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Hi all I posted a couple of weeks ago about my fibroid basically after problems with periods etc I had a scan about a year and a half ago which showed 4 very small fibroids gyno said to small to be causing pain and just sent me awY with painkillers after pain getting worse last year near ovaries and still with bad period pains I was referred for another scan which they found an inguinal hernia which is neAr ovaries had a laparoscopic operation done a couple of weeks ago I asked to check out my fibroids whilst in there lol which he did but could only see from the top of uterus he saw a fibroid mass which he said was size of a big apple I went for my outpatient appointment last night for hernia and he had took a few photos of fibroid mass he found I was very shocked to see my insides and even more shocked to see the fibroid which looked big he wasn't sure if it was one fibroid or more than one as he was looking from outside of uterus my question is when they say a fibroid mass does it mean one fibroid or could it mean more than one clumped together also if it is more than one would they have to get bigger before they operate roughly working it out if it's one fibroid I would say it's about 11cm if it's all 4 clumped together I would say each one around 5/6cms each I'm just wondering if it makes a difference I really want them out now but worried gyno will make me wAit im seeing gyno 24th July ,I'm 47 had my kids and just want to get on with my life ,sorry I it's so long any advice would really appreciate it xx

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    the first question i'd be asking myself is the pain gone since they repaired your hernia.

    also where are you up to regarding your menopause.

    how are your periods now.

    fibroids are suppose to start shrinking when your estrogen gets less after your menopause.

    (unless your daft like i was and boost your estrogen with HRT)

    i would say dont be in too much of a hurry getting your lady gizzards out if theres not a problem right now.

    best wishes

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      Hi chica the pain And aching I was getting around were the hernia I was getting seems better I'm still getting healing pains now which is a different type of pain ,before the op I was getting a stinging pain around my uterus which I assumed wS from hernia but it's still there ,I had a period a few days after op which was just as painful as it normally is ,when I first had a scan for the hernias year before last she checked everything and said everything looked normal and wasn't going through menopause ,which could have caused painful period s I have a period due before I see gyno so will know more then as regards period pain and healing pain ,my mum was 55 when she went through menopause ,I just need to see what gyno says really I'm hoping he says can remove just the fibroids I know there's a risk they grow back but not sure how quick if they did hopefully wouldn't be for a few years and by that time may be near menopause ,I would imagine I would need another scan to see what's going on so they may be able to see if menopause is on its way ,I keep looking at the photos the surgeon gave me and not liking the thought of it growing inside me ,also last year I had an injection once a month for 3 months that's brings on a temporary menopause as they thought I had endometriosis so I assume that would have slowed down the fibroid growth so could have grown bigger if I hadn't have had it ,just got to wait to see what gyno says my gyno is pretty good so hopefully he will have all the answers ,do you have fibroids yourself ,if so what stage are you at x
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      GOd knows what causes my pain near lsft ovary or sometimes under my left side ribs.

      i've had so many tests that all come back clear.

      the digestivo people give me IBS tablets and i take B complex vits that stop my diarrhea.

      they say my fibroi.ds have died and turned to rocks.

      my pain is like a stitch

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      Have u been checked for hernia I didn't have a lump with mine they were inguinal hernias I had one either side and not always visible in women but very painful can I ask how old u are and have your fibroids died due to menopause x
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      apart from ct scans with and without contrast  an mri showed fibroids.

      i wish i could get someone else to take a look at the cd that came with the mri.

      i think all the specialists i asked had gotten the hump as i went private.

      especially with me being a foreigner.

      i've also had barium enema ,clear.

      i also had colonoscope but had to be stopped as it was torture.

      i really dont know what to do any more.

      the pain is consistently lower left where i think my ovary is.

      eating gives me jip and my poo became very pencil thin but these days its gone to mush.

      i'm getting fobbed off with ibs so am being medicated accordingly,

      my tummy is bloated and i'm scared to do any abdominal exercise in case something busts open.

      i,ve always been fit as a fiddle until all this started three and half years ago.

      at the onset i lost 10 klos, was doubled up with pain , freezing cold,hot flushes.

      one thing that does niggle me is that very previous to this i had an accident when i slipped in a jaccuzzi and sat on a powerful jet.oops....

      i've got to the point that i,m thinking none of these docs believe me.

      so my new way to carry on in life is to take small amounts of tryptozol,

      which really does kill pain.

      i'm 67.went through menopause at age 43.but then took hrt for 12 years.

      do you think i should start all over again and ask for an mri?

      i wonder .


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    Hope all goes well,

    I think you have to be firm and say how you feel it has changed your life..when the specialist asked me how i feel i told him at times the pain is so bad i could jump of a bridge...he was shocked but that was how i felt.

    I have been here before and had a massive op at 29 due to large fibroids..i know how bad it will get if they are left.My review from my laperoscopy is on the 30th July..hoping he will agree to do hysterectomy.

    I do wish you well and from another fellow suffer know how you are feeling.

    Sending hugs x


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    Hi I was exactly the same,I was getting pain in my stomach last year I was in hospital for a week with all the tests you can think of they said that my fibroids would not be given me the pain ut my doctor said they would as I am thin,I went on the pill and that helped for about 6months but it all came back so now I am getting a hysterectomy in about 12 weeks just keep fighting, hope this helps
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    hi sue.. i thought a mass was a cluster of fibriods but i could be wrong hun. sorry your feeling so ill with it all. I cant really help u very much other than send my support but could u answer a couple of my questions please as im confused with how i feel.

    i have 15mm and 29mm fibroids in my right uterus

    my questions are do u feel very sick with them?

    do u have really bad back ache?

    i feel mine have grown as i feel much worse.

    with u saying youors were small i was just wondering whether my symptoms are the same cos one person is saying mine are small and doctor saying they big enough to be a problem.

    all i want is to feel human again.

    i also get horrid pains when i go for a bowel movement.

    im back at doctors tomorrow and hoping to demand another scan cos im sure something is wrong xx

    i hope u get sorted soon sue cos us ladies living like this sucks xx

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      Hi Hun it is a cluster my gyno told me ,I do feel sick sometimes when the pain is quite bad I don't really suffer back ache but I know some people can ,as for wAter infections I get the symptom of an infection quite a lot it's horrible but then goes after a day or two when I drink a lot of water ,gyno has told me that mine are not really big but sometimes the smallish ones can cause more problems ,hope you got on ok at docs good luck x
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