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I know that I am going to need tkr on both knees soon.  I have had both of them scoped 5 or so years ago.  Knowing that was just a scope, and that was worse than ANY pain I have ever had, I am so very nervous, depressed, scared about this.  I have had a rash of medical issues since I hit 60 last year, and I feel as though all I did for 2017 was go to doctors appointments.  Meanwhile the knees have been neglected. I think subconsciously I have not done anything about them due to feeling so bad about the surgery.   I was reading some of the posts from others on here, and the idea this is going to take ONE YEAR recoup on each knee really makes me wonder if this is something I CAN do.  Between the sciatic pain I’m having and the knees both giving me fits, I have become a total hermit @ my house.  I work from home, which is nice for all my ailments these days, but I just don’t know if I can do this knowing the nightmare to come.  I had a friend who did this a few years back, and he used a machine that “worked” his knee while he was sitting in his recliner.  Is that something that is used commonly?  I also know when I had my knees scoped, I was given lortab for the pain, but it didn’t really help.  With all this opioid issue, is there something out there that actually works on the pain?  That is why I was so bad about doing my exercises because it HURT SO BAD !!!  I just need someone to tell me that it will be ok, and maybe it’s not as bad as I think it will be.  Also, knowing that I will need both worked on, how would you schedule the two operations?  How much time between the two?  I’m afraid that I will have one done, and then it’s so bad that I won’t ever do the other one.  I know I sound gloom and doom but that’s exactly how I feel right about now.

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    I'm just starting my knee journey so I haven't any advice for you, but I've got a question. Does "scoped" mean when they go in and scrape but it's not a full operation? If it is, you're scaring me - I thought just getting my first injection hurt!

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    Dear Cindy,

    I truly understand where you are coming from as I too have had a tough year.  After going through years of arthroscopic surgery, cortisone injections, supartz injections, I finally said enough was enough...so I had my first tkr on my left knee last August 2017.  I'm am preparing for my second Rtkr in 2 weeks, March 12.   I won't kid you, this is a tough surgery with a tougher recovery.  You must take your pain pills, do your exercises, even though they hurt, but the results are worth it. Yep, gonna take a year so plan for that!  My left knee is now pain free, still a bit stiff, but improving everyday.  It does  no good to complain, gotta suck it up and know there is no choice because no one likes pain.  

    I never used a CPM machine, some do, I started my exercises the first day and never stopped.  I'm 71 years old and have some good years left and want to live them pain-free and if that means another 6-12 months of exercising, than that is what has to be done.  The recovery process is long, the pain pills have many side effects so get off of them when you feel you can deal with the pain adequately.  

    There are are many on this forum that know what you are going through, so feel free to ask questions and know we are here for you.  You can bet I'm not looking forward to this next surgery, but I am looking ahead to a pain-free life.  Hang in there, Cindy, keep in touch.

    Many blessings,


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    Hi Cindy!

    I had both knees replaced in 2015 ( June and October). Just got home from the Car Show in Cleveland where we walked around for five hours checking out new cars and Classic ones, too. I was VERY, VERY grateful that I had had my knees replaced because if I had not done so I probably would either have NOT gone OR would have been in a scooter or wheelchair. At 66 I was able to keep up with our 30-year old son AND was able to climb in and out of cars and get into high trucks, too. (LOVE those running boards and great handles on the trucks!😁wink

    Prior to my operations I had done the pain meds, the cortisone shots, the icing, the "sit at every opportunity" form of "dealing" with the pain for several years. It was NOT getting any better. A trip to see my orthopedic doctor confirmed that I had literally WORN OFF my bone spurs and was now a candidate for TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENTS! ( I didn't even know I HAD bone spurs. I felt crunching every so often but just dismissed it. I DID expect to do the next thing usually suggested --arthroscopic surgery.) When Doc said I had WORN OFF my bone spurs and was now a candidate for KNEE REPLACEMENTS, I took in the news with GREAT JOY!😄😁😎🤗 I asked him when I could have the first one.

    He seemed a bit surprised, but he said he would go get his surgery schedule. When he came back he asked if June 26th sounded good for Knee #1. I said, "Sure! That's my 39th wedding anniversary, but it will be a great way to celebrate and certainly be a very memorable anniversary!" ( I was ready to AMPUTATE my knees if that would have gotten rid of my excruciating pain. This TAKE was a BONUS!!!)

    Fast forward three weeks to surgery #1...

    When they got me up that evening of my surgery and I put weight on my left leg that had just been replaced that morning, I expected pain. I had a nerve block, so pain was very minimal. My leg felt MUCH STRONGER than my non-surgical leg, too! With help I walked to the bathroom. Success! 😊 My nurses gave me choices of additional pain meds throughout the next two days. My favorite was an injection of Toradol. Worked good. After 24 hours my nerve block was removed. Lots of stiffness and swelling, but pain was much less than I had been dealing with for the last four years prior to surgery.

