why so many symptoms?

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basically i suffer with health anxiety and that is a fact i know it because i obsess over multiple diseases every single day 24/7 and it’s driving me mad! but the reason for this is because i have so many symptoms which tells me surely

something is wrong with me! my symptoms are random muscle flickers from my arms to my legs to even my cheeks! very strange bowel movements from all types of colours, diareah, loose still, thin stool, mushy stool, very dark brown and light brown! mixed colour sometimes hard black and white bits in the stool! i have a bruising feeling on one of my vertabraes which only hurts if i touch it or bend backwards or forwards! my belly feels hard at the bottom, it’s bloated a lot, i have flatulence all the time, i burp constantly i have constant hiccups, burning in my stomach and other weird feelings in my stomach, bowel twitches and a feeling of heaviness in my anus or the feeling like something is there, tingly arms and hands and feet! cold feet and hands always, heart beat feels strange sometimes like i get palpitations anyway but just the general beat feels weird! and sometimes it feels really feint like i can barely even feel it! hot and cold flashes, nausea sometimes, sometimes itchy around my crotch area and my anus, my knuckles on my left hand are red and itchy! i am convinced that sometimes the corners of my eyes look a little bit yellow but other people say i’m mad and they are white, constant yawning, sharp pains in head sometime, sharp right chest pain at times but it feels like it’s my pec muscle, sharp pains in left shoulder sometimes, constant ulcers and sores in my mouth and my tongue, back of my throat always looks red like a rash but it’s never sore, i swear my left side of my neck feels thicker than my right too! constantly needing to wee, sometimes cloudy and white or dark brown, also whenever i drink alcohol whenever i go to the toilet for a wee it really hurts and struggles to come out? when i’m sober it’s fine but it’s only ever when i drink alcohol! anyway i’m sure there’s a few more but i have so many i’ve forgotten some i’m sure! saying this though i’ve had a full blood count blood test which was normal, i’ve had an ekg test at doctors and also a 24 hour ekg and was tottaly normal, ive had blood tests for IBD and coeliac and was normal, i’ve had

blood tests to check my kidney, liver, thyroid etc and tottaly normal, i’ve done a urine sample and a stool test and tottaly normal. doctor has felt my neck and looked at my eyes and told me there normal! how are all these tests normal but i am having all of these symptoms? stress and anxiety can cause all of this? surely not surely that isn’t possible! how can it do all of this to my body? i am not convinced and i swear i have a disease or cancer or something! can stress and this mental illness cause all of these

symptoms? i just don’t see how it can! 

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    i feel like there is something wrong with me like i know i have healthy anxiety but that doesn’t mean i can’t have a genuine illness at the same time! i feel asif something in my

    body is not right! but the tests say otherwise it’s driving me mad! my gut feeling is telling me something is not working right in my body 

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    Hey, I do have same ish going on. This SUCKS, but i know ex-ac-tly how you are feeling. Might write mine symptoms, so you can see how much we can relate

    Weird bowel movement, sometimes constipated, brown, hard and almost black or yellow and very liquidy, i even had blood in my stool like three times, just drops but CRIED about it every time i seen it, hard to pass stool, red flushed cheeks - hot flushes, sweating, extremely cold hands and feet, cold flushes with tremble, dark brown pee or totally clear pee, urgent feeling for peeing, my period is totally out of sync, nonstop heart palpitations and tachycardia, feeling woozy and dizzy, nausea from head, feeling of "falling" like missing a step and irregular heartbeat, hard heartbeat, needle pain in chest, upper back, chest pain when moving, i had tingling in hands, left hand, waking up in the middle of the night with panic and these heart feelings, rapid heartbeat when moving, walking, standing up...ugh im bored with writing out all of the ish.. I had terrible stomach pains too and i vomited a few times

    I did every blood test possible, urine test, holter monitor, 5x ekg, gastroscopy... nothing

    i get it. I dont think im mentally ill, i dont feel like it, i dont think i have anxiety, im many times 100% positive im very very ill, i feel ill all the time, im just 18 and I feel 70, which is terrible I always wanted to be a positive person, i seem like i cannot help myself, its such a trap.

