Withdrawal from Zopliclone

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My story starts back to July 31/16 when I decided to get off of Oxicontin. I've had 2 back surgeries and every time the doc would prescibe Oxicontin. Well the first time I was on them, I quit before i became a full blown addict. The second time, I was on them for a long period of time and they started co ntrolling my life. I became a different person and I lost my fiance because of the pills. I quit cold turkey on July 31 and I might add, I went to hell and back. I contiplated suicide, had really severe withdrawal symptoms but throughout all that I was sucessful in getting off them. My doc was absolutely amazed I was able to do that.

Now onto my zopliclone horror story. Well I have a sleep disorder and have trouble falling to sleep so once again, the doc who prescibed the oxy to me prescirbed the zopliclone to me as well. So I started taking them and I didnt know they would be so highly addictive. I started getting real bad acme on my face but for months I didnt realize it was the zopliclone that was causing it. So 3 days ago I quit taking them all together.

The first morning off of Zop, I felt like road kill. No energy, lifeless, and wanted just to crawl in a hole and die. But besides that I felt more alert, and actually more conscious to what was going on around me. I need to say something here, I dont know how many people will read this but one thing I noticed while on Zopliclone was I never dreamed. The drug would literally knock me out and when I woke up the next morning, it felt like I never got any rest at all. Day one being off the drug, I actually woke up and could remember what I dreamt about.

Day two off of zopliclone, no real significent withdrawal symptoms , just a little lack of sleep because the body needs to get use to not having zop in the body anymore.

Day 3, feel much better but still feeling some withdrawal symptoms. 

So the nuts and bolts of my story here is when I quit Oxicontin, I literally thought I was going to die. The withdrawal from that drug was the hardest experience I have ever had to endure. Now I am tackling the zopliclone and the withdrawals from this is a mere childs play compared to the oxy. I made my mind up that I was going to be drug dependancy free at the end of the year. The zopliclone is the last druyg I am or I should say was addicted to. I have informed all health officials I deal with that under no circumstance do I get administered any drug whatsoever that is habit forming in the least. Why you may ask that I did this? and heres my answer. 

Getting off of the oxy made me into a different person or I should say the person I was before getting hooked on OXy. I newly descovered my faith in God and I know deep down in the bottom of my soul, I am a good man. I need to be off of any dependent drug so I can complete my journey in life. No one can see the beauty everywhere you look unless you see it with sober eyes. I love life more now than I ever did and I will never return to a drug induced coma that literally I was in being told to poisen my body. That will never happen again.

God bless all those out there who are going through their own struggles. Please, Dont give up. It is worth it in the end.

Take care everyone

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    Hi Karl, wow good for you getting off oxy..that must have been rough.

    Benzo w/d is different I think, most ppl recommend tapering off.

    Best wishes

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      Rough?. Thats an understatement. That drug literally destoys lives and if you dont have the willpower to overcome, it can lead to a life long addiction to it. I quit because I wanted my life back. I was sick and tired of getting up in the morning and what do I do, the first thing was to locate my pills. What a life that is. Drugged up all the time , and it becomes more improtant than people in your life.,
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    Hey Karl,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Through Christ I can do all things.

    To be an addict one needs to have both a physical dependence AND an emotional dependence on a substance.

    You had only the physical dependence. Our bodies chemically adjust to whatever we put into it...our bodies respond by wanting more. While vegetables are good to be dependent upon, opioids cause chemical changes.

    Whether one is fighting an addiction or a physical dependence, the road to purge is just as difficult.

    My neurologist introduced me to 3 mg of Melatonin. I take it about two hours before bedtime...works like a charm...I wake up alert and ready to go. Some of us with hyperactive minds do not produce the melatonin we need to sleep

    Your story is true for thousands and thousands of people.

    May you grow in Christ!

    Kind regards


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      Thank you for your kind comments. I feel its a miracle to me in two ways. One being able to remove myself from being drug dependant but also finding Christ in my life along the way. I feel really blessed now in many ways and I will do everything in my power to asist others in their times of turmoil. I thank Christ every day now for giving me the chance to prove who I am as a person and to pass on his words to all that need to hear it. 
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