    PT was pretty funny. My mobility with Knee#1 was quite limited. I knew there would be plenty of rehab, but I was THRILLED that my throbbing, radiating pain was GONE! Had physical therapy at home for the first three weeks then outpatient PT twice a week for the next three months. At my six-week appointment with my surgeon we scheduled Knee#2. It was scheduled for October 9th. It went even better than #1!!!😁I spent one day less in the hospital with it and came home to our son's birthday party on the 11th.

    In total I had six months of physical therapy. I worked hard at PT, did exercises at home, iced, and helped out swelling reduction of my knees with compression stockings. I used a walker at first, then a cane. I quit the walker when I realized I would leave it in the kitchen and be walking to the living room or bathroom, get there and wonder where I had left my walker. I also found myself tucking the cane under my arm as I worked outside in my garden. Soon I was walker-free and cane-free.

    I drove at six weeks. I practiced getting my short legs into our Jeep Grand Cherokee for several days before I actually drove. I was pleased with my progress.

    My physical therapist helped me develop strength in my legs, and we did a lot of stretching and balance practice. I told her I wanted to be able to get back to my garden and to go shopping without having to stop and sit all the time. She knew I wanted to get back to my beach walks, too. I worked hard at our sessions and at home.

    You will no doubt hear many rough times from many people. Total Knee Replacements take lots of time to recover from, but each new day can bring little successes, too, which start to add up over the weeks and months.

    I kept a journal. I congratulated myself for each new bit of progress. Setbacks were a part of recovery, so I would try to bolster my courage on those days and be kind to myself. I'm a pretty positive person and a strong believer in God's grace, His strength, and His love. I did more talking to Him in THOSE days of recovery than I spoke to anyone else. I knew that He knew me best. I relied on His strength and power. HE got me through my challenges, and I will forever be grateful!??

    I hope I have helped you. Sending strength and calm and peace to you as you begin YOUR journey!??

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    Hi Cindy

    This is a tough operation, both mentally and physically and nobody knows how they will react to the surgery.  Some people sail through it without any problems and for others it is more of a struggle.  The people who have an easy recovery probably never visit these pages.

     Although full recovery can take up to a year, you are steadily improving and getting your life back during this time.  The one thing we all have in common is that we do not want a future sitting on the sidelines of life and are prepared to go through the surgery to maintain our mobility.  You are only 60 and have a lot of good years ahead of you.

    I am 71 and had my tkr 2 1/2 years ago and although I found it difficult at the time, I am just so glad now to be able to walk as far as I like without fear of my knee giving way and struggling to get home.

    Best of luck for the future.


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    Are you in UK and have you got a date for your operation?

    All answers given have covered your concerns ..as to what you have done your surgeon will probably recommend how it unfolds in terms of one or two.

    What you will need to do is adopt a positive mindset. It makes all the difference. Being organised and prepared as much as possible helps.

    My experience of pain management was excellent and though for a couple of weeks it was very tough, the thing is it does get better.

    I had plenty of morphine in hospital, codydramol and ibuprofen in ample amounts at home. I had morphine available if need be, and it certainly helped a huge amount to know it was there, but I didn't use it in the end.

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    Yes...it takes a year.  People who get simultaneous bi-laterals are both heroes and crazy.  Those who get them a few months apart are in the same category.  However...we cannot judge.  Their pain may be so bad that there is no other option.  Everyone is different.

    For me, I had Synvisc shots for years and then moved to a waaaaay warmer climate. Four knee scopes (2 each side) plus arthritis in my 50's.  Didn't need knee #1 'til I was 68.  Putting off #2 until I'm a lot stronger.  No pain right now so that's a good thing.  Timing is up to you and your pain.  Synvisc may help.


    There is also Voltaren Gel (RX in the US).  GREAT topical anti-inflammatory and pain reliever...especially at bedtime.

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      By the way..."Why Me?"  Simple.  You were a very bad girl back in the 1600's and now your Karma is catching up to you.  Did you actually think you'd get away with all the naughty things you did back then?  Nope...  We can never escape our Karma.

      I've had 30 general anesthesia ops in the last 18 years...got almost 5 pounds of metal in me.  I must have done some REALLY bad stuff back in those days.  Maybe I was a plundering, looting pirate.  It all catches up to our souls.  As they say...Karma is a B**ch... 

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    i would schedule one at a time. Until you have had op A, you will not know when to cater for op B. No one knows better than yourself when you will be ready.

    with regard to the automatic step machine i used one and found it helpful. Just be careful not to overdo it. Try short and slow sessions at first then stop and gauge the reaction.

    Good luck


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