Why would someone lie about having mental health issues?

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Hi all,

Some of you might know me from my previous posts, regarding my own mental health battles.

An update : I'm getting there, I'm regularly seeing someone at a mental health centre so I'm keeping positive!

Now... I started a new job, which is great. One of the girls (let's call her Megan) I know from previous years and I was surprised when I saw she worked I the same office.

She was known for being a manipulative liar (basically twisting things to suit her and lying to others to turn people against each other).

I'm very open about my mental health, as I hope it will at least help a few people to forget the stigma.

Megan then told me she has bipolar, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.

A few things have stuck out to me that don't make sense...

1) she is only on one medication, Lamotrigine, and says she might be put into Lithium too.

2) we live in the same town and she has commented on going to the same centre as me, however she says she can only go upon referral (she was already referred), and in my experience once I'd been referred I didn't have to see my GP again as they would keep in touch regularly

3) she has told me and another girl that she is slightly going off the rails again, but refuses our help. I've even suggested that we go together to the centre but she quickly back tracked saying they wouldn't remember her - surely they'd keep patient records for a certain length of time?

4) she says she refuses to see her GP about other meds that might help her, but she must see her GP enough to pick up her prescription and review her Lamotrigine?

I need help understanding because I'm taking it badly that someone could lie about this. Why would they? It's all awful to live with!

Any words of experience and advice? (I've tried asking her questions which she wouldn't know but she ignores me and will respond once she has researched, sounding like a wiki page!!!)

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    The answer maybe is that she really does have elements of Borderline Personality Disorder - if you read about it online you'll see that it really does fit very well. So she probably does have a serious mental illness that she has to live with. Her having bipolar AND borderline is entirely possible. In fact, recent research sees them as part of a broader spectrum including as well Schizoprenia, ADHD, Depression.

    Don't let it worry you. It says nothing about your condition at all. You have your problems and she has hers. 


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      I do believe there is something going on there, but she keeps changing her story and lying about her medication etc.

      I try to not let it get to me but I overhear so many lies that she tells about the conditions, it's generating a bad stigma and I find it slightly offensive that it's a game to her.

      I've know a compulsive liar before, who lied about having cancer and being pregnant.

      I just don't know why they do it...

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      It's a mental illness - that's why they do it. Borderline is not a pleasant condition to have. Long term, trusting relationships are hard to form. I know someone who married a person with Borderline and the marriage was short and painful. It's constant drama and self-centered behaviour.
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      That's the other thing... She has been with her current partner for 3 years, and when we are out as a group for a work do, she acts up like she does in the office. Her partner usually reacts confused, and asks her why she is behaving that way.

      A guy in the office asked him how he manages to handle it (office guys mum has BPD), and her boyfriend didn't know what office guy meant.

      It frustrates me so much (I know it shouldn't but I can't help it!)

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      Why does it frustrate you? Is it because you think she is not being sufficiently careful about her illness?

      Her boyfriend needs to get a clue. But that's not your problem.

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      Yes, and also the way she speaks about it. It's creating a bad stigma. The lack of wanting help. The lack of knowledge. 

      I don't think he has a clue because she is a different person at work.

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      Although, that being said...

      I'm just curious as to why anyone would WANT to lie about having any form of mental health illness rolleyes

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      I'm not sure she has much choice. If she is undermedicated, it may just be out of her control. You might as well ask "why do you choose to be manic/hypomanic or depressed?"

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