Wierd feeling weeks or months after smoking weed

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Before you click off this not accepting whatever your having if you have any related symtoms as me or after using strong or just any kinda drug and feel this way after it can very well mean you have depersonlization or derealization now yeah try not to panic please i know it sucks im suffering everyday with it its been a good 3 weeks or so and hoping it will go away now let me tell you my story and also if your reading this while having intense depersonlization or derealization meaning you can barley keep your balance then please just sleep and read this later or your still high off of weed or something and you dont feel right and feel like your looping just read this later cuh the loopy goes away after good sleep becuase i remeber i got high and it just felt like a loop and slept it went away i came home and felt the loopy feeling again and just got in bed and it was hard to walk and just focus so i slept and it eventually would go away okay well let me start off with the facts and everything i learned mabey save you days of research

Now from everything ive researched and if you just search about dp/dr it automatically shows the dp manual website and that guy i think his name is daniel or something well yeah um he basically tells you and comforts you and stuff and says that you can get better and all that and says he knows the cure and then BAM! He just pulls out the "just buy my book and you'll have the cure right away" and it just breaks your heart that people would let you read all that and just hit you with a dead end but he they man is a great hope giver and he does understand how you feel honeslty he swid domething that changed the way i looked at things and kinda lowerd my worrying he said that "I used to be one of those people who thought i would never get cured from dp/dr and that i wouldnt be one of the luvky ones" and that just reslky changed me to know that there are people out there worried to and im not writing this for entertainment im not writing this becuase i bored im writing this becuase i want people to know what ive learned and what im going through myself look theres almost no hope i can give you becuase you will still think about it but i can tell you that your not alone please know that there are hundreds people with this issue as well those people who say they had this feeling after doing some sort of drug and felt dp/dr for a week or even a month and it went away that possibly had transiet dp/dr and you may have a dp/dr that you actually need to work for it to become better and cured im not going through dp and im not sure about dr becuase im trying to find symtoms for them but i have notice one this so i took a nap today and got out of my bed after i woke up and walked to the door and i looked back at my bed and it felt almost like i didnt feel mself laying on the bed just now but i remeberd everything i knew i was on the bed but i just was suprised that i laying on he bed and now i the door so basically were im going here for me and im not sure for you but i think i know what im doing and am thinking but i do it with less feeling almost like i just do it without any feeling and im not sure if its numbness kinda feeling like when i scratch or put my pinky into my ear if its itchy i pick up my hand and start scratching and when my dp/dr was kinda worse it didnt feel like my hand was in my ear almost it felt the relief of the itchness going away but didnt feel it as much as if i didnt have dp/dr if that makes since but please and im asking from the bottom of my heart if you read this please just respond mabey a paragraph and even just you symtoms or information youve gatherd and all sorts of things just please lets work together becuase 2 is better than 1 and you know we all have to work together theres enough lonlyness and sad in this world so please lets work together we are all we got literally we cant communicate with anyone else beside another living human lets work together guys all im asking and it would mean a lot to me becuase i know how cruel and terrifying this can be and i just hope a lot of us can come together on this disscusion and show us what has helped us to fet through it and if youve gotten or found a cure please oh and this is a big please share it the repsones and those people who say they wish they can have dp/dr they for sure want there lives ruin and never had this before but please everyone listen to my story and hope you can relate and find hope into sorry for making the post so long but just grab some popcorn and read how i got depersonlization/derealization now i sent this to a message to someone who had dp/dr but they never reponded so if who see words that sound like i talking to someone its becuase i was was its just im to lazy to change it and just hope you can deal with and if you see me say something like telling him what not to do and stuff just know i was talking about a post but try making it like im talking to you..👍🏻

My is Luis im 14 years old and I was smoking weed with my friend. Yeah basically you know were im going with this im really scared and looking for answers. Look i think this has to do more with people who have anxiety or who have some sort of panic during in a blown high stage. Basically i smoked weed with my friend and this was actually my first time getting high and i totally paniced but tried to stay calm because in my mind i was just saying "okay your high dude this is what you wanted this is what you get it will blow off when you sleep now chill out" but even when i said that i still seemed to panic and just couldnt do it. So i fell to sleep and note that my friend has smoked many times and basically my high was so f*****g scary, sorry for my langauge but there is no other way putting it and all i could say while my friend was smiling and giggling was "how do people like this feeling" but to be honest i dont know if what i was feeling what he was i wanna say with all have our own highs when smoking pot but please tell me how you felt. Now back to my story, I fell to sleep and woke up feeling alright but a little kinda still high feeling so i went back to sleep after waking up then i really woke up and got out pf the bed and felt normal so i was at his house by the way so it was a good 2-3 hours later I asked to go home and he asked his brothers girlfriend to take us home so on the way home i was feeling still good and i was in the car and still good and i usally enjoy the wind in my face when i open the window and looking out but this time i dont know it wasnt as relaxing and then i got home and i got in my room and out of no were i was hit with a wave of feeling high but i was kinda just thinking about the feeling i felt before it and was just thinking about the high and then all of the sudden i get a high feeling so i was like hell nah i texted my friend asked him what weed was it and all of that and dont think it was laced because he was fine absoutley he still is till this day and so in panic i tries splashing water on my face and then it just got worse i was literaly feeling high at this point and i felt day dreamy and s**t was getting crazy and i was just in my head and couldnt focus and when i grabbed my hands together it almost felt like my hands werent tocuhing or like my soul or ghost was half way out of my body or moved out a little bit and when i acratched my head it took a while for me to feel my head being scratched so i deadass thought i was about to die a little bit so i really wrote something on my phone and unlocked it so that if i died someone would see my message and i basically wrote my death note and it was sad bruh like i was going through a lot i got my axiety from hearing loss whitch happen radomly and i was just having the worst summer of my life ever and i just let it go bruh right then in there i was prepared to die and thats actually sad to here from a 14 year old but i just was to dizzy and confused to care and just in case if i died bruh i tried to pray so just mabey if god and i come face to face he could atleast bring up my last words but bruh basically i still feel a week unconques feeling or like im not here or im daydreamy and get off focus and it actually went away for a few days like up to 3 and then came back becuase i wont lie i kinda thought about the high sensation which was stupid but ima try everything and put effort like you im trying to play video games to just kinda distract me and ima try and start exercising when i have the chance but bruh if you have any tips or anything for me just please help me out and i might not want to do the whole doctor thing becuase im still a minor and i dont want to get my parents into trouble becuase it would be retarded for me to go to someone and tell them i smoked weed and my parents let me go to my friends house how unreasponible right..? Not! Look my parents arent reasposible well they in a way are but to be it was my choice to smoke becuase i wanted to be cool but all i can do is try to make myself feel better and hope but i actually stay awake a lot like basically fall alseep at 7:00am which is a bad sleeping schedule but yeah man thats my story and i dont know if you still use this website or not or if your even having your sysmtoms which i hope with all my soul you dont but if you do im sorry man and to be honest i find it faithful that others like you have the same symtoms like me from pot but please message back when you can and sorry for the long post and please explain more about your symtoms and if you have time in your day tell me your story thank you I find this to be life changing and will probaly never be unthankful of life if this goes away and all of this started on

