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I was going through some of my files and noticed that I had put together a compilation of Remeron Withdrawal symptoms from six years ago when I first tried Remeron and went off. I think it helped me relate to what I was going through with what others were going through back six years ago and currently now that I'm once again going through Remeron withdrawals.

The first section is just a list of the symptoms themselves in alphabetical order. The second section are excerpts from people's comments where I think I obtained some of the symptoms for the list.

I'm not sure what web sites these were taken from. Also, we may not know how long someone was on Remeron, at what dose, and whether they tapered or went off cold turkey. And it's possible they were on other medications at the same time which could have compounded their symptoms. We just don't know all the facts. This is just a list for your information only.

Although these symptoms are most likely from withdrawal, if any of them are really uncomfortable or concerning, whether it's actually from withdrawal or something else, talk to your doctor.

If you have any other withdrawal symptoms that you want to add, feel free to reply to this post and add a comment.




anxiety and panic are tremendous



Bad anxiety

belly aches

blurred vision

breathing shallow

can't eat

can't eat anything without sweating and getting more nauseous

can't get to sleep at night and the adrenaline pumps through my body all night long

cant relax

can't sleep

cold and hot flushes


cold-hot alternation

complete desperation

cramp-like spasms in my stomach


crawling side of the head or parts of body

deep depression



disrupted sleep, don't feel tired at night



Eating was out of question

Electric waves over my back and head

excruciating upper back aches

exhausting nausea


extreme anxiety

extreme anxiety and nausea

extremely nauseated

eye twitches


feel anxious

feel like crap!

feel like I have low grade flu

feel sick

feel wired like after you've taken crack

feeling of doom

feeling sick all the time

feelings of doom and hopelessness

fever like condition

front ribs pain

gastro symptoms remind me about my surgeries and suffering

general fatigue

generally feeling crap

generally felt awful

gnawing incapacitating back pain (right below the shoulder blades)


gum boils

had some killer headaches

head feels like it's got a clamp around the back of it


heart palpitations


hot and cold flushes

hot sweats

hunger pains


inability to sleep

incredibly tired


insomnia is terrible

intense fear and anxiety

intensive anxiety



light-headed and like I'm going to faint

Loss of appetite

motion sickness

My head pricks


nausea (with or without food)

nausea wakes me up at 3:30 am and that's it


neck and back pain


no sleep for days

no sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time

not sleeping right

numbness in my body especially in bed at night

panic attacks

physically feel really sick

Physically my appetite has decreased dramatically


random dumping (sweating, nausea, diarrhea after eating)

Really bad stomach problems

right sided stomach pain, resembling my previous gallbladder surgery

ringing in the ears


severe insomnia




Skin crawling on the back of my head

so drowsy

sore throat

spinning head

stomach gets upset

stomach spasms


sweating profusely many times a day



terrible abdominal pains

terrible anxiety

the runs

throat spasms

tied during the day

total feeling of being disconnected

Tremendous pressure and spasms in my upper stomach and chest

tremendous tension and anxiety



twitching eyes

uncontrollable tearfulness

violent and long lasting panic attacks

Vivid dreams

wake up early from back pain

weird feeling like I'm going to have some kind of a fit

zero appetite

“But when I go off of it completely within 7-8 days I get the same picture: terrible abdominal pains, heartburn, cramps, some diarrhea, hunger pains, excruciating upper back aches that strangely come and go suddenly, exhausting nausea, no sleep for days, tremors, sweating profusely many times a day, general fatigue, fever like condition, shakiness, dizziness,headaches and goosebumps, electric waves over my back and head, feeling of doom, complete desperation. I have never felt all of these symptoms at once before. In fact I have never felt some of them at all ever before.”

“I have been on it for two weeks and came off and it has been three weeks and I am still extremely nauseated. It is awful! I definitely think it is withdrawals.”

“I have had the same experience. Headaches, nausea/vomiting, anxiety, motion sickness, severe insomnia, aches etc etc. Have been trying to get off it for years.”

