Wisdom tooth abscess

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Hello everyone!

I am currently in absolute agony to the point i where i have no idea what to do with myself due to an infection around my upper right wisdom tooth.

I went to the dentist yesterday after having a small niggle for a day or so, he prescribed me 200mg metrodianizol and said there is a infection above the tooth.

After going to the dentist i have been in mind numbing pain, ive been taking the antibiotics along with 600mg ibuprofen (3x 200mg) & 1x 30/500 co-codamol. This only gives me relief for about 3/4hours and then like a freight train smacking me the pain is back throbbing!

Now i had a small infection on the left side of my face last year and was prescribed 500mg flucoxacillin which cleared it up within a few days, considering this infection is alot worse im wondering if the 200mg metro is too lower dosage to effectively reduce the infection?

My question is, how long will the antibiotics take to start working? Im bed bound atm as moving my head causes the tooth to throb horrendously!

Any advice is greatly welcomed and appreciated!

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    I know what your pain feels like.  Ive had same six weeks ago.  I'm afraid you just have to see it out,  the antibiotics take 24 hours to kick in and all you can do meantime is keep taking the pain relief until you get over the worst of it.  I found ibuprofen helped the most and also using orajel numbs the pain locally for a bit. It feels like you cant get away from the pain but it will ease over the next few days. 

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      Thankyou for the reassurance!

      I had another terrible night of pain consisting of about 2hours sleep.

      It now feels asif the infection is moving from my tooth into the roof of my mouth. Im hoping that this is a sign of it finding a route to drain and not that its spreading about.

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      It's definitely one of the most painful things that you can experience and only others who've had the same thing can appreciate just how agonising it feels.  I've still got to have the roots taken out and go through the whole thing again! If it's there's no improvement you should go back to dentist and they can clean it out and put a dressing on it which might help. Hope you get rid of the pain soon!

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      I agree Amber.  I'd rate it 10 on the pain scale.  I hope I never have to go through it again....

      I asked my periodontist if he EVER had a toothache - he said no.  No?  Even though he is good, how could he possibly know what I was going through....

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      BullTerrier, Often infections spread; they're unpredictable.,,  But it sounds like your sinuses may be involved, i.e. They found infectious 'stuff' for lack of a better word, just under my sinus area which was scraped out a week ago bringin a lot of relief to my pain at least. 

      Still healing, but at least the pain is gone.  Ask your dentist if your sinuses may be involved.  Ask him for a CT scan.  I am also going to an ENT Dr. To rule out anything else that may have affected my sinuses.

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    First, I empathize with the pain you are having.  I also was in excruciating pain for about week, to the point where I wanted to jump out of the window.  I also had an infection under an implant and below my sinuses.  I also took 2 rounds of antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and the pain did not get better since the infection came back.  I was taking too many ibuprofen because 800mg only lasted me for 3 hours or so, and then I had to do what I had to do to get just a little relief from pain I don't remember having in a long, long time.

    The antibiotics helped just a little and unfortunately the infection came back - who knows why ... but they had to do another procedure after they saw the results of a CT scan and there was infected tissue just below my sinuses which once again had to be scraped away.  The procedure itself was so painful because the area hurt to begin with so the shots which normally don't bother me were horrible; even opening my mouth was horrible..I was in tears during the whole process.

    It is just that sometimes the antibiotics that are prescribed just don't work and it's important that you ask them for a different/stronger antibiotic if that's the case.  After this procedure (a week ago) they gave me Clindamycin and although I was so drained the next day, I was so relieved that the pain finally subsided to the point that I got some relief.  It's healing now and I pray that there won't be any more problems!  But this whole month has been a nightmare.

    If your antibiotics are not working, ask for another kind and ask for tests that will show what is wrong so it can be treated properly.  I feel like I lost a month of my life, due to pain.

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      Hi trudilu,

      That really does sound like you was dragged through the depths of hell!

      The pain im experiencing continues to get worse as the day goes on, to the point where not even cocodamol & ibuprofen + oragel work. My concern is that i over do it with the ibuprofen, although i have been told that a doctor can prescribe 800mg 4x a day making the dose 3200mg a day, im coming close but not near there so maybe ill be okay with the ibuprofen.