June 28, 2017

Please help man and hope we can be friends and im trying to be strong here but the first time you had this did it go away becuase you didnt say if it did or not it sounded like it to me but please and oh this website kinda helped me and explains what im feeling not sure if you've read it or not

Ive gotten better since then now its just me not being able to focus or feel like sometimes my eyes skip to one side to the other but like im in my head hope this massage gave you hope and wish you all the hope and healing in the world and please have hope i know its hard bruh but I might be 14 but ive been through so much s**t and yeah bruh ima try to fix my sleeping schedule mabey goodnight broski..😁💯😴

Written: June 19, 2017

Symtoms im facing:

•Looking in the feeling like its not me.

•Doing things while thinking and not much feeling or my body just reacts to what i think.


•Only panic attacks if i think about something bad but not much

•like im wathing myself doing things

•forget things sometimes but not important to much

•diffrent perspective and feel like my eyes skip left to right

•confused trying to figure out what to do

Please againg give me responses and and opinions and dont be afriad to respond please anything just put what your facing how you feel if your getting better ect. Thank you all guys enjoy what night or day wish you guys the bedt in life thank and ill be repsonding to comments.👍🏻

-Luis ?🏻

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    Bragging about smoking weed at 14 yrs old? That's big and clever! Before you know it, you will be hooked on class A's.

    It's a shame that the moderators didn't delete your whole post.

    I would recommend you talk to your school or doctor about drug counselling services in your area. If you truly are 14, don't ruin your life! Focus on your studies so that you can aim to go to Uni or job, unless the prospect of being a drug addict is all that you aspire to!

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    Hi Lui, wow!! Did you take a breath there? Your post concerned me somewhat Lui. Not the content as such (although that is concerning) but the WAY you wrote it. I was so concerned I had a look at some of your other post and you seem to write like this quite often. I also read a little of what you posted about.

    I wonder Lui if you have ever been diagnosed with a mental health issue? I have a friend who  has Bipolar. I don't know if you know anything about this illness? You basically have times where you are depressed but also times where you are manic. When my friend is manic he can write long, often hard to follow emails like you have written, where he has a strange idea in his head about something and needs to get it all out as fast as he can. He will leave out commas and often full stops so that the sentences (or thoughts) just run into one another. I see you write like this too.

    I may be very wrong about this Lui but this post and the others I looked at have sent up some red flags to me. Perhaps it is worth trying googling Bipolar Lui, just to see if any of it fits with you. If so, then I would speak to whichever adult you are closest too and tell them. Or take yourself to see a doctor on your own. If it is Bipolar then that is a very serious illness but there is medication you can take.

    Maybe I'm wrong Lui, and I apologise if I am. But as an adult I feel it would be wrong of me just to ignore my concerns.

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    shaz6098 Im so sorry if you consider my disscussion bragging for I regret smoking weed and I know I will forever. If it sounded like I was bragging im sorry and had no intesions and yes I will try my best focusing in school thanks for the advice. mari34228 I dont think I have biopolar I honestly was just write and forget to put comas, becuase in school I never really write essays. Im going to be a freshman this year and im going to try my best, I believe I have Depersonlization / Derealization, I feel brain fog most of the time or feel cut from reality and all of those symtoms from DP/DR. No im not trying to brag about anything and in all honesty I would not wish anobody to smoke or to feel even a second of what i feel. Only reason I dont consider being Biopolar is becuase I never would  have mood swings or depression episodes. To be honest I dont feel any of that I feel DP/DR and thats the only thing Ive found that relate to my symtoms but thank you for helping and I will defintely research more of Biopolar. 

    PS: I dont think weed did this to me I believe it was my anxiety that ive had from my hearing loss that started my anxiety and when i smoked weed it triggerd the flight or fight response and made it so im always in this phase if you have anything to share or say please feel free to comment thank you both for your responses.👍🏻😁

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    I read your article I have worked with people who have been in your situation and yes it is tough

    as I say to these guys remember why you gave up rember the here and now and take time to listen to your body and take a step away from the situation to think. about you and the others around you


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