“It's not just my moods (my depression/anxiety had been great before coming off med), I physically feel really sick, been feeling extremely nauseated and last night couldn't sleep because I kept thinking I was going to throw up. Is this a normal reaction coming off mirtazapine?”

“The alternate nights went well although it felt like the 48 hour gap was too long and come 48 hours I was desperate to take my tablet. During the week where I completely stopped, I was incredibly tired, irritable, tearful, drowsey and generally felt awful. ”

“Stopped mirtazapine a week ago now after reducing over a month,and I too have gone through hell with withdrawal symptons. Bad anxiety, sweating, shaking, feeling sick, I feel just as bad as I did before I went on them 7 months ago. ”

“I haven't put my prescription in on time I have gone through the most agonising hell of withdrawal symptoms. I can't sleep. I feel anxious. I have panic attacks. I have a weird feeling like I'm going to have some kind of a fit. My head feels like it's got a clamp around the back of it. My head pricks. I feel wired like after you've taken crack. I feel sick. I can't eat. My stomach gets upset. I'm shaky. ”

“Like alot of other people for me the worst thing was insominia and to be honest that hasnt improved and I've been on and off sleeping tablets in an effort to establish a new sleep pattern. I was also getting really viloent and long lasting panic attacks as well as deep depression, to the point where I couldn't function. but as I said eventually it got back to my normal state. ”

“I found this post, because I also have been getting some bad side effects coming off the Mirtazapine, Mainly Anxiety, and panic attacks, I even experinced some heart palpitations, which i mentioned to my doctor. ”

“I went 'cold turkey' from Mirtazapine and, although it is a bloody horrible experience including extreme anxiety, uncontrollable tearfulness, inability to sleep and generally feeling crap... ”

“Yes, trying to stop them, the withdrawals are horrendous for me. I feel sick, shaky, disconnected, and anxious, all in all a total mess! ”

“Feeling dizzy terrible anxiety numbness in my body especially in bed at night.Vivid dreams cant relax blurred vision ringing in the ears and a total feeling of being disconnected and the insomnia is terrible…”

“I decided that I am 2 weeks in withdrawal so go for it, I am now at the end of my 3rd week, and what a bad time I had at the weekend, hot sweats, intensive anxiety, feeling sick all the time, not sleeping right, tied during the day, head aches and so drowsy also my eye twitches. ”

“First time inadvertently stopping it only after 2 months on it at 7.5 mg! The withdrawal was horrible! 24-hr nausea, cold-hot alternation, intense fear and anxiety and yes, no sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time. Eating was out of question. Interesting detail: withdrawals don't start until 8-10 days after the last dose and peak around 3-4 weeks.Symptoms: disrupted sleep (don't feel tired at night, wake up early from back pain,), gnawing incapacitating back pain (right below the shoulder blades), fron ribs pain, belly aches, random dumping (sweating, nausea, diarrea after eating), throat spasms, stomach spasms, sore throat, nausea (with or without food), dizziness, crawling side of the head or parts of body, cold/sweating, nightmares, anxiety, hypochondria, rage, irritability, the full monty. ”

“....had some weird side-effects including gum boils (?) and cramp-like spasms in my stomach.....but tip-toeing thru reasonably ok (i think) was alarmed to read the last post by potap 75 who highlighted the unknown (to me anyway) fact "withdrawals don't start until 8-10 days after the last dose and peak around 3-4 weeks" getting really nervous about this ! ”

“me 3-4 weeks are at it's worst, almost unbearable. Anxiety, fear, but especially gastro symptoms remind me about my surgeries and suffering. ”

“but every time I try to reduce/come off them I end up tearful, anxious, angry, scared & ultimately back to square 1 (or square 45!) Physically my appetite has decreased dramatically, I've had some killer headaches, backache & feel like I have low grade flu. ”

