Will Sertraline work this time around?

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Second timer on Sertraline, here, looking for reassurance if possible.

I was on Sertraline (50mg, then 100mg,then back to 50) for nearly 2 years for anxiety, during which time I suffered three bereavements, including losing my Mum, which I coped with amazingly well. I was worried the Sertraline had numbed my grief and that I somehow needed to grieve properly, plus I had gained almost 2 stone so, in spite of how well Sertraline made me feel, I slowly tapered off it late last year. I didn't suffer withdrawal symptoms but within a few months I found I was anxious again (though not as accutely as before) and my grief hit me like a tidal wave, I have become utterly depressed and I was crying all the time.

I'm now back on Sertraline, 50mg and have just taken my 11th tablet this morning.

I have had far more side effects this time around (including loss of appetite) which I didn't get first time. Most have eased though my appetite is still not right.

But I am so demotivated, depressed and anxious every morning, I don't want my day to start, I feel scared for no reason and I just want to lie in bed.

I do feel I get better as the day goes on, by evening I feel much brighter but each day I wake up feeling dreadful.

My sleep isn't too bad-it takes me longer to fall asleep and then I dream a lot and feel I wake a few times but I'm certainly not having insomnia the way I have in the past. But in the morning I feel like I have barely slept.

I know it's still early days but I'm scared this time I'm more depressed/grieving and that it won't help like before, as last time I was more anxious than anything.

Can anyone confirm that they remember feeling worse each morning and how long that lasted? I don't cry all the time now and the fact I pick up in the evenings.. Can I take this as a positive sign?

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    same thing is happening to me, I wake up every morning feeling tingly I'm guess from being anxious, nervous, and worried. then in afternoon I feel better more like myself and I get my hopes up only to wake up again feeling horrible all over again. I'm currently on 37.5mg. I started 7 weeks ago first 6 weeks at 25mg and this last week I've been at 37.5mg. if anyone has and ideas on this please share.

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      I wonder if your dose is too low? I've read that the lowest therapeutic dose is 50mg so maybe it will take you reaching that for you to level out?

      I think I'm marginally better now than when I first posted 8 days ago but mornings are still my worst time.

      What time do you take your tablet?

      I take mine in the morning but I am in a habit of waking around 5am so I take it then and eventually doze back off although my sleep is very light and I have weird dreams.

      When I was on Sertraline before I always took it in the morning and this worked well, I don't want to change to evenings as I suffer with insomnia and am scared of making that worse although I do feel wiped out after taking my tablet. I get a strange tingling sensation in my hands and then the anxiety ramps up.

      I just feel so fed up and demotivated every morning and I can't face food. But hopefully it's a good sign for both of us that afternoons and evenings are better!

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      Hi Claire, I definitely think the feeling good in the evenings is a good sign that its working, I also get very discouraged when I wake up after having some what of a normal evening. I though about the increase but I'm so sensitive to the side effects that I get nervous just thinking about upping again its just my anxiety talking but going through such horrible side effects is overwhelming. I take mine at 7am everyday I also took Setreline in the past always in am because I've always had issues sleeping and like you I don't want to mess up the routine. when I was on it last time I took 12.5mg for almost 7 years and then in Feb 2020 I stopped taking it because I felt great didn't think I needed it anymore, BIG MISTAKE!! as far as the food and appetite I'm exactly the same way and I loved to eat before, I lost 60 pounds in 5 months not in a healthy way. its just hard to eat. however I did notice that when I feel better in the evening I eat alot latter in evening.

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      I've tried to reply but it is currently being moderated, not sure why, hopefully it will show up in this thread soon but just wanted you to know that I a haven't ignored you post and that I am here for you. Also it was great to read the post where you asked the person who was a third timer on Sertraline how they are doing 5 months on and they are so well. It gives us hope!

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      Thank you for replying, I'm like so many others looking for hope that our meds will work again. its always nice to speak with people that have had the same experience and understand how we feel. I'm happy you replied thank you.

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      I'm very glad to chat with you too! My post that is still waiting to be moderated was just saying that I have joined a group on social media (not sure if mention of it was what triggered the moderation) and many people on there are saying that it takes longer, side effects are worse but that it does work second and even third time around.

      Some people say it takes 8 weeks, some as long as 12 but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. x

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