    keep an eye on any symptoms and report back to your Dr.  I have been on prozac, it works for most people with some exceptions.


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    I'm from the uk and take it, I was on citalapram for 15 years but was not working so went on Prozac, still felt low and could not sleep, I went on Duloxetine and was great but still not sleeping so after two weeks gave up and took citalapram but after two weeks I looked I'll and had no energy, I have ME so that's no good.

    i went back on Duloxetine (cymbalta) and stayed with it the symptoms are getting better, I have actually had a couple of days feeling normal and not been like that for years.

    im on 30mg so will have the choice to up it if needs be but I would if I were you I'd start at 20mg and go back on them gradually. 

    I also take at 8.00am every morning so keep it the same.

    good luck 

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