“Here I am a month later. I successfully tapered to 5.4mg the month before and now I'm 3 weeks after the next reduction - to 3.8 mg. I'm absolutely dying! Tremendous pressure and spasms in my upper stomach and chest, nausea, zero appetite, can't eat anything without sweating and getting more nauseous. Dizziness, cold and hot flushes. Skin crawling on the back of my head. Tremors, breathing shallow, twitching eyes.And yes, this time - insomnia. The nausea wakes me up at 3:30 am and that's it. Can't work, can't exercise. So the anxiety and panic are tremendous.I keep pacing outside again and everyone keeps telling me that it's withdrawal again, but in panic I just can't believe it and picture the worst case scenarios. I was actually feeling quite good just 3 days ago, eating whatever I like, exercising in the gym, playing with my kids, doing yard work etc. But starting exactly 1 week after the reduction, my symptoms were gradually getting worse and worse until finally they hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday at work. First I thought I had a cold (both kids were sick), but then I realized it's something else as it was getting worse. ”

“My killer symptom has been right sided stomach pain, resembling my previous gallbladder surgery. But then again - the runs, nausea, tremendous tension and anxiety, spinning head, feelings of doom and hopelesness. Sweating/cold and have I said "nausea"? Funny thing, again the first week or 10 days felt great: so much optimism, strength and clarity and then exactly 8 days into it - BOOOOOM! ”

“I can't get to sleep at night and the adrenaline pumps through my body all night long. Loss of appetite, nausea, neck and back pain, headaches, fear, anxiety, exhaustion, hot and cold flushes, a constant sick feeling in my stomach like something terrible is about to happen and the this list goes on........ ”

“I was taking 15mg but only for 2 weeks. I decided to stop taking them altogether 4 days ago, and now i feel like crap! Really bad stomach problems. ”

“The first 4 days were very unpleasant, sweating, shaking, twitching, extreme anxiety and nausea to name just some of the effects, so please dont take the decision lightly to come off them cold turkey…”

“I've had the most horrendous time. At first I thought I had picked up a really bad virus or something (until I started reading of other people's experiences). I've had constant waves of nausea, feeling light-headed and like I'm going to faint, hot and cold flushes, extreme exhaustion (yet an inability to sleep). The anxiety has got progressively worse and I am crying all of the time and without any control over it (like randomly in a shop queue). I can't remember a time when I ever felt this wretched.”

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    Since I stopped few weeks ago, I'm getting chest pains, Ive been to A&E twice thinking it was a heart attack or something, I had an ECG and all was fine. A&E wrote to my doctor so I went to see the doctor to mention the pains as I am now thinking it's an ulcer and he basically told me its all in my mind due to Anxiety. I saw doctor yesterday 18th April. All I am going to do now is give it 2 more weeks and if I still get strange pains then I make another appointment with another doctor. My chest pains are on left side, does not feel like muscular pains... I am on omeprazole for heart burn, but I am not getting any heart burn or reflux. The chest pains are dull ache and tightness its all strange.... Cannot say for certain if it's WD from Mirtazapine or not.

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      hard to say if that is WD or not... Do you have any issues swallowing food or food getting stuck in your esophagus? Maybe it's reflux happening at night while sleeping/laying down? I know I have some issues like that and creates some discomfort about mid chest to the right of my heart so it has made me nervous at times but I've had my heart checked multiple times and is fine. I have had food/supplements get stuck in my esophagus temporarily if I take too many at one time. That has created some chest discomfort. I also have some past soccer injuries to my chest where I've been elbowed hard and I think the rib muscles flare up at times.

      Anyway, I hope you get it figured out. Check to see if your insurance covers seeing a cardiologist without a referral. And then find one that doesn't need a referral. Or find a new doctor that would be more helpful and can get you proper testing.

      I know anxiety does complicate things sometimes and we tend to worry or over think things, I know it has for me. If you are having anxiety from WD it's possible the anxiety, adrenaline, might be causing some chest pain, but.... if you are concerned about your heart get it checked out.

