why live when nothing matters

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I hate life , I can't stand people . I try to be nice, understanding , happy and cooperative . I try to be mature caring adult , but somehow all my efforts go down the era with a single mistake. I'm tired I really am , why am I alive , why do people have it better than I do? And they are the ones usually making hard for us. I'm trapped , there isn't much for me to do . I truly feel hopeless , I don't want to live . I try to smile and forget until the closest people to me - my dad remiss of how flawed I am , how I do nothing right, of how I am a burden on him . I don't want to be the burden you know , I just want to die and untie him form any reponsibility towards me. One less child, less headaches and heartaches . There is no point in living this miserable life , it is awful, and unfair  and nothing comes out of it . I really don't care what comes after life it's already the pit hell down here.

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    Alex your only young and il tell you now the hardest time on all is at the age you are right now right? I mean your to old to be treated like a child ( although I suspect people still try to ) and yet to young for people to treat you like an adult kinda puts you in no mans land doesn't it?

    Not a boy yet not quite a man life's unfair you've your own mind right but no one listens to your opinion your told to grow up but they keep telling you what to do or how wrong you are any of this sound familiar

    I guess what I'm trying to say is we have all been there bud we know what it's like to be surpressed told to act like an adult but not being able to make any descions

    Your dad loves you he doesn't want to admit he is losing his son his son is growing into a man etc able to make his own choices etc the rules are there to protect you keep you safe and when your older and have kids you'll be the same way parenting doesn't come with a book ya know it's hard to get it right it's harder to watch your kids make mistakes and have to stand there and watch them make them and not intervene ya know because you love them you don't want them hurting themselves you feel the need to protect them

    Ya know maybe better angle to go in at is show them how mature you can be sit down and explain to them how injappy you are you feel surpressed you know show them it's not about strops or sulking it's about you wanting to be an individual if you can't talk to them leave a note for them whilst you go out for the day this way they will read it digest the information that's written and speak to you more as an equal you know you have to show them your growing up and can be mature then you'll get more respect your a smart person right show them how smart you are and how adult you can be

    Give it a try it may surprise you

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    You're not the same Alex I spoke to yesterday lol wow so many ppl on here that may not be a message for you lol

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    Although it's very simaulair are you quite young to or have you two profiles here ?

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    I wake up with bad. Thoughts every day. You are young and need to find a medication that will help you and I no that's hard also as Iv tried many and still battle..keep going to your doctor or hospital as they have to help you . Please go to hospital and tell them everything you.. im on here today as feeling the same have taken my meds and pray they work Iv been on new one and waiting for it to kick in . People are here to help so keep chatting 🤗

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    Hi yes life can be awful and it can also be unfair,  but its all we have so we have to learn to make the best of it. 

    You don't have to be nice.  understanding,  happy and cooperative all the time you know.   That is totally unrealistic.  You have to be you and whatever you feel.

    I will tell you a little trick I picked up many years ago.  I was in a group of friends and one of them was getting a bit funny with me.  I got fed up with it and although  I didn't say anything I immediately turned to the person next to me and started having a nice conversation. 

    Guess what?  Later this person apologised.  I said there was no problem,  but they then knew my boundaries and never did it again.   I have done this since a number of times and it always works. 

    Another time although I am generally a nice mature adult this guy in a pub was really getting on my wick at me.  Despite me trying to calm him down he wasn't having any of it.  I suddenly snapped and said loudly 'Shut up'.  I then stamped my foot several times and kept saying shut up you are doing my head in..  He shut up straightaway. smile     You haven't got to take s...t from anyone you know.

    My friend was astonished as she never realised I had a temper.  But boy did it feel good smile   Sometimes it just has to be done. 


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      That's good people need to no when they treat us wrong. Atm I'm in too minds of changing back to an old doc I saw with my daughter he remembered more about my life an ptsd than the doc I'm seeing ATM as I can't even work out the front door have panic attack n he asked me if I worked n I thought wow do u no how low I feel ..so I'm confused on what to do .can u give me advise please

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    hey alex,i dont think i am the right person to say this because i feel exactly the same way,actually most of them feels the same way .i have been there when all i really wanna do is give up,get over everything,run,and leave and never come back.

    i used to dream a fantasy where i live all alone in a mountain with a lake,a huge tree with a swing on it,then i realised i dont wanna give up because i do have dreams

    So i know our lives are just messed up and we cant be the person people expect us to be,so instead of trying to reform u,take a day off,embrace yourself

    people will start accepting the truth soon that u r different in another good way

    Every time u feel like giving up list down one thing u wanna do very badly,in no u will have a very big list and u have to live long for that!!!!

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