      Ive decided that if nothing has improved by monday then im going back and i will kick and shout untill they give me some stronger antibiotics & tests to see whats going on.

      I do have a pack of 200mg penicillin which i started taking today along side the metrodianizol to see if that will improve anything atall.

      I do understand that it will be 48hours atleast untill the antibiotics start to work.

      All fingers crossed that tomorrow i start to feel a improvement.. even if its just an extra hour of relief.. id be hugely grateful

      Thankyou for your reply, it does ease things slightly when you realise your not the only one going through or have gone through such a traumatic experience.

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      Hey, I am just wondering how you are now.  I am experiencing exactly the same as you and have been since Saturday.  Went to dentist today and told I have infection around my wisdom tooth.   The pain is horrendous, I had surgery two weeks ago to pin and plate my humerus bone and this is worse pain!!  Got antibiotics and told to keep taking the pain relief.  I am eating strong co codomol and ibuprofen like sweeties but only getting a few hours relief.  I don’t think I can take much more of this ... I am actually like a demented woman.   Please tell me that this gets better?! 
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      Hi claire.

      Firstly, you will feel better in a few more days and despite how agonising and debilitating the pain is, just do your best to keep your mind off it. Believe me its hard!

      I am alot better now, finally the pain has gone but i do still have some swelling in the roof of my mouth which is uncomfotable!

      In the end i figured that the metronidazole was not working for me, even after 4 days and umpteen amounts of cocodamol/ibuprofen the pain was only getting worse.

      I got relief for about 4hours from 1x 30/500 cocodamol, 1x 500 paracetamol, 2/3x ibuprofen, which in anyones eyes is way too much pain killers, this went on for about 6 days, on the 4th day i got amoxicillin and hey presto, 2 days later the pain and majority of the swelling had gone away.

      In my opinion the concoxcion* of antibiotics is what helped the most.

      If you havent already i would speak to your dentist and ask if they can prescribe you amoxicillin with metronidazole, alot of forum scanning proved that this is a very affective combination!

      I promise you'll feel much better in a few days, just keep taking the pain meds and sleep as much as you can!

      Fingers crossed for you and please dont hesistate to message! You have no idea how much people on this forum helped me through with distraction, plus i believe it helps knowing your not the only one suffering!

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      Hey, thanks for the reply.   I was prescribed doxycycline today because I am supposedly allergic to penicillin (it’s been stamped on my file since I was a child) so no one will risk giving me it even tho I don’t know what happens when I take it.   I’m going to phone the dentist tomorrow morning and ask if I can get my tooth removed.  It’s an partially impacted wisdom tooth causing the problem & the dentist I saw today wasn’t keen on removing it.  I’d do it myself If i could.   Just to make it more complicated I’ve a stomach ulcer and ibuprofen flares that up but I’ve had to take them for the pain.   Never experienced the likes before.  If I thought I could knock myself out with a head butt to the wall I’d do  it .     Near the edge!! X 

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      Im with you on the whole pulling the tooth yourself, i tried, believe me, its not worth the pain and risk of spreading the infection.

      In my experience the dentist wont remove an infected tooth untill the infection has gone, i went the hospital last week to an appointment that ive been waiting almost 9months for and they wont pull any of my teeth due to the risk of spreading the infection, i was instructed to continue antibiotics and wait for another appointment.

      Since stopping taking all the pain killers etc im now faced with aching kidneys, im putting it down to a detox from all the chemicals but none the less, 1 problem leads to another!

      As i said before, keep ontop of the pain killers but try to limit paracetamol ( i was doubling up at times which i think is why im aching) and in a few days you should start to feel better....

      1 more thing that helped give me some relief was oragel, worked for about 45mins which inbetween doses was enough to tide me over untill i could take more pain killers!

      Fingers crossed for you!!x

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    Eventually,  my Dr. gave me Oxycodone which I took for about a week (3X/day) along with 1 ibuprofen.  It really gave me quite a big relief until they started wearing off.  I don't know what cocodamol is ...is that a narcotic?  My doc readily perscribed it as I was in so much pain; although I had a hell of a time filling it because of the opiate epidemic nationally.  My doc helped me by sending me to some local pharmacies that are not afraid to fill it w/o asking you entire medical history!!

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