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      hello, i had exactly what you had years ago, when my anxiety got out of hand for the first time, also went to ande. at the time i was utterly convinced it was heart problems. tightness down left side, chest pain, heart palpitations, fast heart beat. was told it was anxiety. after a couple of years, thought im still here, and it stopped. later learned that increased anxiety constricts involuntary muscles, ie the ones we dont have direct control over. can happen in most places in body. was all in my mind, though didnt understand how it could be at the time. either your anxiety will drop, and it will stop, or if it doesnt, youll eventually realise its caused by anxiety, and it will stop, though anxiety might effect you on other ways. my advice would be to look at ways of reducing anxiety. intense physical activity could make your anxiety worse, moderate to gentle excercise should lower it.

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    hello, how long were you taking remeron for this time around, before you started withdrawing?

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      I had been using Remeron for about 4 months fairly consistently before coming off but had been using it non-consistently for about six months before that. I was only using a low dose (mostly 7.5mg and sometimes 3.75mg) for sleep. Was supposed to use it as needed but when I look back at my health diary I noticed I had been using it quite a bit which might explain some of the unexplained uncomfortable symptoms I had this past year most likely from withdrawal during my on and off usage of it for sleep.

      I made the terrible mistake of not realizing how much I had been using it and then forgetting about the uncomfortable withdrawals I had the first time six years ago.

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    hello, how long were you taking remeron for this time around, before you started withdrawing?

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    hey there how are you doing right now? I'm thinking about stopping my mirt all together tonight. Have only slept 2 night out of the last 6 nights. I'm kind of like what is the point in being on this med if I'm not sleeping anyway. What do you think i should do?? Any tips would be helpful.

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      i just had 15mg of mirt added to my venlefaxine dose of 267mg. only felt tired on first night. mirt can take up to 5 or 6 weeks to work. if mirt of 15mg doesnt make you sleepy, your anxiety is too high., for it to take effect. mirt is also used for anxiety and depression, where it can take up to 5 to 6 weeks to work. mirt has improved my thinking and mood from day 1. it initially raised ny anxiety quite a lot, which is why sleep wasnt any better in first 2 to 3 weeks. 4 weeks later, ie now, anxiety is coming down, and sleep is slowly improving. give it a minimum of 6 weeks to work, dont expect it to knoc you out, if your anxiety is already high to very high.

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      it might knock out people with mild anxiety from day 1. however, its still likely to.initially increase your anxiety, whatever level its at, until its working fully, which takes 4 to 6 weeks.

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      how long have you been on it?

      At what dose? I'd recommend tapering if at all possible. I've read people had withdrawal issues from very short term use.

      I'm still dealing with fatigue, on/off nausea, mild anxiety etc....

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      I'm at 3.25mg, my highest dose was 7.5 mg, started it on December 27th. I tapered to 5mg ish, did that for two weeks and now have been on the 3.25mg for two weeks. Funny thing is, I did really well on the 3.25mg when I first dropped for the first 9 days, then on day 10 all hell broke loose. I don't have any nausea/vomiting or headaches/muscle aches, just can't get to sleep. Then I get mild anxiety from not sleeping. so what do you think I should do? What supplements are you on currently? anything that has been helping you to sleep...this is my main problem.

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      My doctor said that going from 7.5mg to 3.75mg isn't as bad as going from 3.75mg to a lower dose or off. You might consider tapering longer to avoid any stronger withdrawal effects. I felt ok going from 7.5mg to 3.75mg but then went completely off and that's when things got bad for me.

      For sleep I take pharmagaba, small dose melatonin (300-500mcg), Magnesium L-Threonate etc... I'm not having much problems with sleep thank goodness although I do wake up early sometimes and also have a hard time falling asleep on occasion. But that's been an issue for me for years before using Remeron.

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      thanks for the reply! I think I'm going to take it much slower with the rest of the taper, as I'm having w/d's from the last drop. I bought some Ora plus solution online and plan to make my own liquid from my pills.

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