    but man, it really seems like we both do have bad anxiety, that started because of some event in our lives. Or what do you think is the reason for your symptoms? you are having afib, high blood pressure, brain and bowel cancer? Thats not possible. There is no living person with such..."luck". I heard that brain and stress can make your intestines bleed.You can cause many pains and things just with your brain. That is why placebo exist. Brain believes and creates what is subconsciously told to it. Once you start worrying, its always in the back of your mind..Like dreams.. Sometimes you dream about something so bizzare that happened to you or you saw during the day, some thing you would never think your brain "saved" and now its playing back. Like I can look at..for example..watermelon for a split second, dont think of it twice, but apparently my brain did and saved it and now im dreaming about watermelons. Idontknow, stupid example but I hope you get what Im saying. Even though you think you are not even thinking about it, not worrying and you still feel the symptoms, you are actually obssesing about it even though you are "not", you get me.. Its at least my theory. The worst thing is that I dont have any tips on how to improve your situation, since nothing ever helped me, I tried meds like xanax, beta blockers and various stress coping techniques, doesnt do anything to me.The only thing that will help is time i guess. You will get over it. It will bore you to always stress about the same things. Or my tips is to not visit the doctor, it will make you believe you are sick even more. I dont believe doctors, they are there just for money anyway. Most of them, at least in czech republic. So, please, hang on. If you wanna talk anytime, message me and you can leave me your mail of facebook, maybe we can help eachother and talk it out, kinda.

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      it’s honestly hell! i just don’t get how something that’s mental can have this affect physically on my body? it feels like im dying honestly! and same i don’t trust doctors either! you always hear stories about doctors diagnosing the wrong thing and it turns out to be cancer or blah blah! i honestly wish i just did not care! we are all gonna die anyway so why do i care so much with worry ruining my life! it’s tottaly pointless! but i just can not help it! i am so depressed too! i have no enjoyment for anything! i honestly can’t see the point in life at all! i really wish i was never born or wish i had the balls to kill myself but i just haven’t! i’m too scared of death! but why? i’m not gonna know anything when i’m dead so why do i have such a massive fear about it? and yet the same time not wanna live! my brain feels so messed up! i am like a lost soul just living! i have 0 motivation to do anything! i don’t wanna be like this and i do need help obviously but i haven’t even got the motivation to get help! so what does that say about me? it’s because i don’t believe anything can help me! i don’t ever believe i can ever be happy because nothing makes me happy absolutely nothing. i honestly just want to die but i am too scared to do it! thank you for taking your time to reply anyway i appreciate it 👍🏾 and yea that would be great thank you 

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      I Know exactly. I get it, im there too. Its awful, awful. The mindstate is confusing, frustrating, overwhelming.. i dont feel like the words can define what the feeling is. I totally feel unmotivated, sad and... numb. I thought of suicide many times too but I know I could never do it. But its so confusing when you feel like dying but you are also worried sick about illness. I often think to myself "Why do I even worry about illness when I want to die anyway?". Its about being scared of suffering. About being anxious. Everything is connected. With anxiety comes deppresion. You just explained clearly why you feel so sick in the reply. Your worry led you to get symptoms, which are emotionally and physically drained you so much you became very sad, deppresed even, sadness makes your body extremely tense, weak.. which leads to more symptoms. And it all works in a circle.. but I get it. You get so sad you dont even feel like getting better. You dont see why to do so, whats the point. I get it, i really do. I have to choose college and I dont even know what to study, everything seems just so.. bleh.. meh.. life in general is bleh. But it gets better. My symptoms and everything connected to it started a year ago and I can say im still dont feel like myself, but i feel hella better. You seem to be in the "worst part" of the "phase".. everything you have to do is to hang in there. Wait. Give it time and dont force yourself to feel better. Just let it flow. It will be gone soon. There are things worth living for, believe me

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