Withdrawal from mirtazapin

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Hi all. I have read most of the comments on here and have found them useful thank you. I was on 45 mg up to mid 2016 and had lots of anxiety attacks and insomnia (it never helped my sleep anyway). I gradually reduced to 7.5mg since June last year and stopped altogether 3 weeks ago. First couple days felt fine but then started throwing up (dr gave me Metroclopramide), not eating and not sleeping. Feeling rubbish all the time and no energy. Can anyone help with how to get over this. I had a bad night last night and have nearly succumbed to going back to mirt. Spoke to dr, not helpful, he suggested I go back on mirt or start Citalopram!! I asked him about herbal remedies and he's against it favouring prx drugs. I am reading a book on natural highs and it recommends 5-http which I've tried but that keeps me awake and Kalms which seem to take edge off feeling anxious but no sleep. I have to have b12 injections (due 1 today) hopefully that will make me feel better!!! Sorry I have gone on a bit. I would b very grateful for any advice. The shaking is really bad and embarrassing

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    Did you stop at 7.5 ? I think that is too high to stop.

    Did you get any withdrawals on your taper down ?

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    Marianne hello again.  To quit Mirt' at 7.5 mg is sure to bring on the horrendous discontinuation symptoms that you describle, sadly the only way to overcome these is either to ride it out (no time frame sorry, weeks/months, maybe more) or go back to the last dose you stopped taking Mirt at.  The sooner the better would work well, longer periods may sometimes be difficult on the CNS and harder to stabilise.

    It is far better to take a slow taper off Mirt, like the rule of dropping 10%  every 3-4 weeks, yes 7.5 is way too high, I tapered over a year, going to 0.1 mg, (crazy).

    Wishing you well.  Click on my name and follow the links under my status for a full informed choice.

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      Thank you. It is nearly a month now and today is the first day I've not felt sick. I don't want to go back now. I think I will see how I am over the next few days and if I can't cope then I will go back to 7.5mg. I am taking Kalms every day for the last 2 weeks which I think has helped. I have also been taking high strength omega 3 and vitamin b. I am b12 deficient and had injection yesterday which I hope will help

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      Yes the B Vitamins and in particular Magnesium is essential for sleep.  Hope the injection helps too.  Speaking of which, having a real tired day today ... Mirt adjustment probably after stopping 2 weeks ago from a snail pace taper.  

      WD symptoms come in windows and waves, here one day, little the next & then again the next ... ugh !

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      Hi. Have you had your b12 tested. I couldn't get out of bed Monday had the injection Monday pm and today I feel so much better today. I think as you say we are short on these vitamins and the nasty horrible mirtazapine makes it worse

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      Have been looking into a slow mirt taper.

      I m on 45mg. Planning on dropping 5mg for 4 weeks. If that goes well 5mg for 4 weeks. If that goes well 5mg for 4 weeks taking me to 30mg. I will see how that goes then I will decide if I will then start to drop 3mg every 4 weeks to 20mg. Then 2mg every 4 weeks to 10mg.

      This is where it gets hard as to drop 10% every 4 weeks will take for ever. At some point it is mathematically impossible. At what point do you jump off. I know it probably depends on how the taper has been. I have heard many people can come off mirt without too many problems.

      I'm on venlaflaxine and diazepam as well. I really don t want to taper for more than a year and hope im lucky and can speed it up.

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      Yes you're right Sarah, it does take a long time to taper, burn he slow taper has better results it seems. Yes try your plan, see how it goes, along the way you will know if you are going too fast because you will get symptoms & if so you can then go slower.

      It didn't get impossible for me to do the sums, I came off at 0.1 mg - finally alternating days at that stage, then missing 2,3, etc

      Hope yours goes well, let us know how you are x

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      Hi. Your right taper slowly. It took me 8 months. I stopped at 7.5mg which was a mistake I should have gone lower. I had dreadful wd for the last 3 weeks but was determined not to go back. Today is the first day I feel ok and have an appetite. I lost nearly a stone. If you don't already, take vitamin B complex. It should help

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      Did you get withdrawals on the taper down to 7.5 mg. I have a baby and am really worried about how I will cope with tapering for about a year if I get withdrawals through out.
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      Hi Sarah.

      I was ok had the odd day when I was a bit shaky but on the whole ok. Let your body tel you how when to taper. Do it by about 10% each time ad go right down to 1%. Take your time. Congratulations on your baby. Don't rush things. If you feel you have to go back a bit then do it. Good luck

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