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Hi all,

UTI, those 3 letters make my blood curdle as I'm having so much trouble with them.

I'm 27 years old, newly married and my husband & I are wanting to start a family.

But my nemesis, the UTI is standing in our way. I'm now so afraid to have sex these days because there's always a UTI to follow as punishment! For the last year and a half, they have become more & more frequent with me, and I've had them almost once a month for the past several months. (I must've had atleast over 10 last year.) and they turn me into a miserable, grumpy and emotional wreck. The last one I had lasted for two weeks! I had to take 3 rounds of cephalexin (or Keflex as docs call it) to rid it entirely, which is more than I've ever needed. I've been on Keflex many times and it's always helped, but it's taking longer & longer to work.

The UTI's always come back.

I've searched in vain and done all the little routine things you do to prevent them (wipe front to back, keep clean down there, pee after sex etc) u name it!

I've also been on Hiprex for about a year to help with it all. I have started taking strong Cranberry tablets and probiotics to try and keep the bacteria at bay. But it doesn't really seem to be working all that much.

I've had numerous urine and blood samples taken, and e-coli always seems to be the cause, plus there's always heaps of leukocytes present.

I have an appt with a urologist coming up, but it's far off as he's in high demand, so for now it's just a waiting game.

I've done so much research and discovered that D-mannose has helped a lot of people in preventing or reducing UTI's. So I jumped online and ordered two batches of capsules to see if it works for me, no harm in trying I suppose, I'll just about try anything. (It took two weeks to get here as they don't seem to have it in Australia sadly,)

The reviews are good (apart from a few bad ones) but I want to know if anybody here has had some success stories with it. Also there don't seem to be any clear guidelines on how much to take.

I hope to god it helps... Or I'm probably never going to have kids (I've had one miscarriage already, and had uti whilst pregnant , and friends tell me that the uti killed it!) and will probably end up with no husband either ...

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    Hi Emma smile I haven't had quite as much trouble as you seem to be having with UTI's but I do sympathise. I tried D-mannose powder as I was getting desperate after one UTI after another over a very short period of time.  I didn't actually have another (full blown) UTI after 2 tubs of powder....but who knows if it helped or not? I do still have burning and stinging and that miserable feeling after going to the loo quite often though. I take probiotics religiously.  Personally Cranberry does not help me but Hibiscus tea can be soothing and beneficial (it is usually in a tea with rosehip or chamomile) or Lemon Barley water.  You must also try and reduce your stress levels - which I know is easier said than done - my worse time with UTI's was during a very difficult and emotional time for me and I am sure it contributed to my poor health. I take natural stress relieving tablets every day and I do think it has helped me cope better.  I wish you all the best, I hope to read a post soon where you are feeling 100% better.  
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    D-Mannose helped me, but what I found whatreally  worked was drinking LOTS of water a day. I'm 28 and got uti's a lot last year in 2015. Stay off the cranberry pills & juice, those are just money grabs, it does  not help. DRINK WATER 3 litres a day, do not exceed that amount. Your body will naturally cleanse itself with water. WATER! - hope you get better
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    As for the D-mannose take it before and after sex, pee right after as well, drink lots of water. I have not had a uti since Oct 2015 after drinking water.
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    Do you wear tights? I found changing to old fashioned stockings and suspender belts helped. Also no tight jeans and all cotton knickers.
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    Hi EmmaG1988

    Last year I was in a similar boat to you I was getting at least one sometimes 2 UTI a month I had seen a urologist but they were not helping by just giving a long low dose of antibiotics, so I did some researching and got dmannose like you.

    At first this did the job and I was taking it after sex and in the morning although I still kept getting a UTI every month I have now upped my dose and take the this 3 sometimes 4 times a day and I have not had a UTI in the last 2 and a half months which is a miracle for me as I was getting them all the time. Also if I feel a UTI starting I take Dmannose every 2 hrs and my UTI is gone within half a day as well as drinking loads of water for this.

    In addition to this I take a womens probiotic everyday.

    I hope this helps but so far dmannose has been working for me and I would not be able to live without it now. I think I might still get a UTI occasionally but I know how to get rid of it and it know it happens less frequently.

    If anyone else has any tips I would also be happy to know as the pain when it happens is extreme.

    Kind Regards


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    Thanks guys for your answers and support :-)

    Well the d-mannose has been working well so far, it sure does take the pain away although I'm probably not quite infection free, so another round of Keflex again :-(

    The dmannose took a while to work as I wasn't taking enough of it, two capsules a couple of times a day doesn't seem to be enough.

    But I just discovered yesterday that need a urinary alkaliser to make it perform at its best, so I've begun taking it with Ural and so far so good.

    I will wait a little longer and see what happens and let everybody know!

    Fingers crossed!

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    Hi all,

    Thankyou once again for your support, I hope everyone is doing well!

    Just an update, the D-mannose capsules have been working a treat.

    After a slow start and some more research, i have discovered (as I mentioned earlier) that dmannose works best with a urinary alkaliser. So I now take three capsules three times a day with the alkaliser to wash it down and it has helped immensly.

    I do occasionally get the frequency back, along with minor burning sensations but they don't usually last long.

    The major irritants are sex or alcohol, so one has to take more of the capsules when engages in these activities to keep the UTI's at bay. (Flushing out all the nasties)

    But I would recommend it to anybody, it has really helped so much!

    I will still go to the urologist to make sure everything is ok down there, as i would still like to know what on earth is going on to cause it in the first place, but apart from that I'm much happier.

    I hope everybody is in good health and would recommend anyone experience the horror of frequent UTI's to give it a go with the urinary alkaliser.

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    I was plagued with UTIs over an 18 month period. I cannot possibly convey how awful it was - more than 10 over that time. It affected everything, my work, my family life and my sex life with my lovely husband. I'm 52 years old and post menopausal. Dmannose saved me. Two tablets every night for nine months and not a single infection. Menopause sucks though...now I've just been diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia. It's very difficult to maintain a physical relationship with your partner when ''down there" is continually being scrutinised by medical professionals! What I would give to be 35 again and be hot without issues!

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    I wish I had seen this post sooner!

    I too have been suffering very badly with recurrent UTIs (always E. Coli). I had 8 last year and have already had another two this year so far. I have tried everything I can think of; drinking lots and lots of water, cranberry juice, cranberry extract tablets, high strength vitamin C tablets, and of course going to the toilet straight after sex. Heck, I even just jump straight in the shower after sex and make sure I am totally clean. Nothing seems to work. I am seeing a urologist in a month or so, but don't hold high hopes they will do much to help me.

    I might give this D mannose a go and see how it goes. I have never heard anyone mention it before!

    I hope your problem was sorted - and am comforted that I am not the only one who suffers these horrible infections, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

    All the best smile

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    sad Mine came back 8 days ago... I'm starting to think I have IC, because if it was a UTI it would have been gone within 5 days..... So I'm back on the D-mannose powder and a new thing I found out about called Marshmellow in liquid form.. The MW works wonders and takes the pain away immediately, it also helps heal the bladder, but my mind is off the charts from kidney stones, back to UTI, back to IC. I've had it with doctor's, which are NO help at all. They always prescribe antiobiotics even when there's no bacteria, but even than bacteria can be removed naturally (dmannose etc) This sucks!!

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